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NSS package consolidation


We currently have 3 source packages for NSS (nss-util, nss-softokn, and
nss), split from upstream release tarball. This splitting was
introduced for FIPS certification purposes in RHEL, where only
nss-softokn part is certified.

In Fedora, however, this doesn't apply (as we don't certify), and had
rather caused troubles, such as upgrade path issues, incomplete
buildroot overrides, etc.

Therefore we are considering merging those source packages back into a
single package[1].

F28 FTBFS bugs?


Yesterday I received a couple of new FTBFS bugs, apparently triggered by
the F28 mass rebuild:

<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>

As the mentioned koji builds are back in February, I am wondering if
those are something I should still worry about.

I suspect the former was failing due to a Vala regression recently
fixed[1], and the latter could be a false-positive as it points to the
build against f27-candidate.

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>


mock error on armv7hl koji


When rebuilding 'nss' package, I got the following failure on the
armv7hl machine in koji:

Task 17179597 on
Task Type: build (noarch)
Link: <a href="" title=""></a>

file removal failed (code 9) for /var/tmp/koji/tasks/9610/17179610

I initially thought that it was an intermittent failure, but after
re-submitting the task twice, I still get:

error building package (arch armv7hl), mock was killed by signal 9; see root.log for more information

I suspect this might be specific to the nss package.

unintentional soname bump of libgettextpo


I am very sorry that the recent build of gettext-0.19.8-1 package, which
has already been pushed to F24, had an unintentional soname bump of
libgettextpo that affected the following packages:


May I ask to rebuild those?


msgpack license change: ASL 2.0 → Boost 1.0


The license of the msgpack package has changed from ASL 2.0 to Boost 1.0
in versions 1.3.0 and later.


Fwd: Korean default font change (un-core-*-fonts -> nanum-*-fonts)

Hi all,

Forwarding this to get more attention from Korean users and developers.
If no one objects, I'll start working on the transtion so that it can be
tested with F17 Alpha.

Message-ID: <m37h0s8207.fsf- ... at fedoraproject dot org>


I heard that Ubuntu is going to change the default Korean font from
un-core to nanum within their P r