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19.04 DVD drives not available

I haven't logged this one yet....   but when I open K3B, it tells me
that no optical drives are present in the system.  Huh?

Anyone else see this problem?

And also, how does one fix this other than hope that a proper kernel fix
comes along.



Is anyone on here using apt-cacher?

There's a chronic problem where AC cannot bind to the port it wants to
use (3142) and I am currently having this problem.

I used to use AC about 3 years ago when I had the same problem and gave
it up.  Looks like I may have to give it up again.

It appears that AC will run the first time you install it.  And it did
that for me.  But after rebooting my server it always comes up with:

Unable to bind socket (port 3142)

I've googled this and people have had this problem since 2009, but I haven't found a solution yet.

No, no one is using or LISTENing on t

Problems with screen management

I've been running Kubuntu/xfce on 3 Amd64 machines and have run into
serious problems with screen management in editors.  Moving the cursor
into the screen display will often cause the data on that display to
move around on its own or to become corrupted.

I have seen this in the THE editor, as well as nano and vi.   It makes
the editors unusable because once data moves around, you cannot treat
the data as being correct.

This is while running Kubuntu Beta 2 on an AMD64 machine.   Will try to
test it on an i386 machine as well.

A very serious problem for me.

18.04 i386 testing

Just did an install of 18.04  i386 and it went very well.  The only
glitch I have seen so far:

I usually do a manual config of disk partitions.  So I selected home,
root, and boot partitions and all of that went well with one exception. 
I first decided not to format the /home partition and didn't flag it to
format in the manual partition selection.  But when I came out of that,
I clicked on the 'format' box for /home and the installer crashed.

Not a biggie in my view because I RARELY get through an install without
at least one installer crash...  I think that is a big weakpoint of

Repositories for 17.04??

I realize that 17.04 has reached end of life but I have a couple of
17.04 servers and went to do that latest (last) updates to them.
However, I am getting a lot of errors when doing an apt-get update.

Such as:

E: The repository ' zesty-updates
Release' does no longer have a Release file

and that is just one of many.   Have they changed the way they 'bury' an
old release?   For the record, I am still able to update a 16.04 system.


17.10 network changes

Does anyone have a clue as to what changes were made to network setup in
Artful??   I've been using static IP addresses within my network for
years but now the system seems to be ignoring anything in the
/etc/network/interfaces  file.   And networking.service  is gone which
would be ok if everything else worked...

All I can get is a DHCP address from within my network.  Been looking at
documentation for any changes to networking but haven't found any yet.

Any help would be appreciated....

Strange Cursor behavior

About once a month I run into the following problem. I don't know how I
get into it and I sure as heck can't find a way out.

The cursor turns into a 4-pointed star with a red-dot in the middle.
Think of a compass quadrant with small arrows pointing N, S, E and West
with a red dot in the middle.

At this point I can't use the cursor for anything... can't click on
anything, bring up the app menu, move things around, nothing. I have
tried all kinds of keyboard tricks such as ctl-f? or alt-anything and
nothing will kill this mode.

Plasma anyone?

I finally got 15.04 loaded and it seems to run fine with one MAJOR
problem for me.

It uses the plasma 5 desktop, which I wouldn't mind, except that my
entire desktop settings (icons, widgets, etc) are gone. Now I'm all
for change, but making me start over with a desktop is not going to set
well with a lot of people I think.

Am I missing something here? It's probably something stupid like
opening some secret window where all the settings will be... but for
the moment it looks like I am a new user, without anything on the desktop.

Not a happy camper.

Journaling is killing response time

Lately I've been having really bad response intermittently, but often
enough it is really irritating. For example, I will try to kill a
program like T-bird, and it will take so long that I get the "not
responding" message. But the problem is that it CAN'T respond due to
being blocked by the journaling I/O. If I tell it to wait, it will
finally close.

I've been googling the problem and have changed a lot of mount parms but
nothing seems to help.

A note about the Unicorn (14.10) final beta

Yesterday I downloaded the 14.10 final beta for Kubuntu. I normally
don't pick up a beta this quickly but figured since it was a final, why not?

I ALWAYS do a fresh install and then make appropriate changes where
necessary. So I started the install and the whole install took about
2.5 hours including downloading all of the extra packages that I
normally add on. (imagemagik, etc)

And I haven't looked back.... that is, I haven't had to go back to
14.10 for any reason. Everything seems to be working as well or better
than it was in 14.04.

Anyone having graphic problems with 14.04??

I just put 14.04 on a 64bit machine and everything went much better than

However, libreoffice won't run and digikam won't run.

Both put up a window and then hang.... the window does not contain
anything from those programs, it's just a frame with other desktop
content within.

I believe libreoffice was working until the updates of a day ago.


The VueScan Kiss-off

I've been using VueScan as a scanning application for probably 5 years. It
is/was a good application and it supports a lot of scanners.

But with Kubuntu 13.4 (and who knows what other distros of linux) it has a
"window" problem. If you click on any action, such as PREVIEW or SCAN or even
FILE--->Exit, the program fails to do ANYTHING.

What a bunch of Horse-Hockey!!!

1) I just went to write a new email, and there was a flashing message saying
"you do not have semantic desktop system enabled.

13.10 KMAIL Problem

Anyone running 13.10 and having Kmail problems? Kmail runs fine for me on
13.04 but when I switch to 13.10, all I get are "Retrieving Folder Contents"
messages and I can't read any emails....

I guess maybe it's time to rebuild my entire Kmail setup since it has slowly
been dying for the past 6 releases... (ever since switching to Kmail2) I
haven't been able to search emails in about 3 years... A sorely missed

Flash Problems

Running 12.04 on an AMD64 machine with an Nvidia 9400 card.

For the past 2 or three releases of Kubuntu the flash player does not show
proper colors. Skin color becomes blue and all other colors are messed up.

Happens on FF and Chrome.

If I play a youtube video in totem/mplayer it works fine.

Anyone else having this problem? Wallpaper, digikam and all other graphics
have the proper colors.

Really irritating....

I also have removed nouveau and the distributed nvidia code and replaced with
the Nvidia driver from Nvidia site.

12.04 is the worst yet

I finally got 12.04 installed after spending several DAYS on each of beta 1
and beta 2. (mostly ubiquity problems along with aptitude which I have
decided is a piece of &*&^%$)

But 12.04, once installed has been an ugly experience.

Kmail crashes about 12 times a day (about every half hour in use)

Flash items tend to remain on the screen... in the middle of other items on
the screen.

About had it

For the last several years, I've been running XFCE as a lightweight desktop
because I didn't want to go through all of the glitz and development pains of
KDE 4.xx

Then came 11.10 and kmail2.

I bit the bullet and switched (with great effort) to kmail2 and started to
live with KDE.

Although kmail2 has been a great disaster, and I see more and more use of
AKONADI (which I think sucks), I don't see much hope for kubuntu, as least as
far as I am concerned.

As an example, I have a "lab-rat" machine here that I use to test out new

No logging occuring to /var/log/messages

I made a stupid boo-boo yesterday and filled up my root partition.

Didn't take long to correct the situation but in the process, I guess the
system paniced and deleted all of my /var/log/messages and messages.x files.

Ok, that's nice... but having reinstated a messages file (empty) and checked
on rsyslogd (which is running) and rebooting, I still don't get any messages
in the file.

I've used logger to create a message but it only goes to /var/log/syslog and
not to /var/log/messages. Googling for the problem has not yeilded any

Anyone have a clue to this?

Can't read audio CD's on 11.04 Natty

I have an AMD64 machine that worked fine for audio cd's under 10.10. I also
have a i386 (32bit) machine running natty and it also doesn't work with audio

Both machines worked fine under 10.10 so I believe this must be a problem
with natty. And, in googling for a solution, it seems that most releases of
Ubuntu have caused audio CD problems in the past but I didn't find any

Anyone else having problems with audio cd's on natty?

Anyone having problems getting to the repositories??

Keeps hanging up on the connection as though the servers aren't responding.

And this list has been so quiet, I'm wondering if they are having big problems
in the network department......

Natty problem with console video

Running the beta of 11.04 (Natty) on an i386 machine.

If ubuntu wanted to really help themselves

they should really look for a better bug tracker than Launchpad.

I know, if you reported 1 bug a week, you might get used to it.

But I REFUSE to spend the time with this complex process to re-learn it every
6 months.

I've rather spend the time looking for work-arounds. Much more productive.


I just installed 10.10 on two AMD64 machines and had the same problem each
time with the installer. It dies while I manually was trying to select my
partitions. (which I always do)

Since I had this same problem with Lucid, I figured it was time to file a


I've been to launchpad several times and just cannot seem to find the method
to file a report. Yes, I have an account.

Wireless problem with 10.4 beta

I have two laptops:

Toshiba - with both 10.4 and 9.10 loaded.

eeePC - with both 10.4 and 9.10 loaded.

When 9.10 is booted on either laptop, wicd works fine... which would
validate that the hardware and the router and all other necessary items are
correct. (and that I at least was able to configure things for 9.10)

When 10.4 beta is booted, the hardware on both 'sees' the wireless card,
sees the router, is able to get the info from the router (encryption used,
ssid, etc) but they don't connect. Seems to bomb out in the validation

Reporting Bugs on Kubuntu


I was just at and could see no way of specifying a bug
against Kubuntu/KDE4.

Would like to report a keyboard config problem.

LZMA errors on recent Jaunty updates

As of yesterday, I have been unable to update my lone jaunty system because of
errors in the update process....

lzma is the compression process being used for the updates (kdelibs5 is one
with an error out of about a dozen) and it has errors trying to uncompress the
files because a lib s0.4 file for lzma can't be found.

These types of errors have been a problem for me ever since I tried to load
OO under Hardy. Never did get it loaded and had to resort to the

Anyone else have these problems or have a clue as to how to solve them?


Keyboard setting on Jaunty

Anyone know where to find the place to tell the system what keyboard you

No, it's not at install time, that is a very generic specification (us -
normal) for me.

Since Intrepid, I have found that I need to tell the system that I have a
particular Logitech keyboard. If I don't, the left-arrow key will not work
which makes life rather difficult.

In intrepid, I believe it was kcontrol, which now (I guess) has been removed.