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Dropping python2-rpm subpackage?

I'd like to drop the python2-rpm subpackage in Fedora 31.

There are a handful of dependencies left for it still but these all
appear more or less dead upstream (and some even downstream), and will
go down with the great python2 flush soon anyway. Kobo is the exception
but that has a python3 counterpart already.

Heads-up: rpm 4.15 alpha coming to rawhide

As per <a href="" title=""></a>, rpm 4.15-alpha
will be hitting rawhide soon. A soname bump is involved but Igor kindly
promised to handle rebuilding all dependent packages as part of the
change, so no further action required from others on that account.

There are some other things that will require actions from others however:

A pile of language-specific macros and scripts have been eliminated from
rpm upstream, notably %__python and %__perl and everything built around
them, such as %python_sitelib and %perl_sitelib and their relatives.

Heads-up: RPM 4.8.0-beta1 about to hit rawhide

Now that FESCo has approved new major RPM version for F-13 and the public
beta is officially out... it's going to hit rawhide in a few hours.

Couple of practical issues:
- Soname bump is involved, so anything directly linking to librpm
needs to be rebuilt. This includes deltarpm, gdb, net-snmp, abrt and
a few others.
- The new version has integrated support for extracting OCaml
dependencies, this clashes with the existing ocaml-dependency
extraction mechanism in Fedora.

Looking for testers: RPM 4.8 pre-release snapshots available

It's that time of year again... we're planning on getting a brand new RPM
version into Fedora 13. While the feature submission is being processed
and public beta being prepared, we'd like to get some extra testing of the
new RPM to catch out any remaining wrinkles our own testing hasn't caught.

So this is a call for brave testers who eat rawhide for breakfast, to try
out pre-release snapshot(s) of the oncoming RPM release.