Postings by Mike McCarthy

Webalizer not available for CentOS 7?

It seems that the Webalizer WEB statistics reporting package is no
longer available in CentOS 7. Rather than building from Sourceforge and
writing custom configuration files for it, is there an alternative? Use
the Fedora package? Another WEB analyzer?


Moving sshd listen port

I am having a problem getting sshd to run after changing it's default
port. I edit sshd_config and set the desired port, open it with
firewall-cmd and then issue a systemctl start sshd. No error gets
reported on the console but the following is logged in /var/messages

sshd.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=255/n/a

Not a very helpful error message. Sounds like I should report a bug?


Upgrade to 5.8 broke sshd on IPv4

I have a virtual machine on that runs dual stack IPv4 and
IPv6. On Sunday I upgraded to Centos 5.8 and now I cannot connect with
ssh on IPv4. I get a 'connection refused' because there is no listener
on the ssh port for IPv4. It appears to work just fine for IPv6, but I
cannot access remotely when I am on an IPv4 only network. It appears
that only sshd is affected. All other services seem to work on both v4
and v6.

I have it listening on a non-standard port other than 22.