Postings by Felix Schwarz

Licence tag in spec files for final binaries or initial source code?

I have a question regarding license tags in spec files for software under
multiple licenses (bundled libraries):
- The main software is licensed under a 3-clause BSD.
- The software bundles a library under ASL 2 in subfolder /foo

As far as I know the correct license tag for the Fedora package is
License: BSD and ASL 2.0

If I do
rm -rf <...>/foo
in %prep the ASL-licensed code is never executed, compiled and not present in
the final binary.

Provides: bundled(...) for libraries not present in Fedora?


I have a question about declaring bundled libraries in spec files:

I think I need to add a "Provides: bundled(...)" tag in my spec file even for
libraries which are not part of Fedora. Is that corrent?

This interpretation was derived from:
<a href="" title=""></a>

s390x: hanging koji build


I'm trying to create a new build borgbackup for rawhide/F30 (borgbackup is
currently broken on F30).

However it seems like the s390x build just hangs:
<a href="" title=""></a>

The problem seems to be reproducible as a previous Koji scratch build for F30
has the same problem: <a href="" title=""></a>

Any idea how to fix this?


How to debug resume (suspend) problems?


I'm using F13 x86_64 on a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop and with the last
kernels in F13, I have the problem that my laptop does not properly
resume from sleep. Most of the time, I just see the "blue screen" with
the fedora logo but nothing happens afterwards...

This happens not always but most of the time (~ 80%). No lines in the
system, the system is just "dead". Kernel is not tainted...

How can I debug that? I think before opening a bz report, I first need
to gather some data but how?

Firefox crashing when accessing an SSL-secured web site


since two days I have the problem that I can not use Firefox
(3.6.4-1.fc13.x86_64) anymore as it will crash as soon as I visit any
SSL-secured web site [1]. I'm NOT using any non-free plugins like Adobe

As you can imagine, this is pretty annoying.

How to start selenium-server on Fedora?


I installed selenium-server on Fedora 13 but now I have problems
actually starting the server.

Thunderbird bz 579023 still not fixed even though there is an upstream fix available


I'm concerned about bz 579023 [1] which is a Thunderbird crasher bug.
This bug was fixed upstream [2] for about 3-4 weeks. I ran a thunderbird
koji build version [3] with an adapted version of that patch since then
without any problems. Other users confirmed that this patch fixes their
problems as well.

The Fedora bug has a number of duplicates with quite some number of cc'd
users so I guess a lot of people experiencing these crashes.

However it is still not fixed in Thunderbird F-12 CVS.

Fedora 12: Make Dell machines boot again

Hi *,

since the last stable kernel update in Fedora 12, a lot of Dell machines
do not boot anymore due to a kernel oops... Of course bugzilla has a
couple of bug reports (e.g. #578217, #579118, #578663, #578590).

There is a known fix/workaround which is already present in CVS
(kernel- and a koji build which fixes the issue for
all users. However there's no update in bodhi yet.

Due to the severity of the problem, I'd like to see a push to
updates-testing as soon as possible.


Support for my USB UMTS stick -> which package to patch?


I'm using a Huawei K3765 UMTS stick. I got it working using usb_modeswitch and
a specific 'MessageContent'. After that the device changes its usb id and can
be used as a modem.

Now I want this stick to be supported by Fedora out of the box so I was
looking around where I need to send patches.

How to debug X crashes?


I'm using Fedora 12 on a all-Intel laptop in a dual-head configuration. Since
one week I experience a lot of X crashes (3-4 times per working day), mostly
1-2 minutes after I plugged in a USB keyboard. Unfortunately abrt does not
pick up the crash and I can't find a traceback in a log file.

The only visible output is in tty8 but with very bad indentation so it's
almost impossible to read.

How can I get a sensible traceback out of this?

How to get workarounds for specific hardware in Fedora?


I use a Dell E521 and since Fedora 10 I have sound problems with every release
of Fedora.

Get raid working in initrd after changing partitions


I had to change my partition layout and afterwards my Fedora does not
boot anymore due to a problem in the initrd (does not start RAID).

* I use RAID-1 with LVM on top and a plain RAID-1 boot partition
* I recreated partitions and raid from scratch so all UUIDs changed (and
the VG name because I wanted to mount both the old and the new disks
to ease copying data).
* Changed kernel root parameter in grub
* After I selected the right kernel with grub, Llnux (kernel) starts but
when initrd's init scripts runs, there is a problem.