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mod_suexec with mod_userdir and fcgid (webapps in subdirs with separated user context)

Hello list,

I try to make web applications available in subfolders of one
VirtualHost, but each one in an isolated user context. All web apps are
PHP applications and I use mod_fcgid to run them.

Unfortunately, SuexecUserGroup is not not allowed in Directory context,
which would be by far the simples solution.

So to achieve my goal, I tried (and failed with) two different approaches:

1. Using mod_userdir together with mod_suexec

Filter incoming mail by sender -> forward, otherwise autoreply


I need to configure the following setup with postfix:

filter mail for ' ... at example dot com' based on sender address:
- if the sender address is inside a list of serveral 100.000 priorized
addresses, simply forward the mail to ' ... at example dot com'
- otherwise send an autoreply to the sender telling him that he needs
register at the ticketsystem first

Unfortunately I'm rather new to postfix and after reading some docs I'm
unsure how to best implement the described setup.

The mailserver receives up to 1.000 mails a day, and is expected to
in the future.