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Too much data requested from _XRead

I updated one of my boot partitions to 18.04 beta, updated/upgraded and
installed an nvidia driver since the stock driver for my card was hanging.
After doing so, a gtk based proprietary application that runs fine in
14.04, 16.10, and OSX started consistently crashing in 18.04 with
inconsistent error messages like:

[xcb] Too much data requested from _XRead
[xcb] This is most likely caused by a broken X extension library
[xcb] Aborting, sorry about that.
sim1: ../../src/xcb_io.c:732: _XRead: Assertion
`!xcb_xlib_too_much_data_requested' failed.
sim1: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily una

copying all chrome config data to different user

I have historically had problems with my desktop environment when I use the
same user home directory on a dual boot system (eg, when I have 16.10 on
one partition and 18.04 on another). Therefore, I like to use different
user home directories for myself for each environment and copy or symlink
directories that I can share without compatibility quirks. I would like to
be able to have ALL data related to google-chrome accessible in both
systems. I have dozens of user-data-dir's for various things I work on,
each with their own stored passwords, cookies, etc.

18.04 daily build "hang"

I downloaded and installed a daily build of bionic-desktop-amd64.iso yesterday
and found it to be unstable... the X interface became unresponsive other
than the ability to move the mouse. This happened using the default
environment and in plasma with and without Wayland. I have 4 monitors with
an nvidia graphics card.

VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK106 [GeForce GTX 660] (rev

I didn't try to install the proprietary driver for it.

Try Ubuntu 17.10 from USB installation disk crashes

On one of my computers (motherboard=M5A99FX PRO R2.0), Ubuntu 17.10 crashes
when attempting to "try ubuntu without installing". It prints a call trace:

ahci_deinit_port.constprop.21+0x19/0x90 [libahci]
ahci_init_controller+0xde/0x140 [libahci]
ahci_pci_init_controller+0x42/0x50 [ahci]
? process_one_work+0x410/0x410

sound broken after update

I updated my Ubuntu 12.04 system today and I no longer have any sound.

Sound was working fine before the update.

alsamixer says "no such file or directory"

pavucontrol shows "Dummy Output" as the only output and no input device.

Any ideas how to fix this?



Upgrade to 12.04 really slow


I have a fast internet connection (25Mbps down, 7 up) and it
says it will take days to complete the upgrade to 12.04. So I
downloaded the alternate install CD and tried to upgrade from the
CD without using internet by using cdromupgrade and telling it to
not get updates from the internet and it still said it was going to
take more than a day ...and it seemed to be trying to download
packages from the internet at ~10 KB/sec even though I had the
iso loopback mounted and told it not to use the internet. My
upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 took a few hours.