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konqueror vs. centos and mathematics

I'm running centos 7.
Firefox spends so much time in th D state that I am trying konqueror.
Displaying mathematics on wikipedia,
e.g. Remez algorithm seems to be a no go.
Wikipedia seems to use tex, so I installed texlive and texlive-* .
Firefox hadn't needed it and it did not seem to help konqueror.
My guess is that there is a bit somewhere that I need to flip,
but I have no idea where it is.


a problem with the kdelibs-4.14.8-6.e17_3

I closed firefox before updating it and rebooting.
On starting it again, all my tabs came up blank.
Refresh didn't refresh.
I tried konqueror to see whether it would work.
It did.
I eventually discovered that I coulld click in the address
bar and hit enter to get the effect of a refresh.
While using konqueror, I got a pop up announcing a problem
with the subject package and asking me to report.
I clicked on report.
I got asked for my password.
I typed it in and clicked on authenticate.
The wheel is still spinning.
My GUI screen in effectively froxen
I can move the curson, but that is all.

bad text under KDE and C7

I recently installed C7 from a C7+gnome CD.
Gnome was awful enough that I promptly installed KDE.

KDE is not doing so well either.
Text in text editors invoked by "opening" a file is flakey at best.
E.g. pieces disappear and duplicate.
Terminals seem ok, including vim invoked from the terminal.
Firefox text seems ok.
The sidebar text in file-browser windows often has "black tape" over it,
usually completely covering text.
The file names are ok.

Suggestions on how to dignose this?

cannot print graphics from document viewer

I'm running KDE under C7.
When I print a pdf from the document viewer,
graphics does not come through,
not even on print to file.
lp will print the graphics.

Any ideas on what is happening
or what I can do about it?

gnome-shell killing KDE

I'm running KDE on C7,
so why would I have a gnome-shell process
spending rather a lot of its time in D mode?

squishy bell

Both Gnome and KDE give me a loud squishy
bell at the thought of the drop of a hat.
I did not get that in C6.
I infer it is a C7-specific thing.
Short of disabling my audio altogether,
how do I make it go away?

Not one of C7's better features.

Centos 7 and priorities

I've recently changed to Centos 7.
My recollection from C6 is that a couple useful repositories
need yum priorities to prevent some mixups.
I do not remember what they are. My C6 is gone.
Google has not told me what C6 repositories were.
In the near future, I will be installing nux and epel.
My understanding is that they do play well with each other and with base.
Are there common useful C7 repositories that need
help playing well with the aforementioned repos?

Is there a FAQ or a FM on this?

formating DVR-RW

My Centos 6 wodim tell me that it can only format DVD+RW.
I have DVD-RWs.
Even when I format a DVD-RW on my standalone DVD recorder,
wodim still will not write to it.
Is there a centos-6-useable mechanism
for formatting and writing DVD-RWs?

how do I use CDC usb ports?

I want to use a USB CDC port.
I was under the impression that they were not all that hard to use.
'Tain't going well for me.

lsusb | grep ega
tells me
Bus 007 Device 007: ID 2341:0042 Arduino SA Mega 2560 R3 (CDC ACM)
As root, cat-ing /dev/bus/usb/007/007 gives me garbage.
As anyone else, I get a permission denied error.
Usually, though not lately, a /dev/ttyS?

how to install pyserial on centos 6?

I tried
yum import pyserial
yum provides '*serial*'
gave me
distribution-gpg-keys-copr-1.15-1.el6.noarch : GPG keys for Copr projects
Repo : epel
Matched from:
Filename : /usr/share/distribution-gpg-keys/copr/copr-ifas-pyserial.gpg

python2-ivi-0.14.9-3.el6.noarch : %{sum}
Repo : epel
Matched from:
Filename : /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/ivi/interface/pyserial.pyo
Filename : /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/ivi/interface/pyserial.pyc
Filename : /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/ivi/interface/

yum install python2-ivi-0.14.9-3.el6.noarch
"worked", but d

NoScript allow scripts globally reversible?

I'm running NoScript because otherwise Firefox freezes up a lot.
Recently I've had difficulty accessing a site.
I suspect the reason is that it uses redirection in a way that
frustrates my efforts to give it permission.
To test the notion, I'm considering temporarily allowing script globally.
How hard is it to reverse?
Will I need to redo previous permissions one at a time?

firefox and D state

Previously when firefox went catatonic
to the point that I could not even scroll,
its CPU usage had gone to 100%+.
Now top tells me that firefox, Web Content (with a space)
or sometimes kswap...

audio flaky

I'm running CentOS 6.
The audio goes in and out a lot.
With vlc, I can sometimes get the audio back
by turning the audio track off and on again.
I have similar issues with a/v embedded in html.

Any suggestions on how to diagnose this?

getting rid of hp c3180

I have a hp photosmart C3180 all-in-one and am well and truly sick of it.
It seems like every time I go on another printing binge,
I need yet another print cartridge.
hp-clean doesn't help.
IIRC this use it or lose it "feature" is common to inkjets.

What should I replace it with?
If I want a non-cloggging printer,
is laser jet the way I need to go?
I'd like to do color occasionally,
but might not want to pay the price for a color laser.

web content process and sloooww firefox

Today, for the first time, I noticed a process named "Web Content".
I was running top because firefox was once again not allowing me to scroll.
Having been down this road before,
I would normally have just closed and reopened firefox.
I needed to do it fairly often.
Web Content was new.
Eventually, I discovered "electrolysis" (why that name?) and the schedule:
<a href="" title=""></a> ,
but I'm not sure how to read it.
What the heck is "riding trains"?
My firefox is 52.2.0 64-bit.
yum.log says it was last updated on the 16th.

As is unusual, I had a pretty good

HP USB printer accepts jobs, but won't print

My HP USB C3180 All-in-one printer accepts jobs, but does not print.
A job simply sits in the queue.
I haven't used it on this computer for a while.
It will print a test page when I connect it.

The last line from hp-info -i
04/07/17 13:26:21 5012 Device communication error hennebry 0
(I've removed some blanks.)

Any ideas on how to diagnose this?

libreoffice vs. PDF fillable forms

On centos 6, I've been trying to use LibreOffice to fill in
entries of a PDF with fillable forms.
In addition to all my other problems, the font size is stuck on 24.
I can change it, but whenever I so much a take a deep breath,
it's back to 24 again.
How do I stop this?

So far, all my searches have given me stuff about making fillable forms,
but nothing about dealing with existing ones.

laptop editing

How does one put centos on a laptop?
My understanding that laptops no longer come with optical drives.
Booting from an install disk would be difficult.
From <a href="" title=""></a> :
Preparation tasks
Repartition your harddisk
Backup your Master Boot Record (MBR)
Modifying your bootloader

My understanding is that most laptops have at most one harddisk.
Can it really be unmounted for partitioning?

movie player vs. mp3

I have movie player installed on centos 6.
When I try to play an mp3 file, it complains about the lack of a codec,
mpeg-1 something 3.
google hasn't helped. What package do I need?
Trying to install ffmpeg gets me a no such package message.

I've dealt with codec issues before.
Mostly what I remember is that before I was done,
I wanted to kill something.

getting files from a samsung flip phone

I'm trying to copy file from my samsung flip phone.
google has informed me of libmtp and gvfs,
but it doesn't seem to be helping.
[root@localhost yum.repos.d]# mtp-detect
libmtp version: 1.0.1

Listing raw device(s)
No raw devices found.
[root@localhost yum.repos.d]#
In case it helps, I did a diff of ls -R
from /dev before and after USB connection:
[hennebry@localhost dev]$ diff /tmp/dev[12].txt | tee /tmp/dev.dif

current situation with flash plugins?

Is Adobe the only provider of flash plugins?
Is it still a gaping security hole?
Do the answers depend on the browser?

PulseAudio is streaming with an excessive latency.

I'm running centos 6, just did a yum update,
and still cannot get sound from vlc.

The entire message (reformatted):
Potential PulseAudio version problem:
PulseAudio is streaming with an excessive latency.
Sound may be lost or quality degraded.
To address that issue, upgrade the PulseAudio daemon to version 3.0,
or disable the alternate sampling rate in its configuration

I can find /etc/pulse/daemon.conf and its man page ,
but cannot figure out what to do.

pulseaudio.x86_64 0.9.21-24.el6 @base
vlc.x86_64 2.0.10-1.el6 @rpmfusion-free-updat

where, if at all, is my virtual printer output?

I recently installed the package that
allows having virtual printers under CUPS.

I used the localhost:631 GUI to add a virtual pdf printer.
I do not remember what I did.
Now there are two virtual printers,
one named Cups-PDF and the one I named pdfprinter.
I cannot find the output from either.
I do not know how to ask them.

From firefox, print to file still works,
but does not do what I want.
Even if it did, I'd still want to know
what's going on with my virtual printers.

From an error log:
Unable to create avahi client: Resource temporarily unavailable"

what does firefox have against sans-serif

I've been struggling to get Firefox to render text in a sans-serif font.
So far, I've only been able to do that by
setting the default font as sans-serif.
DejaVu Sans Mono and DajaVu Sans are the only other
listed fonts that I'm reasonalbly sure are sans-serif.
Helvetica and Arial are not there.

sans-serif does work on Konqueror.

Does anyone know how to affect the font-family on Firefox 38.7.0 ?

how do I use only black ink?

I have an HP Photosmart C3180 All-in-one.
As I haven't had any need for color lately,
when I last replaced ink, I only replaced the black cartridge.
It didn't work, even when printing grayscale-only images,
even when telling print-set-up grayscale-only.
Is there a way to tell my printer to use only the black ink cartridge.
My test image is a handmade postscript file
that only use setgray to set the color.

diagnosing noise

Though quiet at the moment,
my desktop sometimes sometimes makes a noise that I attribute
to either a disk or a fan on its last legs.
I'm looking for suggestions for distinguishing.

For the disk, I expect I should use either hdparm of fsck.
Even after reading the man page, I'm not sure how I would use hdparm.
If I use fsck, what should I take as evidence of a bad drive?
A good drive?

Is there a way to tell whether the OS thinks a fan is on?
Is there a way to turn a fan on or off manually?

Time for a backup.

how do I download pictures from a dumb phone?

How do I download pictures from a dumb phone?

I have a Samsung phone I bought at a Walmart.
According the the front, it worships Verizon.
Beyond that, I'm not at all sure what kind.

If I use a real USB connector to connect it to my PC,
CentOS sees it as a character special device.
What, if anything, I can do with that device, I do not know.
I've not found any settings related to USB.

In case it helps, from menu->settings->phone info:
S/W V. U365.GG01
H/W V. U365.04

ssh freezes

All too often, my ssh session will freeze.
I'm fairly certain the problem is at my end.
None of the tilde commands work.
In particular, ~# and ~. are nonfunctional.
I can write to ssh's terminal window from another terminal window.
If I kill the ssh process, I can ssh in again.
The next time it happens,
I will try another ssh session without killing the first one.
dmesg did not show me anything interesting.

Any suggestions on how to diagnose?

how to unrar

I'm looking for a means to unrar some files.
Google keeps giving references to rmpforge which I'm told I ought not use.
Any other ideas?
I'm running centos 6.

gnash plug-in for firefox on CentOS 6

How, if at all, should I replace the flash
plug-in for firefox running on CentOS 6?

I've read that gnash is a prospect,
but it seems to not be in any of my repositories.