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Kdiff3 KIO handling

I would like someone to audit the way kdiff3 uses KIO on remote files.
Specifically I am looking for anyway error/completion signals can be missed
causing an indefinite hang until the compare is canceled. Also any extra
work being done by kdiff3 that should be handed off to KIO. There should
also a working progress bar be it self implemented or provided by kf5/qt5.
This disabled due unspecified issues that encountered by the previous
maintainer while using fish protocol.

Craft missing icon on start menu shortcut

I am trying to get kdiff3's icon to show start menu. The installer
generated by craft creates a short cut but does no assign it an icon. How
do you tell it to do this? I am not on this list so make sure I am cc'd
when replying.

Extragear release files

Where do release files go after sys admin moves them? Where would they be
downloaded from?

KDiff3 1.8 branch freeze.

The kdiff3 1.8 branch is has been created and is now on string/feature
freeze. I am targeting late April for release.

Bug 405506

<a href="" title=""></a>. Could someone familiar with
craft help me with this one. kdiff3 doesn't require any special setup in

KDiff3 1.8 release.

I would like to move forward with a 1.8 release targeting end of Apirl.
Could someone please check over the kf5/qt5 changes to make sure there are
no major problems? Also there is custom painter that tries to handle left
to right text manually what is the proper way to support this? I will be
doing at least the next few releases independent of Applications do to the
amount time past since the last release for kdiff3. The 1.8 branch creation
and freeze is set for 3-22 if no major issues are found.

KDiff3 craft setup

<a href="" title=""></a>

Get some one tell me how to change where it's trying to download from.
KDiff3 is not part of applications and doesn't follow the same versioning.

KDE release

I'm looking to tag for 1.8 at the end of the week. If more time is needed
let me know. Binary files are ignored during diff generation due tomorrow
assumptions in the under laying code the require a text file. The plan is
allow simple is equal comparison with but binaries. However the current
comparison code does not respond well to such files.

Missing newline check

Why is krazy still checking for newlines at the end of files? Modern tools
don't seem to get tripped up by this.

<a href="" title=""></a>

Kdiff3 in kdereview

Kdiff3 has moved to review in preparation for possible release testing. I
am currently working towards having auto testing but the code needs major
refactoring to make this possible. Specifically it is not well modularized.
The purpose of this review is to get feedback on issues that need to be
addressed before moving out of playground.

Re: Kde CI setup

I'm sending this again because I've been having issues with this mail ing
list I haven't received any response so I don't know if it went through.

Kde CI setup

How does one use kde's ci system? Is there a way to test a projects setup
before going live with it?

Kde translation.

How are translations handled as far distribution goes?

kdiff3 status

Just got the code moved to KDE playground. The code builds under kf5/qt 5
without kde4support. Contextual menu plug-in for dolphin functions as
expected. Code base has been fully ported but not all features have been
tested after conversions. Two way merging is fully operational. Reversed
sorting no longer sorts twice to achieve this. There was never any need for it
to do so. Fixed a memory leak present since .91. Caused by a call to new whose
return was never even assigned to a variable.

Review Request 118407: Fix invalid processor information in usergent string for Safari4+

Review request for KDE Base Apps.

Bugs: 335552
<a href="" title=""></a>

Repository: kde-baseapps

When setting the browser inentifaction via settings the user agent strings choosen for safari 5 and safari 4 are imposiable.


Is anybody still working on Klook? If so I have an updated patch for dolphin