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Connect to MySQL server from a c++ application

What is the most stable and performant way to connect to a MySQL server
from a c++ application?

I've been using libmyodbc via unixODBC running under Debian squeeze.
Suffice it to say, I am sorely disappointed. First of all the libmyodbc
driver that's included with Debian is quite old. However, even after
building and utilizing the latest version, there are still memory leaks
in the driver.

I'm not stuck on using ODBC. Though it's nice to be able to is use an
ODBC library so that I can connect to various DBs without having to
learn new APIs.

SIGABRT & SIGSEGV when using libmyodbc

Hi all,

I'm using libodbc++ which in turn uses libmyodbc. I've had no problems
with connecting to localhost. However, when I switched to production and
the mysql server is no local, my c++ application crashes with either
SIGABRT or SIGSEGV. I'm attaching both back traces.