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quota-devel package is not available in CentOS 8


it is my time now to ask for a package to be added to PowerTools:

Samba needs quota-devel to compile with file system quota support. In
RHEL 8 we do have the package in the build root but not in any published

This means we cannot rebuild Samba with quota in upstream CI to run CI
on CentOS 8 (or CentOS Stream).

How can quota-devel be added to a repository?

Samba AD and MIT Kerberos with trust to FreeIPA update


(repost to Fedora development)

I've posted few screenshots of the current status of Samba AD with MIT
Kerberos running on Fedora 23 and establishing cross-forest trust to
FreeIPA on my Google+ page:
<a href="" title=""></a>

The patches to Samba are in Andreas' git tree, plus few changes Simo did
for proper generation of the salt for interdomain trust object keys.
Currently Samba generates the salt principal wrongly for TDO keys and it
works in Heimdal only because Heimdal users RC4 keys for cross-realm
trust which does not use the salt.

Once Simo fixe

Notice: samba 4.0 beta1 and what will be available in Fedora


Samba team has released Samba 4.0 beta 1 today.