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forecastfox fix version changing form mm/dd/yyy(American) to dd/mm/yy(Australian)

Hi can anyone help,

On my laptop with just Win 7/Firefox 56.0 32 bit it shows with
forecastfox fix version when I hover over the 5 day forecast icon it
shows the dates
in American, but I am in Victoria,Australia, but don't know how to
change back to dd/mm/yyyy,
has any been faced with same, and how do I fix it?


unable to install outstanding updates for my new K14.04 LTS

Can anyone help-
Upgraded K12.04 LTS to K14.04 LTS


I checked my software&updates icon see attached and I clicked and
other software and I noticed
that some parameters were disabled on upgrade K12.04 to K14.04, so I
tried a click in the box
of “disabled on upgrade to TRUSTY trusty”, it then updated the cache
and was able to install
those two outstanding updates I send a copy of, then when I checked
“history” thru Muon
software centre it showed that Firefox 56.0 was installed, even
thought I have f/f 51.1.0
locked?, should I also ticked the remaining disabled parameters that

Re: Fwd: kernel updates for k12.04+k14.04


thanks for that I will look into it, but at the moment I followed your
instructions about the gtk3 and changed
to default , in my Bkup k14.04 disk, and shows the tabs with listing
about site in tab, so will use this at
the moment until if find the correct answer, so again Thanks,
also do you anything about ubuntu-tweak, which I have carried over
from my k12.04 to
k14.04 as wondering if I can use the computer janitor in this to remove the old
Linux-pae, see attached?


On 9/30/17, Nils Kassube < ... at gmx dot net> wrote:

kernel updates for k12.04

Anyone 9/9/2017...

my system comes up with next kernel update but does not shows
in Muon update,as my kernel updates are at maximum?
so cause my kernel updates are full It wont du\o any updates?

see 2 attachments..

with the grub2-bootloader under system settings in the default entry shows-
Ubuntu with Linux and when I click the down button shows
down to-
Ubuntu with Linux, so if click the next tab "remove
old entries" will it remove that one or all.
all with that email I received from Alan Dacey on to specify how many kernels,
there is no /root/boo

kmess 2.0 .6.1 in K12.04

Can anyone help please

I am having problems with kmess not loading, as I have changed my password

from 6 letters to 9 but it worked prior to this. When I bring up the window for

logon I changed the password, to my current password but still wont log in.

my email for kmess is <a href="mailto: ... at hotmail dot com"> ... at hotmail dot com</a>, what do you think would
be the problem?


Gmail 1.6.1 and K12.04

Kubuntu helpers?

can anyone help please

as I have been running kubuntu 12.04 lts for a lone time now with
installed, which has worked fine up until I had to change my password for
which moved from 9 to 10 char and now says "login appears to be invalid"
when I try and configure thru right clicking on the icon on the desktop
and trying to update.

so now I am unable to read any gmail messages thru the Gmail-notify.
anyone with any answers?

thanks Ray

Hibernate missing in Kubuntu 12.04 lts

Can anyone help,
As when I first viewed k12.04 lts before I installed it , it showed a
Hibernate tab, but after installing and using for some time now it has
disappeared, reasons why I don't know?


Popper keyring

I have downloaded and installed popper on my K12.04, but in the menu
under Internet is shows
Popper config, and I click on it a window comes up to insert the
keyring, of which I do not know,(thinking that it is my sign in password)
can you advise how I am to fix it with the proper password for it to continue?

PS see attached

pinning apps

Can anyone help

as I want to keep the current flash plater for my k12.04, as when I
updated thru muon it says that I need flash player to review
sports results within my So I want to keep the
current flash played and not update, so in the muon package
I have pinned the current flash player but every time I boot up it
still shows as an update in the muon update manager,
how can I fix it?


upgrade k10.10 to k12.04

Can anyone help?
I recently upgraded from k10.10 to k12.04 kernel and now I
have no quad speakers
and when I try to update the master channel is has only built in audio
analogue stereo, but
in the k10.10 it would play thru the quad speakers, so I am not sure
how to update it?


problems with Firefox 15 only shows in address bar 5 locations need 20

Can any one help

I am running k12.04 with kernel 3.0.20 and Firefox 15 was updated, but
within ff15
it will only show 5 addresses in the address bar even though I I have
increased the
"browser.urlbar.maxRichResults" from 5 to 20, it still doesn't work,
is there a way
to UN-install ff15 as I have f14 as a .deb app that I used with my k10.10?


upgrade k10.10 to k12.04 from live cd

Can anyone help please

I have got my hands on a live cd k12.04, and is it possible to upgrade
my k10.10mm,
as I have read somewhere that you just boot up the k10.10, then load up the live
cd(k12.-04) and do an upgrade.. Then gparted the 40gb on 80gb dive to
use all the 80gb.
But not sure of the procedures(steps) to do so, do you?


deleting firefox 10.02 from kpackagekit in k10.10 mm

can anyone help

I am having trouble with firefox 10.02 when I downloaded as an update
thru kpackagekit in my
k10.10 mm, after downloaded and installed it always came back
crashing, so I clonned back
to my backup disc k10.10 mm with the old firefox 9.0.1. But now I have
still showing with my
kpackagekit updates the firefox 10.02, so how do I get rid of it from
the updates?


disk check at boot up time

can anyone help?

I have been told to insert "sudo touch /forcefsck" in a terminal
window when log into
k10.10mm so as to force
a disk check at next boot time of which I have done, but every time I
boot up now is does
the fsck, and I only want it to do it once, so what is the command to do this?


new dual core with k10.10

can any one help

I am now running my K10.10 mm on my new dual core and now not showing
in my toolbox cashew in network monitor settings my dialup and
broadband connection(showing blank), as
before I moved over to a dual core it always did,is it cause its dual
core and cant distinguish?


Firefox 3.6

Can anyone help

I am having trouble with firefox 3.6 on my Kubuntu 10.10 mm as now the
mouse always freezes when I am using ff and on the net
but my chrome browser does not, I want to know how do I re-install the ff 3.6?


Running k10.0 on new dual core system

Can anyone help?

I have just brought a new dual core pentinum 2.6 mhz with 500gb sata
drive partitioned into 4 drives
c/d/e/f each about 117gb, and usb 3.0 driver mortherboard.

I have installed
1st xp pro sp3 drive c
2nd win7 ultimate drive d

and third I want to install k10.10 with theser two and triple boot,
I have done the dual boot thru eacy bcd?
I want to load the k10.10 on drive e but when install it spilts up the
117 gb to two seperate drives, and runs so slow ?
so I reformatted the drive e again and want to know the right way.

I have k10.10 on a 80gb sata drive that I hooked up to r

re pidgin reconfigure for NM to noice dial up

anyone help

Kubuntu8.04 kde 3.5

My problem is that pidgin will simply sit saying "waiting for network
connection" forever without even attempting to connect then that is caused
by NM not knowing your dialup connection exists. so how do I
reconfigure NM to accept my dialup?


start=up disk creator

anyone help,

I am now testing Kubuntu 10.10m and I am trying to create a startup
disk creator, but when it
starts it says in window to load cd ot click other, of which I load
the cd to write to but hangs there?


Manual checkdisc for Kubuntu HDD

Can anyone help[

I cant wait for the system to apply a checkdisc when booting up, I
want to manually start one, as when I clonned
over it suggested I do one?


wireless mobile broadband connection

Can any one help-

I am testing out Kubuntu 10.10mm and trying to establish a mobile
wireless broadband connection thru a usb modem stick
that runs at 7.2mbs, but when I click on Network Management settings
the wireless tab is greyed out so cant complete, even
when I pug in the wireless modem stick?



can anyone help?
I am testing K10.10mm and want to no how do I add a user to my system
to have the same
privileges as me, so when I boot up mine and theirs shows in the login screen?



can anyone help?
I am testing K10.10mm and want to no how do I add a user to my system
to have the same
privileges as me, so when I boot up mine and theirs shows in the login screen?


Grub screen when booting

I have just installed U 10.04 on a spare 20gb ide drive to test if I
like, and when I boot it boots
diredtly to U 10.04, and I want to boot dirct into the grub screen to
select either 10.04 or recovery,
can anyone help with the right procedure as hiting the escape key when
booting does nothing?


Kubuntu 8.04 partitions denied

Can anyone help?
My problem has been for awhile now, as I have 3 partitions with my kubuntu 8.04,
sdb1=18gb /media, sdb2=20gb /home and 1gb swap, but only the 20gb
/home mounts auto when booted up and the sdb1 18gb /media dosen't
mount auto and when I try to mount, permission is denied.
The same happens with my remote usb hdd drive, which is a clone copy
for backup.
The sdh1 permission is denied when I try to mount but the sdh2 mount
auto, so how can I change it these to mount?


gsmartcontrol for Kubuntu 8.04

can anyone help

I have downloaded gsmartcontrol deb app and tried to install on my k
8.04 but missing dependency libcairomm-1.01, after going thru
google found itr and tried to install but again dependency missing, so
looked in the linux forum and found a post about gsmartcontrol,
saying missing libcairomm, but was stated from help from
someone that it needed debian etch, but dont know wat this means, I nned advise?


firefox 3.6.6 in Kubuntu 8.04

can anyone help for the below-

I have tried to get an asnwer from mozilla but nothing so this is why
I am asking
if you might know,
I have now installed firefox 3.6.6, since last week, and have noticed
that within the
addres bar when I click on the down arrow it only shows 4 addreses,
but before it
use to show about 15, but when I clear the current address showing in bar and
start typing the address I want it starts to shows all the addresses with that
alpha typing, do you know how I increase the number of addresses that
show with the address bar?


Fwd: re back track to older versions of firefox

kubuntu-users mail support <kubuntu- ... at lists dot>,
Kubuntu-users request_lists <kubuntu-users- ... at lists dot>,
kubuntu-users-owner <kubuntu-users- ... at lists dot>

can any one help,
just the other day firefox 3.0.19 updated to firefox 3.6.6 and this is not
working poperly as cant
connect to sites when I dialup using kpp in Kubuntu 8.0.4, so ho

Fwd: downloading wicd for Kubuntu 8.04


I have finally clicked on th

downloading wicd for Kubuntu 8.04

Can any one help

as I have been advised by searching for connection of my
wireless broadband usb stick (Dodo) to operate properly and bee recognised
as a modem that I have to install WICD but within the web page of
"" it does not mention install for