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Build Your Own Blockchain in Less than 10 Lines of Ruby - blockchain.rb


Thanks to Matias Fernandez for cutting out the fluff. The line
count is now at eight - less than 10 :-).

Build Your Own Blockchain in 20 Lines of Ruby - blockchain.rb @ Awesome Blockchains


Inspired by Let’s Build the Tiniest Blockchain In Less Than 50
Lines of Python [1] I’ve put together a Ruby version.

Blockchains, blockchains, blockchains! See the blockchain.rb [2] sample
in the Awesome Blockchains repo and repasted below.


$ ruby ./blockscript.rb to run.

If you have seen other blockchains in ruby, let us know. Or if you
have ideas how to make it better, let us know.

world.db.starter Sample - Build Your Own HTTP JSON API (w/ world.db incl. Countries / States / Cities / etc.)


I've updated the world.db web service starter sample [1]
that gets you started building your own HTTP JSON API using the world.db
(incl. contintents / countries / states / cities /etc.).

What's news? The starter sample now uses the new webservice library [2]
(a simplified sinatra 2.0-style library for HTTP JSON APIs). Example:

class StarterApp < Webservice::Base

include WorldDb::Models # e.g.

webservice gem - (yet) another HTTP JSON API (web service) builder (in 100 lines of ruby)


I've put together a webservice gem [1] - yet another Sinatra-style
HTTP JSON API builder (in about 100 lines of ruby). Why? Why not ;-)
The main "innovation" is easy dynamic loading of services e.g.

Office.TXT - The Free Writer’s Command Line Tool Suite - $ gem install officetxt - World's 1st Office Suite in Ruby ;-)


I've put together the world's 1st office suite in ruby ;-) Let's
welcome Office.TXT - The Free Writer’s Command Line Tool Suite [2].

$ gem install officetxt [3]

to install the all-in-one office bundle.

What's included? For now:

- journaltxt
- jekyll
- drjekyll
- mrhyde
- octopod
- w2m
- rougify
- kramdown
- quik
- and more.

Anything missing? Let us know.

journaltxt (jo) v1.0.0 gem and command line tool - reads single-file Journal.TXT and writes out (auto-builds) a blog (w/ Jekyll posts etc.)


I've put together a new journaltxt (jo) gem / library and command
line tool [1] - reading single-file Journal.TXT [2] - the new human
multi-document format for writers - and writes out (auto-builds) a
blog (w/ Jekyll posts etc.).

Reinventing blogging on the internets! Single-file publishing is
the new single push-button publishing ;-) See the samples/Vienna.txt
source [3] and live Vienna.TXT Blog [4] w/ Jekyll Minima as examples.

Happy writing.

JSON: 1.1 # JSON with Extensions (JSONX) - New JSON (Next) Format w/ json-next (formerly jasony) gem


One more news byte: I've updated the JSON readers gem now called
json-next [1], formerly jasony.

What's news?

The latest (and greatest) next generation JSON parser / reader
included is a world-wide ruby's 1st - `JSONX.parse` for the new JSON:
1.1 # JSON with Extensions (JSONX) [2] format. Using JSONX you can
use all the JSON extension of HanSON (JSON for Humans) and SON (Simple
Object Notation) and some more e.g.

jasony gem - read generation y / next generation JSON versions with comments, unquoted keys, multi-line strings, trailing commas, and more


I've put together a new JSON readers gem called jasony [1]. The
first next generation JSON parser / reader included is `HANSON.parse`
for the JSON for Humans (HanSON) format by Tim Jansen et al.

Using HanSON you can use comments, unquoted keys, multi-line
strings, single-quoted strings, trailing commas, and more.

Talk Notes - Quik: The Missing Project Template Scaffolder (for Ruby) - Gems, Sinatra Apps, Jekyll Themes & More


the slides and talk notes for today's Linz.rb talk about "Quik: The
Missing Project Scaffolder (for Ruby) -
- Quick start your ruby gems, your sinatra apps, your jekyll sites
'n' more w/ project templates (from GitHub)" [1].

As an alternative you can browse / read the all-in-one-page source
in markdown*¹ [2].

The contents reads:

- Quick Starter Kits / Boilerplates / Project Scaffolder in the World
- What about Ye Old' Ruby?
- How do you get started with creating a new gem?
- How do you get started with creating a new sinatra app?
- How do you get started with creati

iniparser gem - read /parse INI configuration, settings and data files into a hash (INI.load)


What's your favorite datafile format? Awesome YAML [1] or Awesome
JSON (What's Next) [2]?

I prefer good ol' INI ;-) that's why I published a new iniparser
gem [3] to read / parse INI configuration, settings and data files
into a hash.


hash = INI.load_file( 'planet.ini' )
pp hash.


PS: What's INI?

The State of Art of Quick Starter / Project Scaffolding in Ruby (Gems, Sinatra, Jekyll & Friends)


For next week's Linz.rb meetup I put together / prepare a talk on
quick starters a.k.a.

Jekyll Celebrating ★30 000 GitHub Stars - Top 22 Open Source Jekyll Static Website Themes @ Dr Jekyll's


Did you know? Jekyll is the fastest growing web framework ;-)
Just this week Jekyll passed ★30 000 GitHub Stars. Congrats! Why not
build you next website or single-page web application with Ruby :-)

Anyways, I've updated the Dr. Jekyll's Top 22 Open Source Static
Website Themes [1] page. Congrats to:

- #1 Jekyll Now ★ 3653 by Barry Clark
- #2 Poole ★ 2178 by Mark Otto
- #3 Minimal Mistakes ★ 2068 by Michael Rose and all the runner ups.

Happy publishing with Jekyll & friends.

PS: Any theme missing?

Open Public Domain Datasets - Football Confederations Cup Russia'17 - $ sportdb new confed2017.rb


Today opens the Football Confederations Cup in Russia. To celebrate
the open football.db now includes public domain datasets for
the Confed Russia'17 match schedule / tournament [1].

Use the sportdb gem / tools [2] to read in the plain text fixtures
into your SQL database of choice (thanks to ActiveRecord). Use

$ sportdb new confed2017

to download the zip archives, build the schema
and read/parse the datasets resulting in a single-file SQLite football.db.

Enjoy the beautiful game.

feedtxt gem - reads Feed.TXT - feeds in text w/ metadata (YAML) n content (Markdown or HTML)


as an alternative to JSON Feed I've put together Feed.TXT - a new
feed format in plain text with structured metadata in YAML and content
in HTML or Markdown.

Use the new feedtxt gem [1] to read / parse the new feed format for
publishing & sharing posts, articles, podcasts & more.
Try Feedtxt::Parser.parse() returning an array with a metadata hash
and items (w/ metadata hash and content).Example:

``` ruby
require 'feedtxt'

text =<<TXT
comment: "This is a podcast feed.

Universal feedparser gem v2.0.0 Adds HTML Feeds w/ Microformats (h-entry, h-feed, etc.)


The universal feedparser gem [1] that reads web feeds in XML (RSS,
Atom) and JSON (JSON Feed)
now supports HTML feeds w/ Microformats (h-entry, h-feed, etc.) [2][3].

Note: Microformats support in feedparser is optional.
Install and require the the microformats gem[4] to read
feeds in HTML with Microformats.

require 'feedparser'
require 'microformats'

text =<<HTML
<article class="h-entry">
<h1 class="p-name">Microformats are amazing</h1>
<p>Published by
<a class="p-author h-card" href="">W.

Added JSON Feed (@jsonfeed) Format to the Universal feedparser Gem


I've added support for reading feeds in the new JSON Feed [1] format
in - surprise, surprise - JSON to the universal feedparser [2] gem.
Nothing changes ;-) Use it like:

require 'open-uri'
require 'feedparser'

txt = open( <a href="" title=""></a> ).read

feed = FeedParser::Parser.parse( txt )

pp feed

Enjoy. Cheers.

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>

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pluto.starter - planet ruby quick starter kit - (auto-)build your own (static) planet news sites w/ pluto


If anyone is interested in building the next planet ruby ;-) -
I've put together pluto.starter[1] - a new quick starter boilerplate /
setup / ready-to-fork repo that lets you (auto-) build your own
(static) planet news sites from web feeds w/ ruby in minutes.

Step 0: Download and unpack (or clone).

e.g. $ git clone <a href="" title=""></a>

Step 1: Install the planet pluto machinery / tool.

e.g. $ cd pluto.starter
$ bundle install

Step 2: Build the starter planet.


New Horizons - Build Your Own (Static) Planet News Site w/ Pluto (and Ruby)


Hello, from yesterday’s Vienna.rb meetup - all about reading web
feeds with ruby and building your own planet news sites.
Browse the talk notes titled New Horizons - Build Your Own (Static)
Planet News Site w/ Pluto (and Ruby) [1]
or the slide deck [2].

New Pluto Planet Guide (Book Ed.) - Free Planet (Static) Site Generator in Ruby: Auto-Build Web Pages From Published Feeds w/ Embedded Ruby (ERB) Templates / Themes


I've put together a new all-in-one page Pluto Planet Guide (Book Edition) [1]

What's Pluto?

OpenStreetMap Blogs ( Moved from Python to Ruby ;-)


Thanks to Andy Allan [1] for moving the OpenStreetMap Blogs [2]
from the classic Planet Planet (in Python) to the modern (Planet)
Pluto [3] (in Ruby).

See the new planet setup on Github [4].

Anyone know any Ruby Blogs? Or is up to putting together a Ruby Blogs Planet?


PS: What's Pluto!?

Top 33 Jekyll Plugins & Extensions (by GitHub Stars ★) - And the Winner is...


Still early and rough - I've put together a directory for Jekyll
plugins & extensions listing the top 33 gems (ranked by GitHub stars
★). And the winner is... [1]


PS: Add your plugin! How it works? Add a new entry in the Awesome
Jekyll Plugins page. Example:

- [**Scholar**](<a href="" title=""></a>) \
(gem: [jekyll-scholar](<a href="" title=""></a>)) \
by Sylvester Keil -- extensions for the blogging scholar.

That's it.

New Qk/Quik Starter Template / Scaffold - Gem-Packaged Jekyll Theme - $ quik new jekyll-theme


Starting w/ Jekyll v3.3 you can package your themes (layouts,
includes, assets) into gems. To show how easy it is to add a new
scaffold to quik/qk [1] - the missing code generator / scaffolder for
ruby. I've put together a new scaffold for gem-packaged jekyll themes
that mirrors/copies the $ jekyll new-theme command. Try:

$ quik new jekyll-theme

to get started.

Top 22 Jekyll (Static Website) Themes, Latest n Newest Themes n More @ Dr. Jekyll's


I've updated the Dr. Jekyll's Themes [1] site that lists
ready-to-for free (open source) themes that you can use to build your
next website, book, presentation or curriculum vitae w/ Ruby.

What's news?

- All themes now include github stars (e.g. ★ 2907)
and the winner is ...
1. Jekyll Now ★ 2907 by Barry Clark
2. Poole ★ 2003 by Mark Otto
3. Poole's Hyde ★ 1626 by Mark
4. Poole's Lanyon ★ 1616 by Mark Otto

Slide Show (S9) Update - Write Your Talks / Presentations in Plain Text w / Markdown (kramdown) n Jekyll Themes


I've updated the Slide Show (S9) machinery [1]. All slide show
templates / theme packs
are now just Jekyll themes (using Liquid) and thanks to the latest
GitHub update
back on the master branch. New theme packs include Reveal.js and Shower.

For some example see:

- Reveal.js templates [2] and the live demo [3]
- Shower templates [4] and the live demo [5].

Any favorite slide show/presentation package? Questions? Comments?

English Premier League (EPL) 2016/17 Season - Open Data in Text n SQL, JSON,... thanks to sportdb RubyGem


I've added the new 2016/17 season [1] for the English
Premier League (EPL).

To import the plain text public domain datasets (fixtures) in your
(SQL) database of choice (defaults to sqlite) use `$ sportdb build` in
the `/eng-england` folder. It's that easy ;-)

Enjoy the beautiful game.

Nanoc - New Static Site Sample (in Ruby) - Stay Static Showcase Update #3


Inspired by the TodoMVC showcase I've started to put together a
static (web)site builder / generator showcase named Stay Static [1].
The idea is helping you find your static (web)site builder / generator
that works best for you (e.g. Jekyll, Middleman or Webgen?)

The latest new static site samples includes Nanoc [2]
plus source [3].

The standard sample showcases 1) pages 2) post and 3) custom content
types (e.g. bookmarks 'n' links). Is your static (web)site builder /
generator missing? New sample static sites welcome. Cheers.

PS: Interested in Static (Web)Site News?

Awesome (Gem-Packaged) Jekyll Themes - A New Collection of Jekyll 3.2+ Gem-Packaged Themes @ Planet Jekyll


Jekyll v3.2.0 is out [1] packed full of goodies. The flagship
feature is themes. Themes?! Yes. Now versioned and packed up in good
old Ruby gems.

The first gem-packaged themes include: Minima and Garth. For more
see the Awesome (Gem-Packaged) Jekyll Themes page.

New Free Yuki & Moto Book - Gem Developer's Guide by Nick Quaranto, Eric Hodel, et al


I've added a new book to the Yuki & Moto Press bookshelf. Let's
welcome to the series:

* Gem Developer's Guide [1] by Nick Quaranto, Eric Hodel, et al.

Happy reading & coding. Cheers.

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

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Yuki & Moto Press - New Free Book Series About Ruby n Friends - First Book - Sinatra Intro


I've started a new bookshelf (imprint) called Yuki & Moto Press that
collects great books in Markdown about Ruby n friends.
Using the Octobook Classics Book Theme [1] turns the pages into a
single-page (online) book.

The first book in the series include:

- Sinatra Intro [2] by Chris Schneider, Zachary Scott, et al.

Happy coding. Cheers.

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>

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