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web server for appstream metadata screenshots


I've been adding appstream metadata to one of the apps I maintain, among that
are also screenshots, in the form of a URL. That means that I have to put the
screenshots on a webserver.

Do we already have a canonical location for these screenshots? If not, let's
create one before we get people hosting them on imgur, their private webserver
or their router-behind-a-dsl-line. :)


remove khelpcenter from next Plasma release?

Hi all,

[For the sake of sanity, please reply to both list, this topic affects
applications and Plasma.]

One of the topics we are discussing at the current Plasma sprint is whether we
really want khelpcenter as part of the Plasma releases in the future.

Plasma Next Release Plans

Hi all,

The Plasma team has settled on a release schedule for the first stable
released based on Qt5 and KF5. You can find the schedule here:

<a href="" title=""></a>

For those too lazy to click: We'll release .0 on 17th June, two alphas, a beta
and an RC before. Feature freeze is looming in March already.


QML-using app developers: use private.* imports

Hey all,

In Plasma, we've been looking into privatizing parts of the QML API we offer.
With Qt5, we rely less on setContextProperty() and friends, and use imports
more. That's a technical necessity that makes one problem more evident: It's
unclear what QML-facing API is reliable and stable, and what is private and
internal API. As there are no restrictions (right now) which imports may be
loaded by a piece of QML, we need another solution.

Our approach hooks into the import loader, and will disallow loading certain

kde-workspace master becomes Qt5-based

Hi all,

We're planning to merge the frameworks-scratch branch of kde-workspace into
master next Monday. That means if you're building your Plasma yourself from
Git (and you're not yet ready for Plasma2 ;)), you should switch to the
KDE/4.11 branch. The build will fail otherwise, so you will notice.

This was a public service announcement. (And you can ask questions here.)


Review Request 111689: desktoptojson -- convert .desktop files to .json for plugin metadata

Review request for kdelibs and David Faure.

Small program which takes a .desktop file and converts it to json. This is useful to convert plugins which have their metadata in .desktop files (i.e.

Review Request 111686: KPluginFactory macros port

Review request for kdelibs and David Faure.

Make K_EXPORT_PLUGIN work with Qt's new plugin system

This patch changes the K_EXPORT_MACRO and the class it generates to be compatible with Qt's new plugin / metadata system. It basically replaces the old macros around q_plugin_instance with the new ones, using Q_INTERFACES.

Proposal for branching policy towards KF5

Hi all, especially workspace and frameworks hackers,

Based on our earlier discussion, I'd like to propose the following strategy as
a general way to move kde-workspace and related modules (such as kdeplasma-
adddons, etc.) to KF5 gradually:

- master stays on 4.11, receives bugfixes, our releases are based on this
branch and their version number will stay 4.11
- KDE/4.11 gets regular merges from master to avoid mistakes when people use
it instead of master
- We create a branch called frameworks and use that for Frameworks

Qt DevDays call for papers


One of those not-strictly-technical things you might now want to miss is the
call for papers for the Qt DevDays to be held in Berlin (7-9 Oct) and San
Francisco (6-8 Nov). As KDE ist contributing more directly to Qt, and in fact
offering a lot of functionality on top of Qt (especially, but not exclusively
with the Frameworks5 project), this is a very nice opportunity for us
coordinate, collaborate, communicate and celebrate all things Qt.

<a href="" title=""></a>

Please feel most encouraged to send in your proposal. :)


Review Request 108889: Add QML_INSTALL_DIR variable to KDE pathes

Review request for kdelibs, Plasma and David Faure.

This patch adds a variable QML_INSTALL_DIR, pointing to the location to install QtQuick2 imports. These are co-installable with QtQuick 1.x, so we need both dirs.

Update the feature plan!

Hi everybody,

Please take 3 minutes out of your busy schedules, have a look at our feature
plan and update the entries you are aware of that are done (even if it's not
your name next to it, quality of the document counts, not names in editing

<a href="" title=""></a>

This document is central to writing release notes, without it we are not able
to write a good announcement that justifies our efforts.

Thank you for your help!

Review Request: PreviewJob supports webpages

Review request for KDE Runtime and Dawit Alemayehu.

Make htmlcreator thumbnailer plugin support remote URLs

Requesting thumbnails for URLs has been added to kdelibs in 4.7.

Review Request: Add direct support for remote URLs to previewjob

Review request for kdelibs.

This patch allows previewjobs to take a URL in case they understand how to deal with that. preview plugis can specify a list of protocols which they support, this is then matched with the scheme of the URL and if supported the URL is passed directly into the plugin.

synching kactivities in kdelibs/4.7

Hi all,

I'd like to ask for comment about the plan to update the copy of
libkactivities (which resides in kdelibs/experimental/kactivities) to its
latest status.

The Future of our Frameworks

Hi all,

You've probably been aware that a rather sizable group of KDE developers and
stakeholders in our development platform is meeting in Randa, Switzerland to
discuss the future of our development frameworks, with the big topic being
"modularization of kdelibs". We've had a number of great discussions here
about various technical and process-related topics.

Feature Plan for 4.7

Hi all,

In order to create good release notes for the next release (yes, we're early),
we need a good overview of new features and improvements. Traditionally, we
keep a list on techbase, which we then base the release notes on.

That list can be found at:
<a href="" title=""></a>

We do need some help here from everybody -- kde-promo people are awesome, but
not omnisavant (is that a word, even?).


SVN commit 1032819 by sebas:

Change default wait-before-auto-suspend time from 10 to 30 sec

Patch by Aurelien, who's on paternal leave, poked by ScottK :)

CCMAIL:kubuntu- ... at lists dot

M +1 -1 PowerDevilSettings.kcfg

--- trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/powerdevil/PowerDevilSettings.kcfg #1032818:1032819
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@
<entry name="WaitBeforeSuspendingTime" type="Int">
- <default>10</default>
+ <default>30</default>
<entry name="PollingSystem" type="Int">