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"apachectl -S" and DocumentRoot


apachectl -S

is a nice command. We are looking for something that outputs the "DocumentRoot" for all virtual hosts

Is there some way to do that with a single command?


yum update puts back removed Apache modules

It seems as though “yum” update has replaced Apache modules installed in the default installation, that we had removed after the initial install because they weren’t used.

Is there some way to prevent that from happening?


SSLEngine on and mod_macro

When setting “SSLEngine on” in a mod_macro config file for virtual hosts we are not able to start Apache.

When it is commented out, Apache will start. On the same server “SSLEngine on” is in another self-contained virtual host config file, and also in ssl.conf. Those do not cause any problems with starting Apache. Only when it is in the mod_macro config file.

The above, "SSLEngine on” in the mod_marco config file worked fine on a Apache 2.2 system. But on an Apache 2.4.6, it is having the above problem.

Any ideas?


AH00894: declining URL fcgi

Not sure if this is our problem, but after setting log level to debug we noticed this in the error_log. Not sure how to interpret what is happening. It looks like the fcgi connection to php-fpm is being declined initially, then it is successful. But I am not sure. Is this refusing to execute the php command?

Access Control in 2.4 question

If all the necessary modules are installed, what would prevent this from working?

<Files "private.html">
Require all denied

Apache + virtual hosts + php-fpm?

Looking at the php-fpm homepage …

<a href="" title=""></a>

it says this …

It was not designed with virtual hosting in mind (large amounts of pools) however it can be adapted for any usage model.

Are folks using Apache with numerous virtual hosts, still using mod_php as the preferred approach? With I assume prefork MPM?

access_log and split-logfile, vlogger, something else?

Is there a most frequently used tool for culling virtual host log files out of a single access_log file?

split-logfile? vlogger? Something else?


RAM output in server-status?

Apache 2.2.15

We have ExtendedStatus on

We have to toggle to “top” to try and catch RAM per httpd process. Is there some way to output RAM per process in server-status output?


forensic logs with virtual hosts

Is there some global way to utilize mod_log_forensic with virtual hosts without having to add “ForensicLog logfilepathname” to every virtual host config?

check_forensic script on Red Hat?

Does check_forensic still exist?

I am not finding it.

allow deny file and multiple .conf question

When controlling access to specific files via Allow/Deny, and not using <Directory> or <Location>, and putting in different .conf files, does the order of the conf files matter?

In other words …

aaa-block.conf has …
<Files “aaa.php>
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from All

zzz-block.conf has …
<Files “zzz.php”>
Order Deny, Allow
Deny from all
Allow from your

Would the .conf files similar to one above controlling access previous be negated by the last zzz-block.conf above?

Analog log file analyzer for Apache logs

Has anyone used these more recent versions (C:Amie) for Apache logs?

<a href="" title=""></a>


Server Side Includes question

1) Is it possible to auto add a footer to all web pages on a server, including all virtual hosts sites pages, with a Server Sides Includes, without editing any of the pages?

2) Is it possible to accomplish adding a javascript to the bottom of all pages on a server, including virtual hosts, automatically via Apache, without touching any of the sites pages?
If so, how?


adding footer to all web pages

If we wanted to add a Google Analytics footer to all pages on our server, meaning all virtual hosts, what is the best way to do that via Apache without having to touch the individual web sites?

Apache log analyzer?

Any suggestions for an Apache log analyzer?


Causes httpd processes spiraling out of control with memory usage?

Are there some common causes for a single httpd process to use inordinate amounts of RAM?

I have read about one person having a loop in their mod_rewrite rules. If someone hit the particular URL, the offending Rewrite rule would
cause memory consumption to go out of control

Thanks server-status interface

What is the new interface on this page?

<a href="" title=""></a>

Is all the previous interface information available?

ServerAlias limit and conflicts?

1. Is there a limit on how many “ServerAlias” lines can be in a virtual host block?

2. Is there a limit on how many hostnames can be in one “ServerAlias” line?

3. If you used “ServerAlias *” in one virtual host conf file, would that cause any conflict with existing virtual host conf files using the same domain?


Re: [users@httpd] How to calculate maxclients for Apache mpm event module?

Are you using PHP-FPM or mod_php?

Reply-To: " ... at httpd dot" < ... at httpd dot>

What are parameters we can tune for Apache mpm event module?


Krunal Patel.

Re: [users@httpd] RE: Thread ratios

I think that is Apache 2.4.6

If using PHP-FPM I think you may need to coordinate some settings in PHP-FPM (pm.max_children, etc.) with your config settings (MaxRequestWorkers, etc) in Apache.

If you do rewrites you may want to be aware of this …
<a href="" title=""></a>

Reply-To: " ... at httpd dot" < ... at httpd dot>

I forgot to mention, just in case this

mod_rewrite bug fix question

It looks like this bug was fixed in Apache 2.4.9

<a href="" title=""></a>

Red Hat 7 latest yum repository version is Apache 2.4.6

What are the options, if any, to address this bug in Red Hat 7 utilizing the repository provided Apache

Thanks for your time

SSL config and virtual hosts

Question regarding SSL settings and virtual hosts

If the settings SSLProtocol, etc are set in ssl.conf and you have a virtual host(s), you still have to duplicate the desired SSL settings explicitly in the first virtual host in order for any of the virtual hosts to be configured for SSL?

In other words, the settings within ssl.conf are meaningless to name based virtual hosts?

My interpretation of this documentation …

<a href="" title=""></a>

Apache default page shows up periodically

We have a group that has the default Red Hat Apache page show up occasionally instead of their regular home page. Usually their correct home page loads. The page will load properly for a couple weeks, then the default Red Hat page shows up for some users, but not all.

Their site is set up as a virtual host


event MPM documentation

Looking at the event MPM and MaxRequestWorkers documentation it looks like it has been updated a bit to me. More informative.

Thanks for doing that

Apache::ASP question

Some users are wanting to access a Microsoft Access database from Apache.

They want to use this ...


Is that possible within Apache on a linux server?

What are the options for accessing Access databases from Apache?


Apache virus scanning

Looking for comments on mod_clamav, and any other alternative antivirus software for Apache on linux

How to prevent upload of specific filetype in Apache

Looking for ways to prevent upload of specific filetypes into a specific directory. PHP for example.

It looks like there may be a method in mod_security

Any alternative ways?


mpm-itk questions

Curious about any experience using mpm-itk. Pros and cons?

Would you recommend it?


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Options for setting up Apache server cluster ...

Looking for recommendations for a good guide for setting up an Apache web server cluster



What is an example circumstance where setting "AsyncRequestWorkerFactor" to a value other the the default value of 2, would be preferred?