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F19 server install experience

I realize it's been a while since F19 was released but I finally got
around to do a server install. Since there have been a few negative
reviews here of the installation process I thought it might be nice to
have a mostly positive one. Here are my observations:

VLAN setup for installing! Yay! However, after rebooting,
NetworkManager wasn't able to bring it up, something about not knowing
the "virtual interface name". Turned out to be the ethernet interface
name changed from what it was at install time.

Didn't detect my timezone.

Self Introduction

My name is Samuel Sieb. I live near Vancouver, Canada. I'm on IRC on moznet
and freenode with the nick "ssieb". I started programming around the time I
started high school, beginning with Assembler on an Apple II and working up to
higher level languages after that. :-) I've been using RedHat/Fedora since
RH5.1 and love the freedom and openness of Linux and the community around it.