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Tips on how to handle tmpfile changes

The vnstat service has traditionally run as the root user. This was
fixed in Fedora 16 and higher to run as the vnstat user, but the same
fix was just introduced[1] into Fedora 15. There is a problem with this
fix in that it requires "systemd-tmpfiles" to be run to create the new
/run/vnstat directory required to store the pid file. This new directory
also required the /etc/vnstat.conf file to be changed as the PidFile
variable tells vnstat where to create the pid file.

calls to gasyncqueue_new fail

I'm trying to get a GTK app I wrote for a regular desktop to run on the

When I compile the app in the SDK, everything goes fine. When I attempt
to run the app on the phone it aborts after attempting to call
g_async_queue_new(). The call is done 5 lines in to the program and it
works normally on a regular desktop.

Is there something Maemo-specific that I need to do to allow async queues?


Trouble building for rawhide on F15

It's been some time since I've had to build a Fedora package, but when I
tried today I'm having some trouble.

$ rpm -q fedpkg
$ git branch
* master
$ fedpkg build
Could not initiate build: Unknown build target: dist-rawhide

Any ideas?

My Perception of the Maemo/MeeGo Community

This is a very long, blog-like message. Thanks to those who read through
it. I am posting here instead of my personal blog as I want to create a
discussion instead of a reaction.

I feel I should explain my thoughts of the Maemo/MeeGo community from
the perspective of a US resident. I realize my opinions are mine and
mine alone. I welcome any response, particularly those who live in the
US. My perception of the Maemo/MeeGo community is that those directly
involved (Nokia employees, Maemo council members, Maemo workers) have a
self-entitled, elitist attitude.

Who can buy an N9?

No one in the USA or UK can.

Looks like my Maemo/MeeGo dream starts and ends with the N900.

Is there anyone even on this mailing list that is in one of the
countries you can buy one?

So... where's the discussion?

The Nokia N9 announcement came and went.

I don't see any chatter on this list or the MeeGo list.

Am I that out of the loop?


Where do we go now?

Nokia has backed out of MeeGo and today they have backed out of QT. This
leaves the Maemo distribution solely in the hands of the community. I
would still like to contribute to Maemo (or MeeGo if a build is
released), but I have some concerns.

Will and its infrastructure be online for the foreseeable
future? I have a few Maemo apps (GTK-only) that I'm in the process of
developing, but if and its repositories are going to be taken
offline I don't see a need to continue development.

What about the Maemo Council?

PHP floating point bug possibly misinterpreted

PHP recently underwent a bit of a security crisis when many media
outlets disclosed the presence of a floating point bug. (RH bug here[1])

I feel I should bring attention to a PHP developer response[2] to this
bug. Warning: There is a bit of emotion inside. They feel it is a gcc
bug in FP handling, which seems (in my limited knowledge) to be
accurate. The gcc fix was provided, not by changing default behavior,
but by a compiler flag "-fexcess-precision=standard".

Java allows root access without permission?

Fedora 13 x86_64 with OpenJDK (not Sun) installed.

I was required to login to a web site today to configure a VPN and the
site installed a Cisco VPN Java applet. When it was finished installing
and was running I noticed the processes where running as root and had
installed into /opt. I had not given it my root password or any
permission to do so. It did not install any RPM package. It was all
driven by a Java applet.

$ ps -efw #id 502 is me
502 4791 2668 0 11:16 ?

ipv6 udp and ip6tables headache

nc -l -u 64739
<type letters, client doesn't see them>

nc -u intranet 64739
<type letters, press ENTER>
nc: Write error: Connection refused

nc -l 64739

nc intranet 64739

(both ways works through TCP)

My ip6tables config is allowing all traffic through eth1 (-A INPUT -i
eth1 -j ACCEPT). eth1 being the network card that is on the server that
is physically connected to the same network as the client. All IPv6 TCP
traffic is working great. SSH, HTTP, etc.

What am I missing?


sssd and ldap config

I have attempted to enable SSSD for my work LDAP server, which I also
administer, on a fresh F13 install. Once I check the boxes in the
Authentication app, hit apply, and reboot, I cannot login with any LDAP
user. Under the local user, I cannot perform getent on any LDAP user. I
can, however, set my nsswitch.conf to "files ldap" and perform getent
commands successfully. The LDAP server is configured correctly and has
been utilized by pre-F13 machines and Windows machines for about 2 years.

I noticed there is a QA test case[1] for this particular feature, but it
isn't working for me.

fuse needs an update

Due to bug 493565[1], fuse needs to be updated. This bug has been around
for a very long time, and no one can seem to reach the fuse maintainer.
I see this bug daily on one system and I'm tired of it. Can anyone help?


[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

Non-responsive Maintainer: thias

I submitted a bug fix patch for easytag to both upstream and RH BZ[1].
The request is among 11 other[2] outstanding crashing bugs that have not
been responded to in about six months. Upstream is also not responsive
after several e-mail attempts over the past three months.

Does anyone know how to contact Matthias Saou?


[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href=";product=Fedora" title=";product=Fedora">;product=Fedora</a>

Packagekit 0.5.7 and update type

Starting with PackageKit 0.5.7, all updates display the same orange icon
for update type. Instead of red for security, green for update, or the
bug for bugfix, they're all the same. Is this a bug? (searched bugzilla,
no matches) or are my systems (all that have PK 0.5.7) wacked?

It could be an API difference with gnome-packagekit, but I've searched
through its bugs, too, and didn't find anything of value.


Bodhi update levels

How would one tell the difference between a bodhi edit and the first
bodhi update push? On the surface I cannot tell this by looking at the
updates e-mail or using bodhi.


Fedora box with RHEL subscription

Has anyone ever tried adding a RHEL subscription to a Fedora 11/12 box

I attempted to use rhn_register, but after giving it my RHN credentials,
which are valid, I receive a Python traceback[1] and it quits.

[1] Attached.

thunderbird 3.0 filters and tagging

Does anyone use a combination of filters to tag messages? I attempted to
set one up today, but it doesn't tag the messages I created filters for.
I wanted to see if I was missing something before filing a bug.


X and Compiz drawing minimized windows support

Does anyone know where this support is up to? The last notes I've read
were from 2008, which claimed that a "fix was in the pipeline"[1] but
it's obviously not here yet.

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

Create Koji How-to

What would be the best place to ask a live person about installing Koji
on a local server? I've tried to follow the wiki documentation[1], but
my Kojiweb reports the service is offline. The koji CLI also reports the
same. I am attempting to use Kerberos without SSL. I've successfully
setup the Kerberos server with an admin user and all the koji users.


[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

possible bad ipv6 mirror

yum has been attempting repeatedly to use this IP for updates. It
responds to pings, but not to HTTP requests. telnet IP 80 or firefox
does not get a webpage.

Can anyone else try this IP for me?

It's tiresome that yum does not detect bad URLs.


Disable "Personal File Sharing" prompt in Download folder

Starting with F12/Gnome 2.28 I have a light red box in nautilus only
with the Download folder. It informs you that you can use Personal File
Sharing with this folder.

How do you remove this prompt?

I do not have it on one system, but I do on another. Both systems were
upgraded from F11 to F12. Grepping in gconf for blue, sharing, or
download doesn't give any clues. Gnome's release notes are useless.
Google is useless.


fedora 12 tethering

How does one tether with a mobile phone with the new F12 features?

It's mentioned in interviews with Mr. Frields that tethering is now
"foolproof" except that I cannot find any mention of it in the F12
release notes nor in any NetworkManager or gnome-bluetooth applet menus.


Hal policy for allowing umount of other users mounts

Pretend you're on Fedora 10. (No DeviceKit)
Also, pretend you don't use PolicyKit.

What's the correct way to allow
"hal-storage-can-unmount-volumes-mounted-by-others" for a particular
user and/or group?

+100 points to person with the correct answer.

F11 dmraid assistance (raid1)

I'm pulling my hair out over a RAID1 setup.

* Two 1TB Seagate 7200.12 drives (sda and sdb)
* RAID1 using Intel OROM.
* Two partitions: /boot partition ext3, LVM2 encrypted partition with /
XFS and swap
* sdb formed a bad sector, I'm going to RMA it.
* There are no other hard drives attached.

First I attempted to shutdown and unplug the bad drive. Fedora wouldn't
boot -- gets to Password: prompt for encrypted partition. Correct
password is entered but the encrypted partition cannot be mounted.

firefox 3.5.4 broken?

1. Highlight a word on a web page.
2. Right click on word.
3. Select "Search Google for "word"...
4. ???
5. Crash box appears.

Anyone else?

Heads up: Brute force attacks on the rise recently

It seems in the past month brute force attacks are on the rise. They are
targeting anyone listening on port 22 and go after root. If you do not
have a hardened box, you will see thousands upon thousands of
connections in your logs. Once logged in they will set your system up in
their botnet.

Google: dt_ssh5
This little baby will get placed in /tmp and will be running.

e1000e unstable on a new board

I've got a new Supermicro X8SIL-F mobo that has two onboard Intel 82574L
gigabit ports. After about 1 to 10 minutes of usage, the network ports
stop working. ifconfig reports billions of errors and continues to rack
them up. I have to reboot the system to get networking back. This
repeats and I have to reboot again. I updated the kernel to but
it still happens. Anyone have any ideas?


Close comments/karma after update push?

After a recent xorg bug[1] with intel chips, I had to question the use
of bodhi for karma/comments after an update has been pushed to "updates."

Should the comments and karma for packages be closed after an update
leaves "updates-testing?" I don't see any value and it seems the wrong
place to have notes about bugs on released packages. Bug reports should
go in Bugzilla, no? Should a comment be left on the page before it is
closed noting to report bugs to Bugzilla to be a nice pointer for the

Sound volumes giving you fits?

It might be that new "feature" implemented in F11 called "flat volumes."
In an attempt to copy Windows, for only God knows why, the PA folks made
your apps change the system volume. This, coupled with a bug in
gstreamer adjusting at logarithmic amounts instead of linear, it makes
volume management a pain. The fix?

Uncomment "flat-volumes = yes" and change it to "no" and save. Log out,
wait 30 seconds for pulse to die (another great "feature") and log in.
Volume level changes are now normal again!

Heads-up: Atheros ath9k users and 2.6.30 update

Beware of the 2.6.30 kernel that was just released in updates. There's
an outstanding bug[1] that bit me after updating. You'll suffer
significant signal loss and probably be dropped from your AP. Returning
to 2.6.29 (at grub time) will bring you back to sanity.

Note: Turning off power management helps if you have it on. (iwconfig
wlan0 power off)

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>