Postings by Klaus Slott

kate and yaml


I have a problem using my favorite editor when editing ansible Yaml
files. When I hit Indent or shift indent it breaks the indentation
structure in the file.

Is it possible to add Ansible compatible indentation to kate? Or just
disable the "smart" part, so when I hit tab it does not try to be clever
and just adds 2 spaces and removes 2 for shift-tab

Move window to this or all desktop

Hi - I need a little help with this:

I use 4 virtual desktops and often pulls a windows from another desktop
to the currently active one. But lately - it took a while before I
realized that I did not just hit the wrong menu item - when I right
click on the program in the taskbar and select "Move to desktop" it
makes no difference if I select "Move to this" or "Move to all" (reverse
translated from Danish).

Folder refresh needed


I am currently considering to move back to KDE after using XFCE a while. So I
tried to login to a KDE session today. My system is OpenSUSE, now with KDE
4.8.5 release 521.

I had troubles with several things, especially kmail: "KMail encountered a
fatal error and will terminate now.