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multilib conflict with doxygen generated pdf


Does anyone have any pointer on how to fix a multilib conflict with a
doxygen generated pdf file ? I was able to fix the same multilib issue
with the html files by modifying the footer to not include the
timestamp, but I don't find any pointer on how to proceed for the pdf file.

Alternatively, I can probably put the doc files in a noarch -doc
subpackage, or even don't generate the pdf file at all, but I'd rather
fix the issue in a different way.


nsca 2.9.1


The latest release of nsca finally increases the 512 characters message
limitation to 4096 and is backward compatible with older client using
the 512 characters message. This was a long awaited change. The only
limitation is the nsca server needs to be upgraded first.

The update is already in Rawhide and I plan to push this as an update in
all Fedora and EPEL testing repos and keep it there for some time before
pushing to stable so people have a change to catch up.
I believe it is ok to push such a change if correctly documented and
advertised on selected mailing lists.

libbluray soname bump


libbluray has made its first official release a few days ago. The soname
was bumped to 1.0.0 just before the release, in order to make sure it's
incompatible with older snapshots they have produced. The snapshots I've
made and packaged for Fedora are compatible with the release, so
Fedora/RPM Fusion packages should be fine after a simple rebuild.

I would like to have a clean start with this library and have the
updated package pushed to devel, but also to all currently active
releases ( F-16, F-15 and EL-6), despite the soname breakage.

Re: Orphaning xerces-c

anymore. Feel free to pick it up. Any volunteers?


<a href="" title=""></a> ).

reassigns the package to another maintainer when he releases ownership
instead of orphaning, though looks a bit broken.

maintainer (well, has approveacls powers) as well. Are you sure you want
another maintainer and not just hand the package to xavierb?
My interest is mostly in the EL-4 and EL-5 branches.