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kdereview - qtcurve

QtCurve is now in kdereview with the intention of being in extragear/base

Review Request 114219: Do not encode QString to QByteArray and cast it back to QString. This causes problem when there are Unicode characters in ${HOME}

Review request for kde-workspace, David Faure, Martin Gräßlin, and Hugo Pereira Da Costa.

Bugs: 327919
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Repository: kde-workspace

list.join already returns a QString and there is no need to encode it and cast back to QString again....


Review Request 113969: Do not assume every items have the same height

Review request for kdelibs, David Faure, Rafael Fernández López, and Michael Pyne.

Bugs: 309780
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Repository: kdelibs

1. the offset addjust in `KCategorizedView::indexAt` was a no-op (it operates on a temporary variable and is not needed).

Asking for help for Qt5 and xcb port.


I am trying to port a Qt4 theme to Qt5 and xcb. The theme uses
QPixmap's to draw into xpixmap's and send to kwin with
_KDE_NET_WM_SHADOW hint for menu shadow. I have tryed to draw the
shadow image (which is just a simple array of static data) to the
xpixmap using xcb_put_image with 32 depth, but it doesn't work no
matter which order of rgba I put in.

Review Request: Show larger icon in pager when the window rect is big enough

Review request for kde-workspace and Luís Gabriel Lima.

The size of window icon in the pager applet was always the same and is too small to if the applet is placed on the desktop.

Review Request: use _NET_WM_STATE_HIDDEN to check if the window is minimized instead of WM_STATE == ICONIC when possible.

Review request for kdelibs, kwin and Aaron J. Seigo.

When setting "Keep window thumbnails" to "Always (Breaks minimization)", kwin will keep WM_STATE to be NORMAL when a client is minimized while including _NET_WM_STATE_HIDDEN in its _NET_WM_STATE, as confirmed by ICCCM[1] and Extended Window Manager Hints[2].

Async action with helper in KAuth

I am trying to write a pykde4 app that use a kauth helper
asynchronously, following the tutorial by code is

action = KAuth.Action(action_id)
if hasattr(callback, "__call__"):
# the new-style signal connecting somehow doesn't work here..
lambda reply: callback(reply.succeeded()))
reply = action.ex