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Hi Im an oldie, who once installed an Apache server, now I was on to make a new installation BUT OHHHH,
things have become so complexity, so inflated, I can make no sense of what to download, or from where........

Re: getting stuck

Oh one more thing that might be important. The current system is created by
moving the harddrive
from one machine to an identical (however with somewhat different plugged in
Hw), as the first machine
just went out and wouldnt boot at all. So having access to a second
DellDimension5000 I just switched drive.

On the first machine I didnt have really the same frequency of hickup, there
it was much longer periods between downtimes.p

off topic - searching C++ list


Im looking for a good forum for C++ issues (cant find library std with my gcc dist)

Anybody has a ref to one ?


html Object doesnt display


I have a frame where i list a series of images as <a href ..> tags,
these show up as pictures consequtievly on onte line,

however adding an <object ... data= xx.jpg usemap= > will not display !!?

even though the inspect shows that the "object" is at the en of the line

can anyone hint why it doesnt display



php-odbc connect failure; file not found but it is there

struggling further to get my Linux (Fedora17), Apache, PHP5, ODBC, MimerSQL chain working

after lots of xxx, Im now where the odbc_connect (from working PHP) is to open the DB,

the ODBC DSN (seem to) points to the right driver pointing to file: /lib/,
but Apache error_log says
this file does not exist,
but Im stare-ingly convinced that it is.

any clues,

PHP dynamic library install in apache on Linux ?


Im switching base from XP to feodora Linux, have installed the Apache packaage that goes with it
however, I havent found out how to install PHP through (dynamic linked) library, as I did with XP.
I dont want to have it as CGI since Ive understood that that is considerably weaker system.

(then I would need a clue of how to setup ODBC on linux as well, but thats another cake)

BR georg

Re: [users@httpd] fedora - apache

Plugg -> socket for plugg for standard eth cable i.e.


right ifconfig only comes up with local loop i-f,

so does that mean there is no Hw on the machine for eth ?

probably darn rudimentary but still; what to do to get public with server

Hi again,
since got good help, I try another;

what do I need to do to get out on the internet with my apache (down the line when content starts to get ok)
do I need a fixed IP assigned or can it be dynamical, and how do I get onto DNS
(a good link would probably suffice)


installing apache n php problem


Im trying to install Apache (2.0.4) with PHP (5.2.17), Server responds well before editing conf\ httpd.conf
and inserting the loadmodule directive for phpapache2_2.dll;

the the server responds that it says it does not find the file (index.html) which it finds without the PHP
(though i have only addressed the server with the IP:port from browser)

in the error log it seems that the server now loggs a file that has basically nothing to do with
(flavion.ico or something, it is the apache feather), thus I suspect that the dll is missinstalled in the table ?

so WHAT is the compatibility be