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Google Summer of Code 2018


the student application period for this year's GSoC has begun!
If you were thinking about posting a project idea or applying as a mentor,
there's still time to do so!

For this year, we have a project idea page here: [1].
You can create a new idea by opening a pull request against
mentored-projects [2] - the file you're looking for is
/gsoc/2018/ideas.adoc .

Please feel free to contact me if you need help with anything!
mbriza on freenode, martinbriza on telegram or this email directly,
whichever works for you.


Fedora 23 LiveUSB Creator


in the light of tomorrow's new awesome Fedora release, I have released an
updated testing version of LiveUSB Creator.
There is a Copr repo [1] and Windows direct download [2] for your
Please feel free to report any issue to me directly or the upstream GitHub
page [3].

Please note: it will start to work once your local Fedora mirror starts
providing F23 images.


[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>
[3] <a href="" title=""></a>

RFC: LiveUSB Creator Revamped

Hi everyone,

for quite a while, I've been working on implementation of a new, revamped
UI, designed by Jakub Steiner for the LiveUSB Creator [0]. Currently, me
and Luke are slowly moving to merge the changes back into the master
branch of the tree. Some stuff is not done, like descriptions of the
images or final look of the icons but the really important things are
already there.

I'm writing here to ask you guys for input on what you think about how it
looks like now.

Review Request 119088: powerdevil - don't leak job pointer in brightness control

Review request for kde-workspace.

Repository: kde-workspace

Fixes a memory leak in backlight control with upower.

Review Request 113518: KDM/KFrontend: Avoid potentially exploitable privilege dropping

Review request for kde-workspace.

Repository: kde-workspace

Initialize the user's groups in between calling setegid and seteuid to have the correct supplemental groups in place.

kdm/kfrontend/kgreeter.cpp 1bddab5

Diff: <a href="" title=""></a>



Martin Bříza

Review Request 113152: kcm_clock: Check for valid return values of QDateTime::toTime_t()

Review request for kde-workspace.

Repository: kde-workspace

Using the date selector in kcm_clock to set any date further than February 7, 2106 resulted in setting the time to ((time_t) (unsigned int) -1).

KTcpSocket SslHandshakeFailedError mapping and KIMAP::SessionThread infinite recursion


recently there were loads of crash reports for akonadi_imap_resource in
Fedora (seems it was crashing only on x86_64 architecture but this isn't
what I'm writing about).
Basically, what happened:
1) The socket was disconnected by the server side
2) Attempts to reconnect
3) QSslSocket emits error(QAbstractSocket::SslHandshakeFailedError)
4) The error is then mapped to KTcpSocket::UnknownError
(kdelibs/kdecore/network) as no new (Qt 4.4 and on)
QAbstractSocket::SocketError were mapped in the KTcpSocket to any
in the class.
5) SessionThread (kdepimlibs/kimap) in the

libs/kworkspace/kdisplaymanager.cpp mess

Hi everyone,

after fixing a bit in the $subj file I've realized it (in my opinion)
should be split into one abstract class with a factory handling the
back-ends provided by the current session managers such as ConsoleKit and
systemd-logind while providing one module for the legacy DMs with their
socket communication protocols.

I would leave creating the CK module to somebody who is experienced with
how exactly the whole system works and knows if it is safe.
The systemd module would be done by me as all the legacy methods of
session management are not necessary with it.

To provid

Review Request 110099: Fix ksplash geometry when kscreen is used

Review request for kde-workspace, Àlex Fiestas and Dan Vrátil.

This patch fixes QML ksplash behavior when screen configuration is changed while the splash is in progress (i.e.