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Any idea what is going on with Epson's printer driver (escpr vs escpr2)?


Epson distributes two drivers for its printers, espcr, and espcr2. espcr
is happily packaged in Fedora, however, newer printers seem to become
supported in espcr2.

The problem with espcr2 is that it is missing source code for an
internal library -- escprlib. escprlib is distributed as static library
with i386 and amd64 targets. espcr does provide the source code for this

Please stop modifying other people's packages without coordinating with them first

I was in the process of upgrading to the latest upstream releases,
which came out about a week ago. You've interrupted the process by
pushing some unrelated changes, and now I have to figure out what

You've done that without any attempt at contacting me. There are
other persons who helped considerably with these packages, such as
Dan, and every time, they coordinated with me before stepping on my

I've considered what to do next in order to complete upgrading to the
shiniest upstream release.

Unowned dirs used by Mate Desktop packages


I am working on a review
(<a href="" title=""></a>), and I found the
use some unowned dirs. This would be OK, but it's not an isolated

Review swap (4 slots available)


I have 4 packages I'd like to get in before the Release of F19. For each of these
slots, I'm offering to review a package of your choosing.

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