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HEADS UP: gdb-minimal has replaced gdb-headless in buildroot


<a href="" title=""></a> has been
implemented just few minutes ago.

Install 151 Packages
Total download size: 77 M
Installed size: 339 M

Install 139 Packages
Total download size: 54 M
Installed size: 249 M

It should not affect anything (apart from making buildroot composition
faster and smaller size), but let us know if anything breaks :)

Removal of obsolete scriptlets

I'm going to push multiple commits to packages (I'll send list later)
which execute scriptlets which are not needed anymore for Fedora.

However, people tend to keep same spec for Fedora and EPEL which makes
everything much more complicated. So please, if you have such package,
guard scriptlets by `%if 0%{?rhel} && 0%{?rhel} <= 8` (because I
believe that RHEL8 doesn't have all required things).

<a href="" title=""></a>

php-swift-Swift and php-channel-swift retired

Thanks to Remi for working on php-swiftmailer. It is replacement for this 2

I orphaned this 2 packages in Rawhide.

libgit2 bump to 0.24.0

I'm updating libgit2 stack to 0.24.0 in rawhide.

There were some API breakage as usual, but I will take care about
rebuilding & patching all dependencies.

[ ] python-pygit2
[ ] libgit2-glib
- [ ] gitg
- [ ] gnome-builder
- [ ] gedit (gedit-plugin-git) ?
[ ] julia
[ ] kate (kate-plugins)
[ ] kf5-ktexteditor
[ ] rubygem-rugged
[ ] subsurface


koji build srcrpm fails

I'm using fedpkg build to build package... Any ideas?

$ git clone -n git://
Cloning into '/var/lib/mock/f25-build-5224919-591911/root/tmp/scmroot/libgit2'...
fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /rpms/libgit2

fatal error: You must enable NEON instructions (e.g. -mfloat-abi=softfp -mfpu=neon) to use these intrinsics.

<a href="" title=""></a>

Looks like it failed on armv7 with this error, but it was working before...
Any ideas?

In file included from
../../dist/include/mozilla/Endian.h: In function 'void
swapFromNetworkOrderInPlace(T*, size_t) [with T = short unsigned
../../dist/include/mozilla/Endian.h:175:45: fatal error: You must
enable NEON instructions (e.g.

CommandLine Error: Option 'track-memory' registered more than once!

Hi guys, I see this error when building POCL or Beignet which looks
like a bug in clang or llvm, can you please investigate?

: CommandLine Error: Option ': CommandLine Error: Option
'track-memory' registered more than once!
track-memory' registered more than once!
LLVM ERROR: inconsistency in registered CommandLine options
LLVM ERROR: inconsistency in registered CommandLine options
: CommandLine Error: Option 'track-memory' registered more than once!
LLVM ERROR: inconsistency in registered CommandLine options

Reference: <a href="" title=""></a>

python-mne: testing stuck in koji

<a href="" title=""></a>

I've tried to resubmit build many times, but it stuck on one of tests. How
I can debug this problem? It works perfectly on my laptop in mock.

broken lapack/scipy

Hi all,

if someone of you (provenpackagers) have few minutes to commit patch and
build lapack and then rebuild scipy in Rawhide -- would be great.

Bug with patch: <a href="" title=""></a>

dbus partially broken in rawhide


I see this problem for some days:
dbus-daemon[2084]: Activating service name='org.gnome.Terminal'
org.gnome.Terminal[2084]: Unable to init server: Could not connect:
Connection refused
org.gnome.Terminal[2084]: Failed to parse arguments: Cannot open display:
dbus-daemon[2084]: Activated service 'org.gnome.Terminal' failed: Process
org.gnome.Terminal exited with status 10

The same for other dbus-activated stuff like Polari, Nautilus..

$ busctl --user status org.gnome.Terminal
Failed to get credentials: No such device or address
$ getenforce

Naming ANTs

Hi folks,

I'm working on bringing libraries/tools for neuroscience and neuroimaging
into Fedora[0]. Now I'm packaging ANTs[1] (Advanced Normalization Tools
(ANTs)), but we already have package ants[2] (game).

How do I proceed with it? I think I can name it ANTs in upper case, but
probably it will confuse people. Suggestions? Ideas?

[0] <a href="" title=""></a>
[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>

python-pexpect 4.x coming to F23 and Rawhide

Hi folks,

today I managed to fix all critical issues regarding pexpect 4.x. Most
interested feature of this release is supporting asyncio.

Changelog: <a href="" title=""></a>

I don't think that someone will see regressions, because I more or less
checked relnotes, source code of projects dependent on it in Fedora and
found nothing to be broken.

Update to 2.0.2

diff --git a/.gitignore b/.gitignore
index 774255e..4af4c37 100644
--- a/.gitignore
+++ b/.gitignore
@@ -7,3 +7,4 @@ mscore-
diff --git a/

dnf-plugins-extras 0.0.3 released


I'd like to announce new version of dnf-plugins-extras. DNF Extras
plugins created for any plugins from community.

Ports for some utils was added and some bugs fixed.

F21 doesn't provide python3-rpm so dnf-plugins-extras couldn't be
pushed to repos.

libuv 0.11.x for rawhide


I'm packaging neovim for Fedora and my builds failing[0], because
using feature not available in 0.10.x releases.
In Fedora libuv seems 0.10.x, so can you update it to 0.11.26 (now)?
It's available[1].
If you don't want to break many packages, which using libuv - you can
update it for rawhide. because f21 already branched - we can break
rawhide I tho.


NetworkManager-0.9.95 update in rawhide


After latest update i can't use my wifi in NM.

mesa 10.0 stack in F20

Hey, folks!

Actually 9.2.3 doesn't built on armv7 (FDO #71573) and I think more
better for new release to get updated mesa stack. Probably mesa 9.2.4
will also has this bug.

What do you say about this idea?

Easiest making kernel rpms from upstream git

Today I've wrote article w/ many notes about bisecting kernel [0], but
I've used make bzImage, make install and the same commands bypassing RPM
and I have IMHO good idea to write utility, that will be build rpm w/o/
Fedora patches, changelogs, etc. simple rpms w/ one command.

We will use "utilityname `git rev-parse HEAD` f19" instead of "make
bzImage && make modules" and "yum install ./rpms/*.rpm" instead of "make
install && make modules_install".

This software should increase the effectiveness, simplify the build test
kernels, simplify to work w/ installed kernels (e.g. remove).

gnome-vfs2 transaction check error (multilib)

Hey Tomas and other developers!

Build control-center in mock fail

I use mock to local build packages.
I was build control-center in mock.