Postings by Albert Vaca Cintora

How to prevent users from opening GitLab issues?

As we transition to Gitlab, our users find two different ways of
reporting issues: in Bugzilla and in Gitlab. Since we don't have plans
to deprecate bugzilla, is there any way we can disable issues in Gitlab?


State and plans for LibSnoreToast

Hi Hannah (+ KDE on Windows mailing list),

We would like to have a GSOC project this year to improve KDE Connect
on Windows. One of the main items for this GSOC is to integrate with
Windows' notifications API.

Since you have been working on it via SnoreToast and LibSnoreToast, I
would like to get a few pointers on what to do from you.

From what I know, using the Windows notifications API is not that
simple: your app needs to be installed with a shortcut in the Start
Menu for it to work.

Error crafting mysql

I'm seeing this error when building the mysql blueprint:

PS C:\kde> craft mysql
*** Handling package: binary/mysql, action: all ***
*** Action: fetch for binary/mysql ***
*** Action: unpack for binary/mysql ***
Digests for 5.7.18:
executing command: C:\kde\d

App-installed icons on Windows


We have in place a solution to load the Breeze icon theme from
"icontheme.rcc" on Windows. But how can we do to also use app-installed
icons? Can we just register two rcc files? Should we change the code to
load every *.rcc file in the data dir, so apps can provide their own,
instead of limiting it to a single one?


Idea for Craft: Splitting 'build' and 'image' directories

Hi everyone,

When using Craft to build a package "X", two different directories are
created inside the directory "build/X":

* "build/X/work", which typically is the cmake build directory.
* "build/X/image-<buildtype>", which contains the "installed" files.

The files inside "image" need to be preserved in case we later want to
create an installer for our package.

KF5 Kolourpaint


A few weeks ago I was playing with Kolourpaint's sources (I used it as a
test package to port it to Windows), and I think the frameworks branch is
ready to be merged into master.

Is there any reason this can't be done? Is the project just unmaintained?

I wouldn't mind being the maintainer (it probably doesn't need too much
attention) if required.

If nobody disagrees I will merge frameworks into master before 16.08
dependency freeze so the next release can be Qt5-based.


Moving KDE Connect out of playground


With the latest changes we are making to KDE Connect as part of the sprint
in Randa, I think that the project is becoming mature enough to be moved
out of playground. Not only that, but Kubuntu and other distros are already
installing KDE Connect by default, regardless of it being in playground.

I think that extragear/network is the best place for KDE Connect to be in,
as we don't want to be tied to external release schedules for now.

Any thoughts?


Review Request 110430: [Taskbar applet] Added actions to be perfomed on middle click

Review request for kde-workspace.

This patch adds a feature present in KDE3 and requested by some users (see open bugs), that is performing an action when a taskbar entry is middle-clicked.