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support middle-mouse-button pasting (primary selection)

Hi Johan,

I have seen that there was progress in the bug-report in [0] after I
asked on [1] and [2].

In the qtwayland.git#dev Git branch [7] I see two relevant commits
(see [3] and [4]):

commit 5ec182df699041699f514d164a161c299fde5d19
"Client: Implement primary-selection-unstable-v1"

commit 14d37a53a674d7dbef32e718ae391e265fad5fac
"Add QWaylandXdgPopup::sendPopupDone and one for QWaylandXdgPopupV6."

What do I need to test this?

Does latest kde/neon "developer edition" latest ISO-image ship that
feature (see[8] and [9])?

What do I need to test this on Debian/buster AMD64?

In [5] and [6]

Status of Primary Selection Protocol


what is the status of integrating your "Primary Selection Protocol"
RFC-v1 patch into wayland-protocols upstream [1]?

The background is I was trying KDE Plasma/Wayland v5.12 on
Debian/buster AMD64 and am used to have support for
middle-mouse-button pasting (primary selection) in my graphical
environment (see errata-list in [2] and bug-report in [3])

As far as I have understood the KDE people wait for an upstream
solution whereas GNOME did its own implementation of primary selection
support [6].

What are your plans?

Thanks for your feedback in advance.

Kind regards,

P.S.: R

Add Qt Bug 66008 to errata website for 'No support for primary selection (middle-click to paste)'


I am trying Wayland support on KDE/Plasma 5.12 on Debian/buster AMD64.
On #debian-kde IRC I got some useful links like the errata website [1].
There is "No support for primary selection (middle-click to paste)" in
this list and found [3] as a reference.
Can you add the Qt-Bug #66008 (as I have no rights for editing)?


Kind regards,

P.S.: References

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>
[3] <a href="" title=""></a>
[4] <a href="" title=""></a>
[5] ht

Re: Ubuntu graphic stack roadmap update


I am here on Ubuntu/precise AMD64 (WUBI installation) and wanted to
test the new "Ubuntu graphic stack" based on (X)Mir after being
inspired by a German article [1].

Is there somewhere an ISO-image around for easy testing?
Daily ones?

In [2] I see that saucy is minimum base and the PPA lists saucy and raring.
How easy/bad/impossible/brainfu**ed is backporting to precise?
( I can place required X components in an /opt/xorg path. Just thinking...