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Stop building zenmap/ndiff since F29

Hi all nmap GUI users (if any :-) ),

Due to python2 deprecation/EOL in 2020. We'll stop building zenmap and
ndiff (GUI interface for nmap) starting from fedora 29. Upstream ticket
[1] opened. In meantime I'm working on porting it to python3 but it's
pygtk application soooo...

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

test gate failures (again)

Gating is failed for some weird reason:

# Test died: command 'dnf -y install bodhi-client git createrepo koji'
failed at /var/lib/openqa/share/tests/fedora/lib/ line 383.

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I suppose it's known issue. Is there any way to override such false
failures? It's not needed for this particular update but waiting 6
hours for next run is not optimal solution in case of security fixes

ISC DHCP license change notificcation

Internet Systems Consortium, has changed license of DHCP from ISC to
MPL 2.0 [1] since 4.4.0 (which will land rawhide soon).

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

Koschei and arch_override

I've receive few emails builds 'Package started to fail in Fedora
rawhide' recently. The reason of this is koschei uses arch_override to 'x86_64 i686 aarch64 ppc64'
Example [1]. Documentation [2] says it can be changed but I don't see
such option in the UI.
I had to disable i686 builds due to bug in GCC and the fact it's not
primary architecture anymore .
How can I change arch_override per package if it's possible?

orphan zygrib

Hi all,

I don't use zygrib anymore. New owner is welcomed!