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Apache2 v 7.2 BCMATH

I just upgraded to 18.04 LTS from 16.04 LTS.
I am informed that bcadd() is an undefined function.
As far as I can tell bcmath has to be compiled in.
am I missing something?
How do I get bcmath?

problem with Apache/php after upgrading to 18.04

I just updated The OS from ubuntu 16.04 LTS to ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
The login page loads fine, but when the main page loads it
displays the php script that is loaded via AJAX as text, ie it is
not interpreted.
Then. after about 1 second, the page exits and goes back to the
login page.

A login failure redirects to the login page without displaying
any of the main page.

FTP/sFTP problem

As of the upgrade to 16.04 LTS I have been unable to use FTP or
sFTP to put files on the server. FileZilla works without error
but trying sFTP manually always get the error 550 Permission
denied no matter what directory I chose or what the permissions
are of the directory tree.

I am suspecting it is a error in configuration that does not
allow uploads.

I checked GOOGLE, but found nothing helpful except a suggestion
to look at ftp.conf or vsftp.conf, neither of which I could find
in /etc.

suggestions ?


16.04 lts samba question

I am user: william

on one win10 machine when I save a new file on the 16.04 server
it correctly assigns user:group as william:william. On another
win10 machine it assigns nobody:nogroup.

How can I change this ?


BC Math

I just upgraded my development server to 16.04.3 LTS.
I seem to be missing BC Math.
PHPinfo lists the author, but not the module.
How do I add it?


reverting to PHP 5.x

I remember seeing a thread go by that said how to revert a 16.04
LTS to use PHP 5.x rather than 7.x

Can anybody give me a link?

setting the network interface

I do remember that some time ago Ubuntu stopped using a static
resolv.conf but I just can't figure out how to set it up now.
I read the manual and it suggests using pre-up and ethtool but I
remember that there is a way of defining the interface by editing
a file, just can't figure out which one.


HPE ProLiant ML10 Gen9 Server

My development server motherboard died. So this time, instead of
getting an old windows machine out and making it a server I
decided to buy new.
I bought a HPE ProLiant ML10 Gen9 Server without disks or OS.
When I started to install 14.04* LTS I got as far as configuring
the NIC and the install said that no NIC was installed.
OK, thinks I, driver problem. To the HPE website.

seeing errors

While loading a database using the mysql command 'source' I see
occasional warnings flash by on the screen.

when it finished I used the command "show warnings," but only one
warning showed (the last one).

How can I see the warnings earlier in the load ?


gzip failing to unzip

To find a low frequency failure in a production system I have
been taking periodic dumps (using phymyadmin-export) specifying
that the file be gzipped. It appears to have worked just fine.

Today I went to unzip one of the files to use it as a mysql
source on the development system so I could dig into the problem

gunzip reported:
gzip: IS-2016-12-31.sql.gz: decompression OK, trailing garbage

The "trailing garbage" is the last 3/4 of the file.

upgrading from 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS - mysql problems

I am not in a hurry, but eventually I will have to make this
upgrade. I have a large application written in PHP (php 5.5)
which will not run on php 7.x until I do a LOT of work on the mysql.

Q1: does 16.04 upgrade php to 7, and
Q2: can I prevent that or downgrade back to php 5.x


phpMyAdmin - apache configuration issue

I updated/upgraded my 14.04LTS server and the url:
<a href="" title=""></a>
no longer works. Error message is 404.

I know that invoking phpmyadmin is done in a weird way, i.e:
there is no folder named phpmyadmin in the document root.

This is on my backup system that is a replication slave and afaik
everything else is working just fine: can access other, "normal"

I asked for help in the php ng, no joy, so I am asking here.
Having been contaminated by using WinBlows computers I did a
apt-get remove phpmyadmin, a apt-get autoremove, a apt-get

after reboot and slave resync phpMyAdmin is not accessible

I know this looks like a mysql question, but I suspect it is a
Ubuntu configuration problem.

When I try to access phpmyadmin I get a 404
The requested URL /phpmyadmin/index.php was not found on this server.
Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80
any suggestions ?

shutdown by regular user

How can a non-privileged user initiate a shutdown.

There is one person with an administrative account and sudo
privleges. There are 3 others with no account. Frequently, in
case of emergency shutdown the admin user is not available.

I would like to set up a regular user but make it possible for
that user to run shutdown. In Unix I would use asroot, but Ubuntu
14.4 LTS does not have that.

How can I do this.


which user is Apache2

I want to set up an include file (php) outside the directory tree
- done
I want to limit access to the file to the php module under Apache2.

Who should I set the user/group to ?

I have played with it and can give you a list of users to NOT set
it to :-)


key management - 1404 encrypted filesystem

I have read the man pages for eCryptFS and the pages,
but I can't find anything on removing a key from the kernel
keyring. ecryptfs-utils can add a key (via
ecryptfs-add-passphrase or ecryptfs-manager).

Can a passphrase be removed ?

new install 14.04 LTS

All went well. But when I try to log in with putty or FileZilla
I get:
Error: Network error: Connection refused
Error: Could not connect to server

Ideas ? Suggestions ?


not replicating one table

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, MySQL 5.5.38
I have a setup with multiple tables in one database. One is a
memory table. I have replication running to a remote computer
for a hot backup.

I read the manual forwards and backwards but I can't figure out
how to set it up to replicate everything except the in memory table.

Suggestions, hints, and links appreciated.


upgrading to 14.04 - again - no

Apache complains that it can not load for the very
good reason that it is not present in /usr/lib/apache2/modules.

I tried upgrading php, but no joy.

suggestions ?

after 12.04 LTS upgrade

The upgrade apparently went fine.
But I can no longer use FileZilla:

Status: Connecting to
Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
Response: 220 (vsFTPd 3.0.2)
Command: USER william
Response: 331 Please specify the password.
Command: PASS ******
Response: no talloc stackframe at
../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory
Error: Could not connect to server

I haven't a clue what this means or how to fix it.
Suggestions please.



I am doing an in-place upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 and all is
going well, except...
I have a bunch of files in /boot, some abi-..., some config-...,
some initred.img-..., some some vmlinuz-..., and
some others.
The upgrader is doing something to those files and it is taking
roughly forever. I thought it was a loop until I noticed that
the kernel numbers were changing.

here is what it keeps repeating:
Updating /boot/grub/menu.lst ...

Replication problem

Replication novice

I have a master server at the office and a replication server at
home. This setup has been working for a couple of years.
Occasionally the replication server gets out of sync (usually
following a internet problem and the vpn going down.)
I just stop the slave, make sure there is nothing going to the
master (when the office is closed),
copy the database,
transfer the file,
load the backup, and
start the slave and all is well.

This time there was not a communications problem of which I am


When I installed 12.04 lts it appears I inadvertently listed a
bad address for 1 of the 2 nameservers. I have googled and
looked in the manual, but I can't find out where the nameservers
are listed. I did add one nameserver to /etc/network/interfaces
and that one does show up on resolve.conf, but another (good)
nameserver also is in resolve.conf as is the bad address.

Can anyone give me a clue where the "default" (ie: not in
/etc/network/interfaces) might be residing


Help with cleaning up data

I am given a table: ICD9X10 which is a maping of ICD9 codes to
ICD10 codes. Unfortunately the table contains duplicate entries
that I need to remove.

`id` smallint(6) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
`icd9` char(8) NOT NULL,
`icd10` char(6) NOT NULL,
UNIQUE KEY `icd9` (`icd9`,`id`),
UNIQUE KEY `icd10` (`icd10`,`id`)

id icd9 icd10
25 29182 F10182
26 29182 F10282
27 29182 F10982

I just can't think of a way to write a querey to delete the

help -networking

The server I use for development blew its motherboard. I
switched the (only) hard disk to another system and it boots
fine. But, when I try to ping to or from the new system it
reports "Destination unreachable"

/etc/network/interfaces has one eth entry for eth2.
It is the same as it was before the motherboard switch.

I sure could use some help in getting this system back on line.


upgrading 12.4 LTS PHP

The 12.04 LTS php is 5.3. I would like to upgrade to the most
current stable version in the repositories.

I did a sudo upgrade but did not see php on the list.

what is the proper way:
to find out what the php release in the repository is?
upgrade that package.


Query help -

I have a table, schedule:
CREATE TABLE `schedule` (
`schedule_id` mediumint(9) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
`provider` varchar(15) NOT NULL,
`apptTime` datetime NOT NULL,
`location` varchar(10) NOT NULL,
`duration` smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL,
`standing_script` mediumint(9) DEFAULT NULL,
`appt_status` char(1) NOT NULL,
`patient_number` mediumint(9) NOT NULL,
`notify` smallint(6) DEFAULT NULL,
`comment` varchar(80) DEFAULT NULL,
`history` varchar(200) DEFAULT NULL,
`posted` tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
PRIMARY KEY (`schedule_id`),
UNIQUE KEY `patient`

select and update in the same statement

I am finding I need to retrieve data from a row and also update
the 'lastAccess' field in that row. I am using PHP and now do it
in two calls to MySQL.
Can one of the wizards suggest a way that I can do both in one call ?

Not a big deal, just interesting.


unable to enumerate USB device: APCUSBD

I have a APC 750 with the usb port connected to a 12.04 Unbutu

After about a day of operation I start getting the following error:

Aug 31 23:13:57 ubuntu3 kernel: [128564.632031] hub 2-0:1.0:
unable to enumerate USB device on port 3

Checking the syslog I find the following repeated over and over,
with the device number going up by one each time:

Aug 31 23:13:25 ubuntu3 kernel: [128532.951308] hub 2-0:1.0: port
3 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling...
Aug 31 23:13:25 ubuntu3 kernel: [128532.952063] usb 2-3: USB
disconnect, device number 110
Aug 31 23:13:25 ubuntu3 kernel: [1285

APC UPS losing comm with 12.04

When I start up my recently updated ubuntu unix (now at 12.04)
all works just fine and apcupsd and multimon.cgi and apcaccess
report good data. After about 30 min (rough guess) the system
console reports:

Aug 28 14:33:13 ubuntu3 kernel: [98814.108038] hub 2-0:1.0:
unable to enumerate USB device on port 3

and apaccess says status: COMMLOST

The usb plugs are tight.
I did have this problem before I updated from 10.04LTS

Anyone have any suggestions on how to debug/fix this ?