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Incomaptible changes in new package for f27

Hello all!

I seek advice how to proceed with following situation.

There is new package for f27 - java-9-openjdk.

It have been first built some two or three months ago. For f27.

Orphaning visualvm


I'm no longer interested in maintaining of visualvm -
<a href="" title=""></a> - Simply I didn't used it for last three

If somebody still is using it, I will happily retire ownership to him/her.

Looking forward to meet the successor,


Bump of giflib broken OpenJDK (and many other packages I guess)


Although it is more then nice to have giflib 5 in rawhide, I would encourage you to untag[1] it from rawhide, and prepare doubled packages in koji to give dependent packages time to rebuilt:

1) Find a provenpackager / releng member to work on rebuilding all the
packages quickly (in dep order)

2) Introduce a libgif4 compat package with the old soname, to satisfy
deps while the packages are being rebuilt.

Right now any openjdk can not build, because it need itself to build. And old version still needs giflib4.