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Alternative to QDateTime::isDateOnly ?


KDateTime used to have a date-only functionality, that QDateTime is
lacking. The problem with that is that we need to find a new solution
for interfaces that allow to set/get either QDate or QDateTime.

One such interface is KCalCore::Event::start(). For the sake of
discussion getters are more interesting, because a simple overload is
not possible. I see the following possible solutions:

1. add isDateOnly functionality to QDateTime
2. Overloads with different names: QDate startDate(), QDateTime
3. Overloads using templates: T start<T>()

Review Request 115267: SearchStore: Switch to QPluginLoader based plugins

Review request for Baloo.

Repository: baloo

SearchStore: Switch to QPluginLoader based plugins.

KPluginFactory calls KGlobal::locale() which crashes if it wasn't initialized
from the main thread of the program.