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%meson contains -Db_ndebug=true


While fixing mesa build which was slow due to a lot off debug stuff
(assert()), I've added -Db_ndebug=true into the %meson macro.

This seemed like good approach because in Fedora we should not use debug
bits in runtime (not related to debuginfo). However this caused some
breakage in some packages like libratbag which was relying on assert() in
tests. This should be really fixed in affected packages..

I am not convinced that we should revert meson change.. Let me know if you
think otherwise and why.

Building modules take forever


I'm building modules with Rust apps (because this is only way to get them
in f28/f29/f30) and I noticed that building them takes ages (more
specifically, more than 12 hours(!)). I can build all those packages on my
laptop under 1 hour. Even composes take less time.

It seems that MBS has limit of 20 builds in parallel. Is there any reason
for it? Why can't we just build all packages in parallel?

Minetest 5.0.0

Hello folks,

I've prepared PR for new version of minetest:
<a href="" title=""></a>

I'll merge it later this week and build for F30 and F31. It also involves
License change but it was just incorrect even before.

I'll also probably make a module out of it so it would be available in
F28/F29 too.

See changelog here:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Thanks for attention!

Readline 8.0

We have just merged side tag (f30-readline8) into the f30 which includes
readline 8 + packages which needed rebuild against new readline (due to
SONAME bump).

Whatever was failing before and fails now… It just failed.
Whatever was not failing before and fails now… Fails not due to readline

* foma (looks like some underlinking issue)
BUILDSTDERR: /usr/bin/ld: lex.yy.o: in function `my_yyparse':
undefined reference to `yyparse'
BUILDSTDERR: collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
* fol

Bash 5.0

Bash 5.0 is now in Rawhide/F30. Enjoy :)

P.S. Don't hesitate to report bugs if you find one (or two).

MBI (Playground 2.0)

MayBe I …(can do something useful)?


We've been discussing some (hopefully) nice idea with Mikolaj, Neal and
Jakub how we could improve packager (and user) experience and we have some
proposal which will be described below.

We would like to ask you to read it, understand it and ask us any questions
you have.

Removal of ldconfig scriptlets

<a href="" title=""></a>

Here's the list of packages which have dependency on /sbin/ldconfig
with their respective maintainers for packages which do not install
any files in /etc/

During this weekend, I'm going to clean all those packages to switch
to the %ldconfig_scriptlets macro (which expands to something only on

Feel free to drop unneeded scriptlets before that date if you'd like
to not have some cruft in your spec file.

Thanks for attention!

Fish 3.0.0


upstream released new version of Fish shell today and I'm going to
update it in Rawhide (and only there because of incompatible changes).

<a href="" title=""></a>

Python dependency generator has been turned ON

Hello folks,

since <a href="" title=""></a>
was approved by FESCo, I've went ahead and turned it ON.

You'd need:
* python-rpm-generators-7-1.fc30
* python-rpm-macros-3-41.fc30

Notes for usage:
* If it adds some dependency you don't need — please patch or
whatever is adding dependency for you, DO NOT disable dependency
* If dependency is in egg-info/dist-info/etc., but doesn't appear in
your package ­— file a bug against python-rpm-generators and CC me.
Meanwhile add dependency manually.
* If, for some reason it breaks build

Mesa is now built with meson

Hey folks,

since 18.3.1-2 mesa is built using meson. Please let me know if it
breaks anything.

Teeworlds update & license change

teeworlds / teeworlds should have been always "Teeworlds and zlib",
because it bundles some md5 code which is zlib-licensed.

teeworlds-data was supposed to be CC-BY-SA, but it was not marked this way.

Now to the real changes, since 0.7 it bundles json-parser (unbundle
will come within next few days) which is BSD licensed, so teeworlds
(not -server) will have "and BSD".

RFC: make fedora-release archful and add some provides

Hello folks,

for long time we have problem if you have some arch-specific
BuildRequires, you still get one src.rpm from one of arches (not sure
how koji chooses that one) which might not work for your architecture.

For example if you have following in spec:
%ifarch %{ldc_arches}
BuildRequires: ldc

And the src.rpm is taken by koji from x86_64 (included in
%{ldc_arches}), then you won't be able to run `dnf builddep foo`,
because it will complain that ldc package is missing.

1. make fedora-release archful

Please test mesa builds powered by meson (Rawhide)


it's been a long time when Mesa added meson buildsystem definitions,
but I never got time to switch Fedora's mesa build to use them.
Nowadays, mesa upstream is looking to drop autotools definitions in
19.0.0 release, so time came up.

I've prepared 18.0.0~rc5 builds with using meson buildsystem instead
of autotools: <a href="" title=""></a>

Please test it and let me know if something doesn't work as expected.


Rawhide buildroot now has glibc-minimal-langpack instead


the removal of glibc-all-langpacks from the buildroot[0] is done.
Standard buildroot has decreased from 445 to 237 megabytes in
installed size ;)

DEBUG Install 146 Packages
DEBUG Total download size: 86 M
DEBUG Installed size: 445 M

DEBUG Install 146 Packages
DEBUG Total download size: 61 M
DEBUG Installed size: 237 M

All thanks go to zbyszek and mboddu :champagne:!


tinyxml2 SONAME bump (7.x)

Hi folks,

I'm going to update tinyxml2 to 7.x later this week.

Affected packages:
* cppcheck
* dvblinkremote
* fuse
* gazebo
* kodi (rpmfusion)
* libmediainfo
* vdr

I'm going to rebuild all of them myself.

Maintainers by package:
cppcheck fcami jussilehtola sgrubb
dvblinkremote melmorabity
fuse peter spot
gazebo rmattes
libmediainfo ivanromanov vascom
vdr martinkg vpv

Packages by maintainer:
fcami cppcheck
ivanromanov libmediainfo
jussilehtola cppcheck
martinkg vdr
melmorabity dvblinkremote
peter fu

fedora-rawhide-kernel-nodebug is not getting updates

Does anybody know why?

Last kernel available there is 2 weeks old.

<a href="" title=""></a>

Something is broken in low-level components, processes segfault

<a href="" title=""></a>

process didn't exit successfully: `/usr/bin/rustc --crate-name
glib_sys src/ --color never --crate-type lib
--emit=dep-info,link -C opt-level=3 -C metadata=20d7ee6da134c60a -C
extra-filename=-20d7ee6da134c60a --out-dir
/builddir/build/BUILD/glib-sys-0.6.0/target/release/deps -L
--extern bitflags=/builddir/build/BUILD/glib-sys-0.6.0/target/release/deps/libbitflags-056f832aae1b729d.rlib
--extern libc=/builddir/build/BUILD/glib-sys-0.6.0/target/release/deps/liblibc-626

Latest protobuf is coming into Rawhide


I'm going to work on protobuf update which involves SONAME change from
.15 to .17.

I don't see any breakage from release notes, it is mostly about making
minimum c++ std to c++11 and cleanups.

I'll carefully check and if everything looks ok, I'll push it to
Rawhide next week and rebuild all dependent packages.

Non-responsive maintainer: Lev Shamardin (abbot)

Does anybody know how to contact him?

The last activity dates 2010.

I didn't follow procedure fully yet, but I'm 99% sure that there will
be no reply in bugzilla.

But I'm starting it now: <a href="" title=""></a>

libsolv 0.7

Hello folks,

It is the release towards 1.0 (yes, after more than 10 years) which is out
for 4 days now.

I'm going to investigate whether it will affect libdnf and push into the
rawhide within few days.

Version 0.7.0
- soname bump to "1"
- incompatible API changes:
* bindings: Selection.flags is now an attribute
* repodata_lookup_num now works like the other lookup_num functions
- new functions:
* selection_make_matchsolvable
* selection_make_matchsolvablelist
* pool_whatmatchessolvable
* repodata_search_arrayelement
* repodata_lookup_kv_uninternalized
* repodata_search_unint

Fedora Packaging Guidelines on

Hello everyone,

We have moved packaging guidelines onto[0].
If you find any error or would like to change something, don't hesitate to
open ticket or submit pull request for packaging committee repo[1].

Thanks for attention!

[0] <a href="" title=""></a>
[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

Meson 0.48.0

Hello folks,

new meson release is out (release notes
<>) which removes tools
which are deprecated for quite long time:
* mesonconf
* mesonintrospect
* mesontest
* wraptool

I will push it now for Rawhide and F29. F28 and EPEL7 won't get update
because of this incompatibility, but if you need it for building updates --
let me know and I will consider pushing it even there.

Thanks for attention!

PyWavelets 1.x is coming to Rawhide

Release notes:

There are some incompatible changes so I'm building it only for Rawhide.

Just wanted to let you know yet another software reaching 1.0 milestone.
Enjoy ;)

Building multiple version of a package from same dist-git repo


is it possible to build packages like foo0.6 from dist-git repo with name
foo and not foo0.6?

Since in Rust ecosystem from time to time we need to build multiple
versions of a same package, it is much easier if it would be one repo with
branches 0.6, 0.7 instead of multiple separate git repos.

If not, what are the limitations?

-Wl,--as-needed is added in rawhide

It's in redhat-rpm-config-118-1.fc30.

If it causes any problems for you - let me know. In the meantime, you can
use `%undefine _ld_as_needed` to disable it.

Thanks for attention!

Update libgit2 to 0.27

Hello everyone,

0.27.x is released long time ago, but I never got time for updating it. It
obviously involves SONAME change.

The good thing about this release is that it breaks only things in runtime
and only one function changed signature (for building) which nobody uses

I'm going to update library as soon as I get time (possibly on this weekend
if no all dependent packages build fine).

Rust SIG


it seems to be a week of SIG announcements, so why shouldn't I share that
we also have Rust SIG <>.

At this point we have over 400 crates packaged, few applications like
ripgrep, tokei, stratisd and more.

IRC: #fedora-rust
ML: <a href="mailto: ... at lists dot"> ... at lists dot</a>

Feel free to stop by and don't hesitate to ping me ;)

P.S. I'm going to Flock this year, so let me know if you would like to meet
and work on.

RFC: Pass --auto-features=enabled in meson


meson 0.47.0 has new option type - feature
(tri-state option - enabled/disabled/auto). It is quite common that in
autofoo and less in cmake worlds people rely on auto-detection of
dependencies and enabling features based on those.

I believe that for distribution we should make sure that all default
features are enabled and if not, packager should explicitly disable

rust-bytes license change (MIT or ASL 2.0 → MIT)

Upstream released 0.4.9 which does this correction

Should not affect anyone. Thanks for attention.

gcc/gcc-c++ removal from buildroot and more

Hello everyone,

today we finally dropped gcc and gcc-c++ from the buildroot
<>. This
made 12 packages go away along with 134MB installed size. This means that
you need to add gcc/gcc-c++ in the BuildRequires (guidelines stated this
for few years but not many were following them).

Also Mark fixed bug today which was pulling in systemd in the buildroot
which was pulling gnutls/libgcrypt/nettle and stuff like that.