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Removal of obsolete /bin/* Provides from coreutils

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After removal[0] of other ancient Provides from coreutils, it is time[1] to
remove next legacy part, /bin/* Provides.

There are some number of packages still relying on them, I've fixed most of
them already, although there are some packages which need some special care
(including reporting to upstream).

RFC: -Wl,--as-needed by default

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I'm interested why we still don't have this flag in our CFLAGS? It seems that
other distributions like openSUSE enable it by default and it helps in many
cases to avoid over-linking (for example, see thread about poppler).

Are there any reasons not to add it?

protobuf 3.4.1 is coming

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Hi everyone,

I'm going to build protobuf 3.4.1 in Rawhide later today and rebuild all
dependent packages. There are no incompatible changes as I can see.

Just sending heads-up.

Removed legacy provides from coreutils

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Yesterday we removed following Provides/Obsoletes from coreutils.
- - fileutils
- - sh-utils
- - stat
- - textutils
- - mktemp

First four never been separate packages (at least from what I can see
in dist-git), last one disappeared in fc10...

I've adjusted all 16 packages relying on those provides:

Also I found that some of those packages still use systemd-units..
Please switch to new way of doing systemd units packaging as per

libtimidity changes license from LGPLv2+ to LGPLv2+ or Artistic

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Upstream decided to dual-license project. Which is probably good

SDL2_image changes license from LGPLv2+ to LGPLv2+ and zlib

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Since 2.0.2, SVG support is included.. And as usual, in a bad way by
bundling some library with custom changes. Now it is nanosvg where
upstream never had any releases.

Replacing HAL policy (yes, in 2017)

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Hi everyone,

today I was using dfu-programmer to update my nitrokey storage firmware
and I found out that it is old version with some packaging bugs and
also it contains file "%{_datadir}/hal/fdi/information/20thirdparty/10-

I've never seen HAL in my life (probably when I was just starting with
Linux) so my question is should I somehow write udev / policykit rule
for it or just drop it?

[0] <a href="" title=""></a>

Cython 0.27.1 is coming!

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Hi everyone,

I'm going to update Cython to 0.27.1 (from 0.25.2) in F25+ now-ish.
No breakages expected, only bugfixes and improvements

GnuPG 2.2.0 and replacement of GnuPG1

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GnuPG 2.2.0 has --enable-gpg-is-gpg2 which would install compat symlink
from /usr/bin/gpg to /usr/bin/gpg2..

Is it time to retire gnupg (v1) ?

RFC: retiring yum

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So I think F28/F29 would be best time for retiring YUM. Right now DNF
should be already stable and provide same capabilities (or documented
that something will not be supported).

Hopefully infrastructure / rel-eng folks will finally add support for
rich dependencies[0] which would mean that yum will not work in Fedora
anyway, so..

Do you still have some critical missing functionality in DNF? And let
us know reasons why would you like to keep YUM available (hopefully
there are no)!


Retirement of pygpgme is coming

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pygpgme is dead since 2013, I've wrote and applied some patches to make
it to work with latest gnupg2/gpgme stack, but since March it FTBFS (so
I added `|| :` for tests). I'm planning to retire pygpgme from F27
right before branching.

libgit2 0.26.x is coming into Rawhide

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I'll be updating libgit2 stack to 0.26.x this weekend, there is only
one breaking change and looks like none from packages are affected.

Rust SIG is happy to provide tools written in Rust

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Hello everybody,

on behalf of Rust SIG[0] I'm happy to announce that recently we
migrated our package builds to COPR repository[1] and would like to ask
you which tool(s) you would like to see there (obviously, those should
be written in Rust).

So far we have:
- - ripgrep[2]
- - rustfilt[3]
- - rustfmt[4]

[0] <a href="" title=""></a>
[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>
[3] <a href="" title=""></a>
[4] <a href="" title=""></a>

npth-1.5 is coming to Rawhide and F26 and chaning its license

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Pretty much nothing interesting (fixes for *BSD, MacOS and just fixes)
apart from changing license from "LGPLv3+ or GPLv2+" to "LGPLv2+".

We relax the license so that the software can be used by more
projects. - wk (g10 Code CEO)

PythonQt 3.2 in Rawhide

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I'm going to update PythonQt to 3.2 which includes soname changes: ->

This is mostly done in upstream to support py2/py3 and qt4/qt5,
although for now we will be building only py3/qt5 version.

If you want to support more than that -- patches are welcomed!

P.S. looks like nothing depends on pythonqt, so this announce is just


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Hello users and developers,

We had presented deltametadata project at DevConf.CZ 2017[0], goal of
this project is to minimize bandwidth required on clients to update
repository metadata (repomd.xml, primary.xml, etc.) which would improve
user experience with DNF.

So, we have DNF plugin which acts

How to try it?
1. dnf -y copr enable @rpm-software-management/deltamd
2. dnf -y install dnf-plugin-zsync

If something doesn't work, look into /var/log/dnf.log.

We would like you to try it out and give feedback, it is very important
for us!

polkit doesn't start with <no filename>:0: can't open init.js: No such file or directory

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This appears in journal after some of last updates.

clinfo license change from Public Domain to CC0

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Since clinfo-, it's CC0 and not Public Domain.

Just FYI.

libgit2 stack has been updated to 0.25.x in Rawhide

- cargo
  . Needs re-bootstrapping because of circular dependencies
+ geany-plugins
+ git-evtag
- julia
  . Error: nothing provides needed by openblas-threads-
- kf5-ktexteditor
  . No matching package to install: 'kf5-kparts-devel >= 5.31'
  - kate
+ libgit2-glib
. Still 0.24.x based, but with backported patch (uses libgit2-0.25)
  - gitg
    . Doesn't need to be rebuilt
  - gnome-builder
    . Doesn't need to be rebuilt
+ python-pygit2
  . Updated to 0.25.0 as well
+ rubygem-rugged
  . Updated to as well
- subsurface

dnf segfaults in rawhide (strlen() SIGSEGV)


today after updating my system, dnf started segfaulting. I debugged it
a bit and found out that it is not dnf/libdnf's fault, but glibc's[0].

If dnf started crashing for you, just use --refresh in command-line or
downgrade glibc from -29 to -28.

[0] <a href="" title=""></a>

Rust SIG

Hello everybody,

we are establishing new SIG for Rust[0]. Feel free to join us on IRC
(#fedora-rust) and/or Mailing List (<a href="mailto: ... at lists dot"> ... at lists dot</a>).

Help with improving our wiki page is very welcomed ;)

[0] <a href="" title=""></a>

pyopencl now contains BSD code

Upstream added parts of random123 project which is BSD-licensed. This
affects only rawhide, since I don't plan to build it for any stable

Thanks for the time ;)

FTBFS tracking bug


do we have tracking bug for FTBFS? I remember there was one for F24,
but can't find something similar for F26.

RPM VCS tag. Building from VCS tag/branch/commit

Hi folks,

Since 2010 we have defined VCS tag in RPM, but we're not using it
actually. No guidelines for it, nothing other. Just tag.

Currently we are using "Source0" for "%setup" and related macroes. All
mesa builds in Fedora are done from git (master and other stable
branches) + some patches. Kernel also built on top of upstream git
tree (tags or master) + patches (from ML, backported or fedora

Grub2 older in f24 than in f23

Hi, Peter did bump to 0.18 in f23 to fix building on aarch64, but haven't
did the same for rawhide. Therefore we have older version in rawhide which
is not good. Please fix it.

Taskotron check failed, but I think it's not my fault


I pushed mesa update into F22, but actually testing failed at some packages.

I think its not related to my update.

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Can you check what happened?

fpaste for Android and on Gtk+


I with my friend (Vitaly Sulimov) developed easy application for
Android to use Fedora pastebin[0].

I often using my android device to do my work (help people in
irc/jabber, etc.) and I need send some code from phone. This is not
useful to do via web browser (I'm using FF).
So, we created app where you can choose language, paste/write code and
press send. If all ok - your clipboard will contain URL.

Also, I developed (just for fun) Gtk+ client[1] for Linux using GLib,
Soup, etc.

Wine d3d and opencl


Axel Davy did some patches to wine for getting mesa d3d support[0].
I've prepared patch for Fedora wine package[1].

Mate group should require galculator instead of mate-calc


my friend reported to me that mate-calc is deprected. We should use
galculator instead.
I've checked and found blogpost from one of mate release[0]. Please
fix up comps.xml.

Couldn't find bugzilla component for this.


Bump mesa to 10.3.2 for F20


I'm planning update mesa in F20 to 10.3.2.
Probably I'll broke some packages, let's rebuild them.