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setWindowIcon for QDialog


in LabPlot we have couple of modal dialogs, created on the heap and shown with
dlg->exec(). The dialog icon is set in the constructor of the dialog via
QDialog::setWindowIcon(), e.g.

The icon is set/handled by the window manager if I understand this correctly.
With kwin, the specified icons are not shown and I always get the default
application's icon shown.

network connectivity with proxy


in Knights and in LabPlot I realized recently, while being in a corporate
network behind a proxy, that the connection to public internet servers is not
possible. E.g. in Khights the connection to the FICS-server is done like

QTcpSocket* socket = new QTcpSocket(this);
socket->connectToHost(address, port);

How to properly handle the proxy settings? Reading system settings (from the
environment?) and calling QTcpSocket::setProxy() or
QNetworkProxy::setApplicationProxy() somewhere in main.cpp doesn't sound to
me like the "standard way to do this".

Default location of the settings file on windows when using KXmlGuiWindow/KMainWindow

Hi all,

<a href="" title=""></a>
we've got this problem reported and I don't see how to easily fix this.
LabPlot's MainWindow inherits from KXmlGuiWindow.

no krazy reports for extragear

Hi all,

since couple of days there are no krazy reports for couple of extragear
<a href="" title=""></a>

Is there any reason for this?


Move LabPlot to extragear

Alexander Semke wrote:
I submitted a sysadmin ticket to move LabPlot to extragear.

Move LabPlot to extragear


LabPlot has been in KDE Review for couple of months. For the current state of
the project please have a look at the recent release announcement
<a href="" title=""></a>

There're still some krazy-issues. We're aware of them and will address them in
the next weeks.

Please review the code. If there're no objections/comments, I'll ask the
admins to move the project to extragear.

KDE Review: Move LabPlot to extragear.

Hi all,

couple of days ago LabPlot-project [1] decided to move to KDE and to become a
part of KDE Edu and to collaborate closer with people involved in other
projects on KDE Edu [2]. After almost four years of development we had the
first stable release shortly [3] and the first bug fix release.

The repository is currently placed at [4]. Documentation is still missing and
there're couple of issues reported by krazy (mostly related to i18n). We're
already working on them.

I would like to request a review of the project and to move, if accepted, to