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Docker and user namespaces on F30


I just updated to F30 and my docker setup with user namespaces doesn't
work anymore.

Intent to retire python-svg

Hi all,

I intend to retire python-svg. Tests are failing on Python 3.7 for a
reason I cannot figure, there was no commit during the last year and
according to `repoquery --whatrequires python2-svgwrite` and `repoquery
--whatrequires python3-svgwrite` nothing uses it anymore.

If you want to maintain it, please step up.


seafile-client fails to build on ARM for f26


I have a strange build failure my package seafile-client on ARM for
f26 (rawhide and f25 are fine). From what I understand, this is a ld
issue related to Qt5. However, I am no expert in these sort of things.
Can someone help me with this?

Build on koji:
<a href="" title=""></a>
Build.log file:
<a href="" title=""></a>


Un-retire Gnome Password Gerenator


I intend to un-retire Gnome Password Generator, a GUI based secure
password generator.

It was retired some time ago because it wasn't maintained and only
worked on Python 2 and GTK2. As stated here [1], the project now lives
on github [2] and I am the new maintainer.

Orphaning python-SimpleCV


I just orphaned this package [1]: I don't use it and it hasn't been
updated for almost two years (last commit was on Apr 7, 2015) and is
not compatible with opencv 3 that is in rawhide.


[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>

Test failures for libsearpc on ppc and s390 arch


I recently (2016-10-23) updated libsearpc on rawhide. I also proposed
the update of fedora 25 [1] (still in testing). After my successful
build on rawhide, Dan Horak opened a bug [2] about test failures on ppc
and s390 architectures with the update.

The previous version doesn't seem affected by this issue.

Storage size unknown on rawhide


I have an error while building ccnet on rawhide:

utils.c: In function 'ccnet_decrypt_with_key':
utils.c:1141:20: error: storage size of 'ctx' isn't known
     EVP_CIPHER_CTX ctx;

How can I solve this? I'll report it upstream (ideally with a patch)
soon but I'd like a fix to get the package back in fedora.

You can find the build here:
<a href="" title=""></a>

I can reproduce in mock. I can build on fedora 24 though.


Notifications on dependency retirement


I discovered this morning that a package I co-maintain was retired
(ccnet [1]) because one of its dependency was retired (libzdb [2]). I
learned it only because we have an open bug on it that change assigner
because of this fact. I'll call this notification thanks to luck.

Is there a way to be notified as soon as a dependency is orphaned so
the (co-)maintainer can take action as soon as possible?

I think the usual way is to send a notification message to devel but it
relies on sending/reading the mail (I personally forgot ccnet relied on
libzdb). In this case, I can't find one.

postfix is always disable after update


I have a small VPS running fedora server and postfix. Most of the time,
when I restart the server, postfix doesn't start because it is
disabled. So each time I have to start and re-enable it. I suspected a
problem with updates. There was a postfix update this week and this
time I thought to check right away with systemctl status postfix. As I
expected, postfix was running but was disabled.

I had a quite look at the SPEC file and I saw nothing that would
explain this.

Naming a sphinx-doc theme: python-sphinx_py3doc_enhanced_theme or python-sphinx-theme-py3doc-enhanced


Recently I opened a review [1] for a new sphinx theme:
py3doc_enhanced_theme [2]

The upstream name is sphinx_py3doc_enhanced_theme, so in my opinion,
the the package should be named python-sphinx_py3doc_enhanced_theme.
Furthermore, there's another sphinx theme with underscores in its
name: python3-sphinx_rtd_theme.

Disable PHP mapscript in MapServer in rawhide


I just remove support for PHP mapscript in the mapserver package in

The php-mapserver package is therefore not available any more. I did
this because MapServer doesn't support PHP7 and rawhide is now on PHP7.

For more information about MapServer and PHP7 support, see this bug:
<a href="" title=""></a>


Self Introduction: Julien Enselme


I am Julien Enselme, a French student in engineering. I have been a
Linux user for 5 years and a fedora user for ~4 years.

Some of the packages I need are not yet available in Fedora. Thus I
would like to become a package maintainer.

I have submitted two reviews :
- python-svgwrite to create svg in Python :
- python-SimpleCV a python framework for computer vision

Julien Enselme