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Qt 5.9 and font rendering


Did anyone notice any changes in font rendering quality after upgrading to Qt 5.9x?

I did, certain fonts (among which Novarese BQ) looked significantly "watered down", on systems that have Freetype 2.6.5 as well as one with Freetype 2.7.1 . Upon verification with Qt,

which probably explains what I'm seeing. I may however also be looking at an interaction with the Freetype Infinality and accompanying FontConfig patches.

KWin render backend and window content


Does anyone on this list know answers to the following?

The "tearing prevention" option in KWin's Compositor setting has a large effect on video playback on my system. The only way I seem to be able to avoid tears and partial screen updates are

OpenGL + fullscreen repaints tearing prevention
XRender (+ Automatic tearing prevention)

I presume that "fullscreen repaints" corresponds to the good approach where you update an offscreen framebuffer and then swap that with the onscreen buffer just before the screen starts to repaint.

Chrome/ium and KWallet


Here's something I've been annoyed by for a long time, I thought I'd check here if I'm right and maybe not alone in this:

Google Chrome has long had KWallet integration and has had a habit for a few year now to present the KWallet unlock dialog as soon as you load a page which has something that looks like an authentification feature.

pgp passphrase and kwallet?


I just almost had to replace a little-used pgp certificate because I couldn't remember the passphrase. Fortunately I had it stored in a keychain on my Mac.

I've looked but cannot seem to find an equivalent for KDE allowing to store certificate passphrases in a wallet. It's not in Kleopatra in any case.




I've been using krecipes quite a bit, even tried to contribute a converter feature, but it appears to be abandonware. Anyone on here familiar with the code, and potentially interested in porting it to KF5? Or maybe there's another comparable application out there which is maintained actively (and can hopefully import data from krecipes)?



stealing focus ... back, with a shortcut key?


All of ye people who use a focus-follows-mouse mode probably know the situation where for instance you click on a link in an email, the webbrowser comes to the foreground and takes focus. With KWin, you can mouve the mouse cursor all you want, as long as it remains in the original (email) window you won't get your focus back.

Sometimes that's exactly what your want, preferably without having to touch the mouse. Older WMs (often?) had a "give focus to window under mouse" command which could be assigned a shortcut.

krecipes with remote mysql server


Any krecipes users on/out here?

I'm trying to set things up so that I can have a central mysql database that's accessible from multiple hosts. I'm a complete newby in this domain, but did manage to follow the instructions [] such that the command

%> mysql -u $logname -h remote_host.local -p

gets me a connection. Not sure if it's really necessary, but that started working after I did a `GRANT ALL ON *.* TO '$logname'@'portia.home';` .

kwin language setting?


Where/how does one set (force) the language used by KWin5 (the X11 version)?


download "Attic"


I just discovered that "old" applications versions were moved to an "attic" recently, which broke my packaging.

Was this announced somewhere?


: session no longer restores to chosen (virtual) desktop


All of a sudden my Plasma4 session is being restored to a single desktop instead of to the desktops on which windows were open when I saved the session.

I don't use auto-save exactly to avoid this kind of annoyance. I wonder if I touched one of the settings that control this kind of behaviour; can someone please enumerate the settings (in systemsettings) that control related aspects?


git server audit issue


Where does one report issues with the central git server?

I just spent over 30 minutes trying to work around an auditing problem for a problem that I thought I had already resolved locally.
I had committed a file "" by accident in a local working copy, and removed it again 2 commits later when I realised what had happened.

KWin5 and colour scheme special application setting


I just noticed something weird with KWin5's feature that allows to force special settings to a given application. I thought I'd use it to give Spotify windows a dark titlebar to match the application's dark design. That works fine in itself (with the "Breeze Dark" palette), but KWin's context menu doesn't adapt completely: the menu item text is rendered in the palette's light colour but the menu background keeps my main palette's almost white colour. The result is barely readable.

Is this a glitch in my widget style (QtCurve) or a glitch in KWin?


what component does the screenlocking?


Sorry for cross-posting, I'm hoping it'll increase my chances of reaching someone who has an answer to the following.

After upgrading my hardware to an N3150-based notebook, my KUbuntu 14.04 install has developed an annoying quirk. From time to time, the screensaver fails to start (= I get the default bluish background image, nothing more).

Review Request 129807: proposal: add ksvg2ico

Review request for KDE Frameworks, kdewin and Christoph Feck.

Repository: kiconthemes

Recently I committed a few changes to `ecm_add_app_icon` that make use of the fact that KIconThemes includes a `ksvg2icns` utility, making it possible to generate an application icon from an SVG file instead of from a series of PNG files.


What's happening with
It is forwarding me to which currently only serves invalid request replies.


Making the system dbus aware of a "parallel KF5 prefix"


I've been building and installing Qt5 and select KF5 applications to /opt/local for use "under" my trusty (sic) old KDE4 desktop. I build with full rpaths so I don't have to fool around with LD_LIBRARY_PATH or ldconfig.

Review Request 128909: initial, minimal support for OS X

Review request for KDE Base Apps and KDE Software on Mac OS X.

Repository: libksysguard

This patch implements initial and rather minimal support for OS X, for now focussing purely on process information.

Qt 5.6LTS vs 5.7+


A bit of a generic development question, I hope this is at least as appropriate a place to ask as the frameworks-devel ML:

Are there any plans or guidelines for requiring features from Qt 5.7 or later before the 5.6LTS EOL? In other words, does the fact that Qt 5.6 is supposed to be a LTS release change anything and, by extension, should distributions and distribution systems provide 5.6 and 5.7+ alongside (as drop-in alternatives or otherwise)?


partly missing rpath information when building digikam5 for a parallel prefix


I've been building Qt5 and KF5 for installation into a parallel prefix (/opt/local) that's not declared to ldconfig. I've had to figure out how to build Qt and configure KF5 applications such that full rpath information is stored, but that was neither very difficult nor did it require any patches.
I'm slowly expanding the number of KF5 apps I have installed this way, including pretty complex ones like KDevelop.

unexpected "show desktop" shortcut (KDE4)


I hit an accidental and as yet unidentified shortcut and am now seeing a "Show Desktop" entry in the task switcher. I'm 95% sure I deactivated the "Show Desktop Icon" option in the task switcher settings. Is there a shortcut to activate this option?

To give an idea what keys I may have hit: I triggered this by a borked attempt to use the hardware shortcut Fn-F2 (turns off backlighting); the Fn key sits between the Ctrl and "Windows" keys.


"autistic" Konsole


Not to hurt anyone's feelings, but I'm running into cases where Konsole behaves in a way where I can only communicate with it in indirect way.
In fact, it's as if keyboard input is ignored, but output from running processes still comes through. The menus work, and I can use the paste command to enter commands (e.g. "exit\n").

This happens with both Konsole4 and Konsole5 so I'm wondering if there isn't a magic key combination that deactivates the keyboard.

"suspend to disk" entry in "Leave" launcher menu


How does one control the presence/absence of the "suspend to disk" entry in
launcher Leave menus, like the one in Lancelot? The feature is off in
/var/lib/polkit-1/localauthority/10-vendor.d/com.ubuntu.desktop.pkla but I have
1 install in which according to my KDE desktop it should be available, and
another install in which it (usually) isn't.

official guidelines on the install location of cmake modules?


This is a bit of a developer's question, so apologies if I'm posting on the
wrong list.

Is there any official set of guidelines/rules concerning where the cmake modules
that come with KDE libraries (incl. the frameworks) can be installed?

I've stumbled upon the importance of that location for at least 2 libraries
(grantlee and mobipocket); their cmake modules determine the installation prefix
dynamically, using the install location of those same modules.

kwin (4.11.12) idle CPU usage


What is causing KWin to use about 2.6-3.6% CPU in top when I'm not interacting with the machine? From discussions like [] I understand that it's the compositor, but I don't see what that component would do when it's supposed to do nothing.

My desktop is set to use GL 3.1 with the raster backend, "cheap" tearing prevention and colour correction enabled.

keyboard layout being changed for KDE applications only (and a list question)


I have a question about undesirable keyboard layout behaviour under KDE4, and one about this list itself.

I have a regular need to write French text, if not only because there's an e-acute in my name. As a long-term Mac user, the "US (Macintosh)" layout is the most natural layout for me.

Review Request 126308: KPushButton: respect SH_DialogButtonBox_ButtonsHaveIcons, also when drawing

Review request for KDE Software on Mac OS X, KDE Frameworks and Qt KDE.

Repository: kdelibs4support

KF5 applications have long had a habit of drawing icons on buttons even when this feature was turned off in the user's setting.

Review Request 125043: expose the WheelMouseZooms global setting through the input ("mouse") KCM

Review request for KDE Software on Mac OS X, kde-workspace and kdelibs.

Repository: kde-workspace

KDE4 has been providing a setting that (would have) allowed to avoid unwanted text zooming during simulated inertial scrolling (scroll coasting).

Review Request 123458: Improvements to the handling of font weights and styles

Review request for KDE Software on Mac OS X and Qt KDE.

Repository: qt

Handling of and support for less common font weight/style combinations is far from ideal on OS X but not perfect on Linux either.