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Setting per user/domain smtpd_recipient_limit

Is it possible to set smtpd_recipient_limit via maps?

We have multiple domains and the need to remove such a limitation on a domain or user basis.


virtual_alias_maps mysql


mail_version = 2.6.1

I using virtual_alias_maps with mysql for storage. Working fine.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to update a timestamp field in
the mysql table when postfix finds a virtual_alias_maps match?

I'm looking for a way to measure alias usage and cull unused aliases.

Thank you,
Bradley Giesbrecht

offer starttls only on port 587

How can I offer starttls on port 587 and not port 25?

I've tried moving the tls statements from to under
587 but postfix is still offering tls on port 25.

Bradley Giesbrecht