Postings by Aleksey Midenkov

Tree View expand animation

How turn off tree view expand/collapse animations?

Gwenview: Copy To forgets last used directory

Copy To should retain previously selected directory, otherwise it is
unusable. Currently it always opens image's directory. Please, recover
v3 functionality more carefully. It has wise, well-considered UI.

Calendar like Christmas garland

My calendar is like colorful garland: I have about 10 green boxes, 1
red and 1 blue. Which day is today??? I need to figure out each time
when I open calendar! Who invented such
untalented decoration?! You would better make a different background
for current day: pale red or something like that!

Change icon for file type

Is it possible to apply changes without relogin?

In file context menu Properties -> File Type Options I click on icon. Icon
selection dialog opens. I select icon -- in Edit File type it changes to
new icon. Then I click OK and in Properties there is still old icon! What I
found useful is to delete /var/tmp/kdecache-$USER/icon-cache.kcache and
then relogin. Is it possible to see changes without these actions?

Where is kde-workspace branch 4.13?

I see, that there is no 4.13 branch in git://
(neither 4.12). Where is kde-workspace now?