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F30 FTBFS Packages - Help Please?


After I upgraded to F30, I checked my system for packages that had not
been built for F30. I removed most of the leaf ones, but the ones that
were required by important packages, I went ahead and fixed in pull
requests. As these FTBFS were not fixed during the F30 cycle by the
package mantainers, unsurprisingly, my PRs were ignored.

Safe to remove yum?

Doing a 'dnf autoremove' after upgrading to F29, yum is one of the
packages it wants to remove. Is it safe to remove yum these days?


Missing Notifications


What happened to the broken dependency notification emails?

Also, it seems that Anitya has not been creating bugs for new upstream
releases for several months. The problem doesn't seem to be with Anitya
as it knows about the new releases, but somewhere else in the chain.

Build failure with -Wl,--as-needed


I'm not the maintainer of this package (iaxclient), but I ran into this
build failure while working on a pull request. It seems to be fallout
from the -Wl,--as-needed change.

Provenpackager help request: ignored pull requests


I'm slowly trying to move packages to wxWidgets 3.0 so we can get rid of
wx 2.8 which is not maintained since 2011. I have made a bunch of pull
requests but very frustratingly, many of them received no response (and no
response to the bugs I filed).

Non-Responsive Maintainer - Pavel Alexeev (hubbitus)


Per Non-Responsive Maintainer policy, I'm attempting to contact Pavel
Alexeev (hubbitus).

Non-Responsive Maintainer - Pavel Cahyna (pcahyna)


Per Non-Responsive Maintainer policy, I'm attempting to contact Pavel
Cahyna (pcahyna).

Link error in F28 (but not Rawhide)

I'm seeing a strange error when building wxGTK3 on F28. This only happens
on x86_64. The same package built fine on Rawhide.

Current state of Rawhide

I'm trying to get an install of Rawhide going, but not having too much
luck. I tried installing from Fedora-Rawhide-20171127.n.0 which appears
to be the "Last known good" from [1]. The install succeeds, but it boots
to a blank screen. The OpenQA tests results seem to indicate the same
problem with more recent composes. Has anyone filed a bug already on

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

Provenpackager help request: audacity

The audacity package needs a small change and rebuild in rawhide after I
merged compat-wxGTK3-gtk2 into wxGTK3. Can someone please merge this PR
[1] (can provenpackagers merge arbitrary PR's on,
or just commit this change and rebuild?


[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

Platform Python changes and python3dist tags


I was just trying to build a new package in Rawhide that built fine a few
days ago. The failure seems to be occurring because the python3
setuptools_scm module isn't being found.

Force IPv4 by Destination MX


New to Postfix here.

Unfortunately Google has stopped accepting mail from my server via IPv6
and I haven't been able to figure out why or resolve the problem.
However, it accepts mail via IPv4 just fine. Thus, I would like to
configure Postfix to use IPv4 when sending mail to Google. I can see that
this is posible by destination domain using transport_maps. So, I could
use transport_maps to specify that all mail to would be sent
via IPv4. However, there are many other domains that use Google's email

PkgDB search / info functionality


I read the page about the PkgDB replacement[1] but it seems to focus
mainly on the "logged in" functionality of PkgDB. However, I also use
PkgDB as a convenient way for searching all of Fedora's packages. In
addition, I find the Builds status, Updates status, Package source, Bug
Reports, and Packages links on the individual package pages very helpful.

python-suds switched to Jurko's fork in Rawhide


As discussed in [1], I've updated the python-suds package to use Jurko's
fork in Rawhide. As a result, Python 3 packages are now available.

I've been running with the package for about a month and haven't run
across any issues. Please test it out and let me know if you run into any


[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

Re: F24 System Wide Change: Suds Jurko Fork (fwd)

I did get a response from Jeff Ortel (Suds upstream and Fedora maintainer)
with his input on this proposal (forwarded with his permission).


Hash: SHA256

Hey Scott,

No worries. As you know, I am both the upstream and package maintainer. I have not been actively
maintaining it for some time now. Mainly because it requires a significant time commitment.

GTK widget sizing in Rawhide

Hi all,

I'm working on testing wxPython 3.0 (which has now been built against
GTK+3) in Rawhide. As I'm going through the various wxPython
applications, I'm seeing issues in several of the applications with widget
sizing: buttons, text controls, combo boxes, etc - usually they are too
small. When I test the same applications (same version, same wxPython,
same wxWidgets), I am not seeing the same issues.

wxPython 3.0 in Rawhide


As discussed in [1], I've updated the wxPython package into Rawhide to
wxPython 3.0. I'll start working on testing all of the dependent
packages. If any maintainers of dependent packages can test their
packages, that would be helpful too. Please let me know the status, or
update the changes wiki page.


[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

Review Swap


Anyone up for a review swap? I've got a relatively simple package:
<a href="" title=""></a>

It just has a single C file. :-)


Packaging a Fork of a Python Library (Suds)

Hi all,

Suds [1], a Python Library for using SOAP web services (Fedora package:
python-suds), has been unmaintained for about 3 years or so. There is a
relatively active fork, suds-jurko [2], that has, among other things,
Python 3 support. Thus, I would like to package suds-jurko for Fedora.

Would it be better to:

A) Package suds-jurko as a new package (and then dependent packages could
move over to use suds-jurko at their leisure). If this is the recommended
approach, is there a recommended mechanism for having multiple python
modules with the same name?