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OT - smartmontools

Pardon the OT post, but looking for comments on smartmontools and GSmartControl, disk monitoring software. Off list only replies are fine with me.

SOT - Mimecast, blacklist

Sorry to post OT, but anyone having issues with mimecast?

I normally send via my providers mail server (Specturm aka TimeWarner). Email to certain address never arrived, no bounce.

Setup to send to their domain and/or IP via their published MX and immediately got "451 - IP temporarily blacklisted". So far no response to my support query to them.

different "relay" for specific domain

Currently have postifx configured to relay mail via a "relay_host" ( There is a need to send mail to a certain domain via a different host. Google has suggested a few ways, transport hash, header filter.

Since this special destination has a primary and a secondary IP, how might I specify more than one IP for this "custom" domain?


Any chance of assistance here with alterMIME? There is a need to add disclaimers to outgoing mail.

I have it configured (one supposes) to be complaint free on restart of postfix and can see from /var/log/mail that is does act on the specific email addresses (senders) that I intended. At least it was processed by "filter". I am a bit puzzled that "relay" shows as "filter" for all users. But mail does ultimately deliver via the normal route

However, the received mail does not actually contain the disclaimer message.

relay oddity.

Using postfix 2.5.6.

In, changed "relayhost" from and IP address to a valid domain.

- the "sender" changed from the original sender domain to the host name and domain of the postfix server.
- the mail was shown as "queued" instead of "delivered"

What can I do to retain the senders actual email address?

452 4.3.1 Insufficient system storage

Postfix version 2.5.6 being used as a relay for chatty internal processes.

Suddenly, one of them is complaining of this error, in the midst of a 250 ish recipient email. With attachment of some size.

". . .postfix/smtpd[15953]: NOQUEUE: reject: MAIL from unknown[]: 452 4.3.1 Insufficient system storage; proto=ESMTP helo=<SUM-Host-name>"

Seems this may be telling me the machine was out of disk space or a Queue was limited in some way, but I have about 4GB of free space.

OT, where to turn?

Hope some find this amusing and not annoying. Perhaps someone know how to approach this issue toward a resolution.

We have an in house commercial email system. Due to a re-organization, a number of our users are now required to use an o365 account, yet must still receive internal messages. To that end, I helped create internal account specific rules to forward all internal messages to the individual o365 accounts. We chose "flat forward" instead of "as attachment".

This appeared to work fine and does, for most messages.

restrict or alter "to" address based on "from" address

I confess to not having researched this, mainly as I have no clue how to search the subject effectively. So, with great trepidation, I timidly squeak out this question:

Using postfix, is it possible to force a "re-addressing" of an email based on the sender of the message? To expand a bit, we envision retiring an existing email system, migrating but a small portion of the existing message store to "the cloud".

Yet, there will still be a need to access the "old stuff" and, occasionally, to act upon it.

shellshock via SMTP?

Comments on the ZD net article that claims shellshock exploit via crafty SMTP headers? Just asking, that's all . . .

I attached a link to it below, please excuse if that is improper behavior.

<a href="" title=""></a>

illegal address syntax

Some mail from local (mynetworks) machines are getting mail rejected with "warning: Illegal address syntax from blah in MAIL command: <a b c>"
This is despite "resolve_numeric_domain = yes" in, which I read was supposed to fix bad from address from scripts, etc.


joe a.

Multiple relay?

New to list, been using postfix for a little while.

I would like to point a postfix install to two outbound relay's (all outbound mail to go thru them) so that, should one be unavailable, it will attempt to send via the other. Not "round robin" but "fail over".

This is probably simple, but have not found a clear description of how to. Is it as simple as adding a second IP, comma separated?