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Snap tutorial crashed my repositories


I saw so much news from Ubuntu about snaps that I thought it was time I
learnt more.

So I found the tutorial on the website :

<a href="" title=""></a>

I am a retired Ubuntu end user so I tried just reading the steps first.
Then tried to install snapd. 41 packages were "no longer required" as
you will see from the clips of terminal messages below.
I don't know why apt could not connect to the network because I was
able to access other websites.

Help please: Network Service Discovery Disabled

Greetings All

I keep getting this warning. My new TP-LINK router still connects as Auto
Ethernet but maybe I should change some configuration if you can send me
terminal commands.
"Network Service Discovery Disabled" appears on my screen with the message
below that I could not copy.
So I scanned Syslog and found the details below. Upper case is my edit. I
have a text file with more of syslog if you want that.


Firefox sending huge mystery

Good day all

I noticed data transmission going on in the System Monitor that I did
not start.
It has sent out 127MB today.
After hunting for a cause I closed Firefox and the transmission stopped.

Can anyone explain what Firefox is doing please? I am alarmed that my
security is at risk.

Thanks for your advice. Chas IRONS

Scheduling jobs after midnight

Hello Ubuntu-users

I want to do software updates after midnight. I am sure a program
exists but cron does not seem to be it.

I assume the new Software Updater will work after midnight ?

Please name a suitable program and a help source for step-by-step

Thanks for your expertise. ChasI

Re: Wanted: Pro to build dual boot Ubuntu

Hi All

After reading your various advices again, I hope my response makes sense
and any comments are most welcome.

Doug: I agree Win 7 will be better for me if I can find a source here
and will use it to shrink its partition to 20% of the hard drive.

Colin & Pep3ts: I have saved the link to Team Viewer in case Unity still
gives me trouble.

Wanted: Pro to build dual boot Ubuntu

Hi all

I have followed Joep Blom's saga with wine and am impressed by the
willing help Colin, Nils and others have offered.

I hope this forum will find a professional who provides a commercial
service in Randburg.

I am a retired end-user of Ubuntu 12.04 on a 9 year old desktop that I
need to replace. It dual boots Win XP.

The SARS online efiling won't work with Ubuntu since Adobe dropped
Flashplayer for Linux.

How many megabytes is 14.04.1 upgrade?

Hi all

I want to upgrade to Trusty Tahr but am wary of the download being
bigger than my data deal that is capped at 2 Gig each month.

So please tell me how many megabytes will be downloaded.

Thanks a stack. Chas.I