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tools and systemtap containers are available in Fedora


we managed to move tools container from Fedora Dockerfiles github repo to
Fedora infra [1].

introducing fed-install: easy way to install packages from koji and other releases

Hello Fedora,

for some time, I am using rawhide as my main system. I always struggled
with installation of non-rawhide packages: installing stable kernel,
downgrading to a non-broken package, reinstalling package which is no
longer available in repositories...

I thought that somebody had to write a tool for that. To my surprise, I
haven't really found anything useful. So I wrote a simple tool to automate
installation of packages from koji and other Fedora releases.

running MTF tests in taskotron

Hi guys, I hope you don't mind me posting this to devel.

So I built nodejs module today (Friday) [1], went over to taskotron interface
to see if tests were executed [2]. Unfortunately, the tests [3] we have present
in the module dist-git were not triggered. Why?

It would be awesome if I could execute a command locally which would trigger
testing process inside taskotron. This way I could make sure the tests get
picked up correctly -- I definitely don't want to do rebuilds just for sake of
trying out tests.

The second question is about test test_component_profile_installability.

kernel builds in rawhide

I can see that RCs of development version of kernel are being built in rawhide.
Which is really great to test new stuff. But I would be pretty scared to run RC
kernel normally.

Would it make sense then to also build latest stable releases?

E.g. now it would be 4.1.3. All I can see in koji is this 4.1.3 build [1] for f22.

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

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