Postings by Sayan Biswas

New KDE application


A very happy new year to all. Hope you guys are doing good. :)

Me and Rahul (CC'ed; IRC nick - rahulch) came up with an idea for a
new application in KDE, and we were hoping to get an opinion on it.

The central idea behind the app will be to manage the expenses of a
group of users. As a user, you can create one or more groups, add
members to them, and add entries for expenses for a given group. You
can also check the outstanding balances and choose to settle-up with one
or more members.

Pitch for Airplane mode


I was wondering is there an Airplane mode (UI level) available for the
recent Plasma version. If not, I would like to pitch in for the job because
I couldn't find in majority of the linux OS which is quite a handy feature
at ttimes. I am currently hacking in Ubuntu 16.04.

I would also like to know why is it not present in majority of the linux OS
when other players like Windows, Mac, etc have this feature? Is there any
downside to having this feature?

Sayan Biswas

Installation of KDE5 in ubuntu 14.04


I was trying to install plasma 5 in my ubuntu 14.04.. Can anyone tell me
what will be the exact process because I have gone through a lot of
procedures available but none is providing a solid answer for it. I know
there is some problem with the PPA and the neon 5. Can someone help me with


Fedora 23 Crash in VM


Yesterday I was trying to install Fedora 23 Plasma version in my VMware.
There was an unusual behaviour in the system. As soon as I updated the
system and installed some of the packages using "yum" (like KF5, cmake
etc), the screen turned white and the VM became unresponsive.

I manually deleted all the VM files from the drive and tried installing it
again. Again there was no luck but this time I figured out before the
screen going all white there was a notification that was thrown before

Bug in


I don't know whom to contact for the bug so I am writing it to the mailing

I was looking at various sprints of kde in and I found a
typical bug. After I try to logout, it is redirected to a blank page ->
<a href="" title=""></a> whereas it should actually redirect to
-> <base_url>/sprints/<sprint_id> . I have tried this from Google Chrome
and every time it gives the same result.

I know its not a blocker bug but it is at times irritating to type the url
again to redirect to the sprint page.

Thanks and Regards,

Query about SoK


Will I be ever be able to avail the certificates and the goodies for the
SoK 2014 as promised? I have no requirement in college or so, I was just
inquisitive. Any update for this will be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

GSoC mentor needed for porting of Ktorrent and libktorrent to Qt5/KF5


I am pretty interested to contribute to Ktorrent. I was wondering can
anyone mentor me for the porting of the Ktorrent and libktorrent as I would
like to take it up as my GSoC task this year.

Thanks in advance,
Sayan Biswas

Need for a mentor in Kcalc


I would like to make contributions to Kcalc. The maintainer that are
mentioned in the list are Raphael Kubo da Costa and Evan Teran. I have
contacted Raphael but he said he is no more the maintainer of Kcalc. Evan
Teran assured me to help out in that. But he is mostly busy with work so
frequent interactions has not been possible yet. Only brief interactions
had been possible.

There is a lot of work required in the Kcalc. So is there someone to mentor
me for Kcalc? Frequent interactions are required.

I will be highly obliged if someone mentors me for the task.

Thanks and regards,

Change of SoK project


I had earlier submitted a SoK proposal on porting of KBruch, for which
Heena and Debjit were supposed to mentor me. However, after some discussion
with Debjit and Jeremy, there has been a change in the plans, and now I
have decided to work on Kanagram instead. Jeremy came up with some
interesting ideas on the UI which involved primarily QML, and Debjit seems
interested to mentor me for that. I will soon submit another proposal on
kanagram, and please ignore my previous submission.

Thanks and Regards,
(techsayan in IRC)

contribute to KBruch


My name is Sayan Biswas from National Institute of Technology Durgapur
studying Information technology in final year. I was going through the
KBruch application and I would like to contribute to KBruch.

I heard porting of Kbruch is required which I would like to take up. If
someone could guide me/mentor me for a SoK project, if possible, it would
be great.

Thanks and Regards,

Innovative Idea proposal


My name is Sayan Biswas studying Information Technology from National
Institute of Technology, Durgapur. I have come across an idea which I
believe can be beneficial and can be integrated in KDE.

My idea is, say if we want the instrumental version of any song(karaoke
purpose), we have to wait till the actual version release. But if we can
implement a method to create the instrumental version by suppressing the
higher perks of the song (the voice part because the ups and downs of song
is generally the voice part) can be made even.