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Centos 7.5..and My GDM Greeter/GDM Don't Work Anymore

So, we've updated to 7.5, and for two machines--A Dell Precision M4800,
and a Dell Precision 7510..both running Radeon cards--we no longer get
the GDM Greeter login box NOR can we switch to virtual text login
terminals. It's been driving me nuts. The systems do allow for SSH
logins, so that's how we get to them, but I've checked the Xorg.0.log
and nothing stands out.

Firefix 60.10-5 ESR Install Problems For CentOS 6

Johnny/et al,

Looks like we've run into some issues with incompatible libs for the new
Firefox 60 ESR install:

Any Word On Updates For Security FIx For Firefox?

Just checking to see if we're either getting a Firefox 52.9 or Firefox
60.x for CentOS 6 to address the latest security fix.

'gnome-daemon-settings' Doesn't Start When Attempting To Make Changes


So here's the issue:

The system - a Dell Precision M4800

The OS - CentOS 6.9, ver. 2.6.32-696.28.1

The problem - Whenever the user tries to make system changes (display,
mouse orientation, etc.), the gnome-settings-daemon pops up and says it
can't run, and the changes never occur.

Latest CVE's For MySQL

Looks like a series of vulnerability alerts for Oracle MySQL have been
issued: CVE-2018-2562, CVE-2018-2647 (both high), CVE-2018-2645,
CVE-2018-2646, CVE-2018-2665 (all three medium). This affects versions
5.7.20 and prior. I know CentOS/RedHat usually do backports--anybody
know if this is the case, or do we have to go 'outside' now, and get the
MySQL repository to use, for the latest and greatest?


Problems With Booting CentOS on Dell T7910


Does anyone have any experience with installing CentOS 6 (specfically,
6.8), on a Dell T7910? I've tried at least a dozen installs, everything
gets configured, and when I have the system reboot, I get 'No boot
device found press any key to reboot the machine'. In BIOS, I've enabled
AHCI, Legacy boot and modes, and enabled the SAS controller. The disks
are seen and written to. It uses a MPT SAS3 RAID controller, and I've
even specified a 'diskdrive' statement pointing to the known drivers for
the controller, and still nothing.