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Review Request 120438: improve baloo file indexing overhead by ~2.5x

Review request for Baloo.

Repository: baloo

Current Baloo's file indexer takes batches of files by its command line and processes them async. There are several iterations over and creation of various collection classes.

KConfigGroup parent() and isValid()


KConfigGroup parent() currently always returns a KConfigGroup object with a
dptr. isValid() determines validity based on having a dptr. this leads to
loops like this:

KConfigGroup group = <some valid group>;
while (group.isValid()) {
group = group.parent();

to never terminate, as parent() returns the top level group forever (name =

window titles with modified status


KDialog::makeStandardCaption used to provide standardized support for creating
window titles with a modified status. is there a replacement for this in
frameworks 5?

replacement for KDialog::[save|restore]DialogSize?


what is the new idiom for KDialog::[save|restore]DialogSize when moving to

i couldn't find anything in the porting notes or in the porting scripts.

Review Request 116692: Lower memory usage of akonadi_baloo_indexer with frequent commits

Review request for Akonadi and Baloo.

Repository: baloo

Baloo is using Xapian for storing processed results from data fed to it by akonadi; in doing so it processes all the data it is sent to index and only once this is complete is the data committed to the Xapian database.

Plasma Workspaces 4.11: the last feature release in the 4.x series for kde-workspace

Hello everyone,

tl;dr -> 4.11 will be the last feature release of kde-workspace. Plasma Workspaces will be feature
frozen and we are committing to 2 years of maintenance releases of 4.11.

KDEREVIEW: share like connect and plasmate

Hello all ...

This is to inform everyone that the plasmate and share-like-connect
repositories have been moved into KDE Review so that, if all goes according to
plan, we can move them to their more permanent homes in a couple of weeks.

Most of the apps in the plasmate repo have actually been in past SC releases;
it's just the main app, plasmate, that is still fairly new.

kdereview: bodega

hi :)

(x-posting between core-devel and -devel as this is (hopefully) of general
interest and because we also are supposed to announce new kdereview modules.)

So ... what is this "Bodega" thing I speak of?

Bodega is a way to publish and get at content. That could be books,
wallpapers, applications, ... pretty much anything digital.

: plasma-mobile repositories

hi everyone ...

the repositories holding the Plasma Active code have been moved into kdereview
as plasma-mobile and plasma-mobile-config so as to go through the usual 2 week
review period before moving to their permanent home.

if there are any question or queries, input or feedback, please don't hesitate

kactivities update

hi all.

so as promised, libkactivities is no longer in the KDE/4.7 branch of kdelibs
and kde-workspace now uses libkactivities instead of an old copy of the
classes in libkworkspace. this means kde-workspace now relies on the
kactivities git module which has the current versions of kactivitymanagerd and

Request: remove libkactivites from kdelibs (in experimental/)

hi ..

we currently have libkactivities in kdelibs/experimental.

work-around in KApplication for Qt 3 DnD still valid?


does anyone know if the workaround for a DnD bug in Qt3 found in
KApplication::x11EventFilter is still valid?

if nobody does, then i'll try to look into it ... seems like something that
really ought to not be there anymore

libkactivities moved to kactivities repository


the library in kdelibs/experimental/libkactivities has been moved to a
separate git repository: kactivities.

the reason for this is two fold:

1) this is what we want to do for Frameworks development anyways: multiple
repositories ...

2) currently Plasma Active requires kdelibs to be built with the active-
development/4.7 branch. i merged all changes except the changes to
libkactivities into KDE/4.7 (they were all bugfixes to libplasma, it turns
out). the library had simply changed too much to merge it into the KDE/4.7
branch. so .. into its own repository it goes.

Fwd: [aseigo] New comment on 4.7!.

... because every once in a while it's nice to hear their directly from the
source, and this particular commenter asked me to share his heartfelt thanks
with everyone :)

dah65 has left a new comment on your post "4.7!":

I am a KDE user since a few months after entering the GNU/Linux's
world, and it is the DE I choose for new people who are interested in
using Linux.

My Plans, Your Plans: Berlin Desktop Summit

hi :)

BDS is coming up rather quickly and i've been doing some personal planning for
it today. i realized in one of those "i just realized the obvious, doh!"
moments that i have very little idea of what others are planning and hoping
for the event. it was a quick hop from there to realize that probably nobody
knew what i planned and hoped for either.

given that this is one of the most important events in KDE's annual calendar,
this was a little shocking to me once i thought about it.

hedging out bets: Frameworks and Qt5

hi all..

there have been a number of people who have expressed concern about us
starting work post-4.7 on Frameworks (the next BIC version of
kdelibs+runtime+etc) and Qt5 not being ready yet, openGov not proven, etc.

despite our best intentions, as we can't see the future, these concerns are
valid and need addressing. we discussed this at Platform 11, in fact, and the
decision to start development of Frameworks on Qt4 is no accident.

in case of an indefinite Qt5 delay, "plan b" is to continue making releases of
the 4.x versions workspaces and apps.

getting rid of qt3support in kde-workspace

hi :)

i just finished pushing a set of changes to the (ironically named?) qt3support
branch in kde-workspace which leaves no traces of qt3support or kde3support
left in that module.

git workflow draft

hi all....

so after the meeting on Sunday, here is where we are in terms of a draft
workflow. more complete meeting minutes can be seen here:

<a href="" title=""></a>

the goal of the meeting was to come up with a draft of a mutually agreeable
git workflow for kdelibs and kde-runtime. the hope is that this can become a
template for the rest of the SC modules (kde-workspace will follow the kdelibs
workflow, for instance), as well as as many other KDE projects as possible.

reminder: git workflow irc meeting on Sunday

hi all...

just a quick and friendly reminder that the git workflow irc meeting is on for
Sunday the 13th starting at 20:00 UTC on in #kde-git.

see you all there! :)

irc meeting for kdelibs git workflow

hi everyone ...

with git having finally arrived more-or-less, we find ourselves without a well
defined work flow for kdelibs (and by extension other KDE repositories)

i don't think we can or should hope and pray that our sysadmins will perform
another magic trick and solve this for us, nor can we all just sit here
looking at each other.

so i'd like to suggest that we gather on irc in the near future and hammer
this stuff out.

proposal: remove KTextEditor interface from kdelibs repository

hi :)

since Ian already brought it up and suggested a separate thread for it, let me
do just that.