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soname bump hyperscan in rawhide

Hyperscan 5.0.0 has been released and the soname has been bumped.

As far as I can tell the only affected package is suricata which I will
take care of.


licensing change: ragel changed from GPLv2 to MIT with version

With version ragel moved from GPLv2 to MIT.

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licensing change: col changed from GPLv2 to MIT with version

It appears with version colm switch from a GPLv2 to MIT

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hyperscan (re)review

Hi All,

A while back I had submitted hyperscan for review and after working
with upstream it looks like we have the issues found during the
original review[0] fixed.

Since the folks involved with the original review are otherwise
occupied, if someone is interested and could take up the review?

I have updated the ticket with the latest scratch build and source

Let me know if I can review something in return and thanks in advance!



review swap

I would like to swap reviews with someone if they could take a look at 


Thanks in advance!


Contacts for MinGW SIG

Hi All,

In effort to resolve a security related BZ[0] I have attempted to contact
the active package maintainer(s) (rwmjones was listed but is not an active
member of the SIG) as well as the mailing list[1] with no response. We
discussed this BZ as well as some other MinGW related security BZ's during
the weekly Fedora Security Team meeting and it was suggested to email this
list to see if there are other avenues of contact for the SIG.