Postings by Ongun Kanat

Dolphin bug, help needed

I'm trying to fix a bug in Dolphin. It basically doesn't show any
information in columns like Artist, Image size etc. in details view.

After finding what is missing I wanted to see an example way to retrieve
that metadata. I decided to look at the code of Information Panel which
works correctly. After seeking some help in the IRC channel I decided to
dive into the code. Information Panel uses Baloo widgets to fill that
information. KFileMetada is meant to be used as a fallback compile time
option. And I was told thay KFileMetadata has been deprecated.

Contribution help

Hello KDE devs,

I'm a senior year CS student and a KDE user since good ol' KDE3 times. I'm
fluent in C++ (used CMAKE and boost in school projects) and somewhat
familiar with Qt.

Though wanted to contribute (and had already been subscribed to this list),
I couldn't have the spare time. Now I have a bit spare time and I would
like to contribute KDE. I think I can start from a bug of powerdevil I've
reported [1].

Kate 14.12 saving with another encoding problem

Hello KDE devs,
I'm new to mailing lists. f I made a mistake and this mail-lists is not the
place for it please inform me :).

I want to discuss a problem about new version of Kate. Last week I updated
to KF5 based packages which Arch Linux provides. And see the encoding
setting is missing in save dialog. With some search I found out the bug
caused by the commit below:

<a href=";a=commit&amp;h=6e57274917f146ac233f50fcb902e8f2569bbbd2" title=";a=commit&amp;h=6e57274917f146ac233f50fcb902e8f2569bbbd2">;a=commit&amp;h=6e57274917f146ac23...</a>

Is it possible to revert it and is it necessary to use native dialogs.