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Re: [CentOS] RHEL 6.9 is out

My read, and poking, is that what was released is the CR repo, and
that these will be released to production (as 6.9) "shortly".

Re: [CentOS] Centos in the Browser string ?

The user-agent string is one of the items used in uniquely
identifying/fingerprinting a user/machine, so the more generic it is
the better.

Re: [CentOS] what browser plugin provides Quicktime on 7.2?

These play fine with Chrome.

The problem with Firefox appears to be that the apple site is
sending the wrong coding for FF so requiring embedded quicktime,
rather than using FF's HTML5.

google chrome future / centos 7

I'm seeing the following banner when I start up google-chrome
48-beta (48.0.2564.48 beta (64-bit)) on my 7.2 machines:

This computer will soon stop receiving Google Chrome updates
because this Linux system will no longer be supported.

Does this portend a support issue for chrome on centos-7 in a few
months when the underlying changes make their way into their -stable
(since, as I understand it/as last I remember, in the centos world
we don't have benefit of the RH chromium release)?

Re: [CentOS] Unit networkmanager.service not loaded

Hint -- try the:

systemctl list-units | grep ...

concept that you used previously and see what output you get.
[sub-hint -- the *nix world is case sensitive.]

This is a user (understanding) issue -- why are you including the
"-devel" list?

Re: [CentOS] Chromium on CentOS 7

Is there a reason to be trying to use the chromium built for C6
(because google was using libraries in their v

Re: [CentOS] C6.7 evolution to cyrus imap(s) fails

Look in /etc/portreserve/ and look at th

Re: [CentOS] EPEL metalink offline?

This works fine for me, and the DNS for
looks fine too -- points to the cname,
which resolves to 8 A-records, with 60sec TTLs (for my US/east coast