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Unretiring python-greenlet in EPEL7 for python34 ?

Hi all,

python-greenlet was marked as dead.package for the epel7 branch because
it's in rhel-extras:

<a href="" title=""></a>

however, it seems that it's only built for python 2. Is it fine if we bring
it back in EPEL but make it python3 only?


Heads up: lua-lpeg 1.0.1 in Rawhide; lua no longer in mock root by default?

Hi all,

Just a heads-up: I just built lua-lpeg 1.0.1 for Rawhide. The release notes
does not seem to suggest any significant API change, but just to be sure we
should probably let it sit in Rawhide for a while.

On the packaging side, turns out Lua is not available by default in the
mock root, and a lot of our Lua packages try to detect the version of Lua
used during the build by using this expansion:

%{!?luaver: %global luaver %(lua -e "print(string.sub(_VERSION, 5))")}

This now fails because the lua binary is not available when mock rebuilds
the SRPM.

python-sphinx-latex is back

Heads-up to package maintainers whose packages make use of Sphinx for
documentation generation -- previously our packaging seesaw between two
extremes (under-specified dependencies on TeXlive, as in #882166 -- or
excessive dependencies as in #1220339).

Splitting the LaTeX builders into a separate subpackage doesn't really work
- sphinx-build assumes all the built-in builders are available and attempt
to load them.

I've now reintroduced python-sphinx-latex and python3-sphinx-latex, but now
they just pull in the required TeXLive deps (as well as the main
python-sphinx / python3-sphinx).

If yo

Heads-up: python{,3}-sphinx-latex subpackage in Rawhide

Hi all,

From python-sphinx-1.2.2-6.fc22 onwards support for building LaTeX
documentation using Sphinx has been split off into the -latex subpackage
(so that Sphinx can be installed without pulling in TeXLive).

(There's also a bug discovered when doing this split -- the python3 build
wasn't shipping with locale files).

As we're not doing a mass rebuild this time round, this change should have
minimum impact.

For maintainers of packages that use Sphinx for building documentation,
please check if you're generating PDFs -- and if so, add a BR on

Hat tip to Robert Kuska fo