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Heads up: Retiring the Obnam stack and gnumed-server

Hi all,

With Python 2 slated to be removed, I'm going to retire these packages
where upstream has either stopped development (Obnam's dependencies) or
is moving too slow to get a stable Python 3-based release out
(gnumed-server). Also, I've been helping out with gnumed (the client)
but never officially maintained it, and that package is already retired
in Rawhide due to being orphaned - so there's no reason to keep the
server around.

List of packages as follows, I'll hold off until Friday before retiring
them if someone wants to take over these packages and get them built.

Unretiring python-greenlet in EPEL7 for python34 ?

Hi all,

python-greenlet was marked as dead.package for the epel7 branch because
it's in rhel-extras:

<a href="" title=""></a>

however, it seems that it's only built for python 2. Is it fine if we bring
it back in EPEL but make it python3 only?


Heads up: lua-lpeg 1.0.1 in Rawhide; lua no longer in mock root by default?

Hi all,

Just a heads-up: I just built lua-lpeg 1.0.1 for Rawhide. The release notes
does not seem to suggest any significant API change, but just to be sure we
should probably let it sit in Rawhide for a while.

On the packaging side, turns out Lua is not available by default in the
mock root, and a lot of our Lua packages try to detect the version of Lua
used during the build by using this expansion:

%{!?luaver: %global luaver %(lua -e "print(string.sub(_VERSION, 5))")}

This now fails because the lua binary is not available when mock rebuilds
the SRPM.

python-sphinx-latex is back

Heads-up to package maintainers whose packages make use of Sphinx for
documentation generation -- previously our packaging seesaw between two
extremes (under-specified dependencies on TeXlive, as in #882166 -- or
excessive dependencies as in #1220339).

Splitting the LaTeX builders into a separate subpackage doesn't really work
- sphinx-build assumes all the built-in builders are available and attempt
to load them.

I've now reintroduced python-sphinx-latex and python3-sphinx-latex, but now
they just pull in the required TeXLive deps (as well as the main
python-sphinx / python3-sphinx).

If yo

Heads-up: python{,3}-sphinx-latex subpackage in Rawhide

Hi all,

From python-sphinx-1.2.2-6.fc22 onwards support for building LaTeX
documentation using Sphinx has been split off into the -latex subpackage
(so that Sphinx can be installed without pulling in TeXLive).

(There's also a bug discovered when doing this split -- the python3 build
wasn't shipping with locale files).

As we're not doing a mass rebuild this time round, this change should have
minimum impact.

For maintainers of packages that use Sphinx for building documentation,
please check if you're generating PDFs -- and if so, add a BR on

Hat tip to Robert Kuska fo