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Drop of PlayOnLinux package (Rawhide)

Hello everyone,

I was a maintainer of PlayOnLinux on Fedora for some time and now is
the time to say goodbye to the PlayOnLinux package. It won't be shipped
anymore on Rawhide (Fedora 32)[0].

Reason is: It's python 2 only, it won't be migrated by upstream and
there will not be any python 2 on Fedora 32[1].

There is work in progress by upstream to make a new version in Java
called phoenicis[2] so they are writing it from scratch. The point is,
I don't want to maintain Java based package.

Help with broken UTF-8 on F30 (Rawhide) mock target

Hello everyone,

I'm having issue with one of my COPR project builds[0]. The project has
a few UTF-8 tests which are failing[1] but the same `src.rpm`[2] which
is failing on F30 is building fine on F29. Also, I'm able to build the
package in F30 VM (without a mock involved).

I've already had an issue on F30 with a new GCC for this project but
that is fixed now.

Failing builds on Rawhide GCC 9


I'm doing daily builds of kakoune (vim-like editor) on COPR and it is
failing for the last 23 days on Rawhide. This is happening only on

It looks like this could be a problem with switching to GCC 9. The last
successful build was on GCC 8 but there was time when my API token
expired and I missed that. So I have 2 months gap between successful
and failed build :(.
When I asked developers of the project they said that it looks like the
c++17 standard they are using is not working correctly.

Packaging of PlayOnLinux


I want to ask if PlayOnLinux could be packaged to Fedora. This program
has list of proprietary programs which are not downloaded but could be
installed if you give it setup.exe file.

Also it downloads Windows redistributable when user explicitly wants to
install program (which using this redist) or given redistributable.

If this is not "legal" in terms of Fedora how it's differ from
OpenSource software which are using not-OpenSource addons?

Packaging with hidden strings

Hi all,

I have a theoretical question. Is it possible to a create package to
Fedora which is using oauth2 authentication and that means there are
app_id and secret_code strings generated by api provider? These strings
are used in the program but can't be shipped in the code because
everyone could then use these codes to look as this application.

Thank you for reply,
Jiri Konecny

Kakoune - new Vim inspired editor

Hi all,

I want to draw your attention to new editor Kakoune.

-- Vim inspired — Faster as in less keystrokes — Multiple selections —
Orthogonal design --

It's now under heavy development by the mawww and I think it has a
bright future. I think it's now stable enough to be used and mawww wants
feedback from users. So if you like vim, test it and if you don't test
it too. I think it's better than vim for newbies.

My humble copr repo ->
<a href="" title=""></a>
GitHub -> <a href="" title=""></a>

Copr repository will be updated on daily basis.