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Expose my server to internet


Out of curiosity, I just want to access my server over internet.
I have forwarded port 80.
I have got a free domain in NoIP.
In my router I've also configured the settings and successfully logged in.
But when I test whether my port 80 is accessible, it's not opened.
This is my home system, using Ubuntu 18.04. I've not enabled any firewall
by myself.

So just wanted to know whether should I configure anything in Apache httpd
to make port 80 accessible?

Thank you.

Only apache 2.4 installed in /usr works fine but not in "/usr/local/apache2" please help me.

I noticed that apr installed without --prefix option installs apr to
/usr/local by default.

I also noticed apr-utils requires "--with-apr=/usr/local/apr" option to

And another thing is apache2.4 installed with "*--prefix=/usr*" option will
install inside /usr path, merging things with already existing folders and
creating folders which doesn't exist.

And the installation which is only made this way is working fine and I can
see result in

*Can some one explain why I cannot start server from */usr/local/apache2 ?
Please help me.

sudo: apachectl: command not found

*If anyone finds this as a big question please let me know. I'll precise my
problem.Steps I followed:*

I installed apr and apr-utils package in the path *"/usr"* using the
--prefix option.

Both were installed successfully.