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RFC: CentOS 8 Repository Structure

Hi Folks,

While we cycle through some of the remaining builds I'd like to start a discussion about what the CentOS 8 repo structure might look like. We need to think about what the repos look like on-disk, and how this might impact the mirrors.

Currently the thinking is this:

3 "core" repos:

- BaseOS (contains a small packageset of the base distribution)
- AppStream ("where the modules go")
- Devel ("-devel packages and other tools")

These descriptions are very much an oversimplification, but it's an ok model to work with. Migration 11-April-2019 13:30 UTC

Hi Folks,

We have a go-ahead to perform the switchover of to Pagure/Repospanner starting tomorrow at 13:30 UTC.

I'll switch the A record to the new machine and perform a final sync at that time.

I'll be hanging out in #centos-devel on Freenode if there are any questions.


Some propsed changes in (permissions updates, and reorganization)

Hi Folks,

I have a couple of problems and proposals that I'd like to discuss for

Currently when a user reports an issue it's very difficult for them to
know where to route things properly. The confusion seems to be between
projects and categories. For example, Ecosystem Testing is
the category under the Buildsys project that's supposed to be used for
both infrastructure issues and new account requests. It's not
immediately obvious that the user needs to select the Buildsys project
to get there though.

Centpkg and the converged git project

Hi Folks,

I've done a bit of work on centpkg, now that we have a testbed at The goal here is to allow centpkg and fedpkg
(Fedora's site) to both understand the different formats.

Point-release Freeze is Active

Hi Folks,

As is usual, we freeze the SIG Sign + Push process as part of preparing
for a point release.

This helps us once CR is ready (it isn't yet, though) so that we can
seed it quickly in CBS to build against.

The Point-release Freeze does not affect content moving from the testing
tags in CBS to buildlogs.c.o, that will continue to show up as it is

Cancelling Today's CBS Meeting

Hi Folks,

We'll be cancelling today's CBS meeting. If there are topics to discuss
in the meantime, please bring them here and we can handle things on-list
or at next week's meeting.



Hurricane Florence and CentOS CI/CBS

Hi All,

Some of you may know that the CentOS Community Build System, and CentOS CI
Infrastructures are hosted in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I wanted to take this opportunity to let all of you know that outages are
possible (but not expected) in the coming days as Hurricane Florence makes its
way toward the US East coast.

We are confident in the precautions taken by our datacenter vendor, and in the
preparedness plans by our DC operations team. If there happen to be outages, we
will work to get things back as soon as we can.


Cancelling the CBS meeting 03-Sep-2018

Hi Folks,

We'll cancel this week's CBS meeting and pick things up next week.


Canceling Today’s CBS meeting

Hi folks,

We won’t be holding today’s CBS meeting. We will pick up where we left
of next Monday. If there are items we should discuss in the meantime
please let us know here on-list.

CentOS 7.4.1708 CR Available in CBS

Hi Folks,

The CR (<a href="" title=""></a>)
repository was released earlier today. We have regenerated all the
CentOS 7 buildroots in CBS so you can build against the content that
will make it into the next point-release of CentOS Linux.

Machines in are available with CR as well so you may
continue your testing.

Point-Release Freeze of SIG Content while CR is Active

Hi Folks,

At the CBS meeting yesterday we discussed a proposal to freeze the Sign
and Push-to-mirror processes during the period between when CR is active
and a point release.

<a href="" title=""></a>

You may recall that we did something similar for 7.1708

We need to Freeze because we make CR content available in CBS for
builds, and in CI for testing purposes. But, releasing content built
against CR to would have had some unintended
consequences (e.g.

Migrating to

Good Morning Everyone,

The Fedora Infrastructure has been running a jenkins instance in its
cloud for their own needs.

SIG Chairs: Please file requests for syncing altarch content to mirror.c.o

Hi Folks,

Now that we're syncing content to (thanks KB!)
we need to be sure we have all the content you expect there.

If you have altarch-enabled koji tags and would like your content signed
and pushed to the /altarch location, please file a bug in the normal

URLs in centos-release-<sig> packages: /altarch vs. /centos/

Hi Folks,

Now that we have SIG Content in the /altarch directories for CentOS 7 on the
mirrors, we need to come with some requirements and recommendations for dealing
with the different locations.

tl;dr The current thinking is to add the following snippet in the %post of
centos-release and release to all of the arches.

Fwd: [FOSDEM] FOSDEM 2018 - Distributions Devroom Call for Participation

Hi Folks,

If you have topics for the Distro Devroom, now's the time!

Plan for releasing CentOS CR into CBS and CI

Hi Folks,

We've had a few discussions around how to handle releasing CR
(<a href="" title=""></a>) over the
past few days.

When we last checked in, there was still a bit of work going on building
and testing pre-release CR (the QA team has been hard at work), and the
altarch builds were still in progress.

FOSDEM 2017 - Distributions Devroom

FOSDEM 2017 - Distributions Devroom Call for Participation

The Distributions devroom will take place 4 February, 2017 at FOSDEM, in
room K.4.601 at Université Libre de Bruxelles, in Brussels, Belgium.

Distributions are more than just hosted collections of software from various
upstreams. Each distribution is responsible for problem-solving in building,
testing, and releasing software as well as managing the lifecycle of each
application in the collection.

centos-packager 0.5.4 Released

Hi Packagers!

We have pushed an update to centos-packager containing 3 bugfixes and
added COPR builds for Fedora 25.

See <a href="" title=""></a> for instructions about
how to install it on your workstation.


- - Updated the path to the serverca bundle in the koji config
(<a href="" title=""></a>)

- - Use more restrictive permissions when downloading to ~/.centos.cert
for multi-user workstations.
(<a href="" title=""></a>)

- - Update some references to in the help text of the
centos-cert tool


python-centos-0.1.1-1 Released, centos-packager built for f24 certificate expiration

Hi Folks,

I've released an update to python-centos that fixes an issue when
running `centos-cert -v`. The tool will now check the expiration date of
your user certificate and report it invalid if it's
expired. You should find python-centos-0.1.1-1 in CentOS-Extras shortly.

I also used this opportunity to publish builds for the centos-packager
suite in COPR for Fedora 24, you can find those here:
<a href="" title=""></a>

If you have any feedback or questions, let us know here.


CBS/Infra Meeting 14-Mar-2016 14h00 UTC

Hi Folks,

Just a reminder that we will be having our CBS meeting this Monday
(14-Mar) at 14h00 UTC. Note: This is the first meeting after Daylight
Savings Time begins in some parts of the world, so be sure your
calendars line up at 14h00.


No CBS Meeting Today

Hi Folks,

We will not be having a CBS meeting Today. Let's use this thread to line
up discussion items for next week.



NO CBS/Infra Meeting 08-Feb-2016

Hi Folks,

I know some of us (myself included) are traveling or recovering from the Dojo ->
FOSDEM -> cfgmgmt -> Devconf marathon, so let's cancel this week's
meeting. I'll send out a list of open action items here to the list
sometime between airplanes tomorrow.


Naming scheme and lorax parameters for userland + non-distro kernel builds

Hi All,

I'm working on putting some things together for a couple of the Intel
boards (Edison, Jaguarboard, etc.) and was wondering if there's a
standard way we should be naming things on the install media.

For the rpi2, we use 'CentOS Altarch 7 (1511) Userland for armhfp'

A lot of the Intel boards out there require a newer or otherwise
non-distro kernel so I was considering titling the install media like

CentOS Altarch 7 (1511) Userland for x86_64

Not sure if the 'Altarch' bit applies because it's the standard x86_64
userland (no rebuilding needed).

Reminder: Distributions Devroom CFP - Deadline 10-December

On Nov 02 15:46, Brian Stinson wrote:

CBS/Infra Meeting 09-Nov-2015 1400UTC

Hi All,

It's time for another meeting to talk about the Community Build
System[0]. We will meet in #centos-devel on

NOTE: This is the first meeting after many locales have toggled Daylight
Savings time, so the local time of this meeting may be different from the
previous one.

- Status Updates
- Work on the final task list for deploying Central Auth
- Open Floor

See you there!

Distributions Devroom CFP

FOSDEM 2016 - Distributions Devroom Call for Participation

The Distributions devroom will take place 30 & 31 January, 2016 at FOSDEM, in
room K.4.201 at Université Libre de Bruxelles, in Brussels, Belgium.

As Linux distributions converge on similar tools, the problem space overlapping
different distributions is growing.

CBS/Infra Meeting 26-Oct-2015 1400UTC

Hi All,

It's time for another meeting to talk about the Community Build
System[0]. We will meet in #centos-devel on

- Status Updates
- Work on the final task list for deploying Central Auth
- Open Floor
- Last half of the meeting devoted to a intro presentation to

See you there!

CBS/Infra Meeting 12-Oct-2015 1400UTC

Hi All,

It's time for another meeting to talk about the Community Build
System[0]. We will meet in #centos-devel on

Proposed Agenda:
- Cloud SIG was curious about mirroring some tags to
- 3rd party Repositories Proposal
- Last half of the meeting devoted to an introduction to
<a href="" title=""></a>

See you there!

CBS/Infra Meeting 28-Sep-2015 1400UTC

Hi All,

It's time for another meeting to talk about the Community Build
System[0]. We will meet in #centos-devel on

Proposed Agenda:
- Status Updates:
- General
- Central Auth
- Central Auth release blockers
- EPEL/SIG Packaging Discussion


[0]: <a href="" title=""></a>

Community Authentication Working Group Meeting: 29-Sep-2015 1300UTC

Hi Folks,

As some of you know, CentOS is working on deploying FAS2 for central
authentication in the Community Build System. The Fedora Infrastructure
team is working on deploying FAS3 for their needs.

Going forward, we will need a place for us and other projects to work on
features of our authentication systems. One software option is to
explore some of the things FreeIPA brings to the table.